Thursday, December 07, 2017

J. Smith, Riley's Return, and why experience matters

Photo: Otto Greule, Allsport, 2001
As everyone in the Beaver Nation already knows, Jonathan Smith, former OSU QB who lead the team to it's best season ever, is now the new Head Coach. 

Many consider the 2000 season the best ever because of the competition and results. That team should have played to win the national championship, they probably would have won. Instead they pummeled Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl- 41-9. They were loaded with talent and great coaching. 

Jonathan has never been a Head Coach before but he has been studying under some of the best- Chris Peterson for example. He clearly knows what he is doing so far. His first 3 assistant coaching hires come with tons of experience, not just at the college level, but at the Power 5 level. 

This is huge compared to Gary Anderson's staff. It was made up of coaches who had little to no experience at the Power 5 level. 

This is a big deal, Gary Anderson didn't understand it. Gary's staff was unlike prior losing seasons. Even in the Kragthorpe era there were good coaches, e.g. Bronco Mendenhall, Rocky Long, Brady Hoke, and Mike Waufle to name a few. GA's staff was extremely weak and he obviously didn't manage them well. 

Having a great staff is imperative to creating a winning culture. I think Jonathan Smith knows this. 

Today's big surprise was the hiring of Mike Riley. I admit I was a little bit shocked by the announcement. But when I think about it, it makes sense. From all angles. He is going to assist Jonathan, with everything. Which mitigates the risk of Jonathan being a new HC. Which mitigates the risk of Riley having too much responsibility and failing again. Mike doesn't want or need the responsibility, he loves Corvallis too. 

It will be interesting to see who else Coach Smith brings on board. He has a limited budget, although you didn't hear that from Scott Barnes. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A new chapter

Gary Anderson is the new coach of Oregon State. Yes, the former head coach of Wisconsin. 

This week has been huge for the Beavers, new facilities and a new head coach. 

I did not see Riley's exit or BDC's score with Anderson coming. I am in a daze with it all. 

Recruiting should go from a question mark to huge opportunity now. We will recruit ballers.