Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A new chapter

Gary Anderson is the new coach of Oregon State. Yes, the former head coach of Wisconsin. 

This week has been huge for the Beavers, new facilities and a new head coach. 

I did not see Riley's exit or BDC's score with Anderson coming. I am in a daze with it all. 

Recruiting should go from a question mark to huge opportunity now. We will recruit ballers.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

7 Games left

The Beavers need to win 3 more games in order to get to a bowl, let's look at the remaining games and make a prediction.


This will be a tough game. Utah always brings the effort. They have a backup QB replacing their starter, but they play tough physical football. They beat a pretty good UCLA team last week.

Prediction- OSU +3


Stanford is not as good defensively as they were last year. That said, they still have a lot of good athletes and are well coached. If Stanford is .500 club by this game, it will only help.

Prediction- Stanford +3


Cal is a crazy team, completely unbalanced. They are similar to Colorado. But better. The defense and running game for OSU will need to make the difference.

Prediction- OSU +6

Wash St

Another offensive happy team. They put up crazy numbers. Running game and defense for OSU will need to make the difference again. OSU special teams will need to step up.

Prediction- OSU +2


Arizona St is always tough, not sure OSU will have the mettle to win the game after two exhausting efforts against offensive juggernauts.

Prediction- ASU +7


Washington is not a bad team and could give the Beavers fits. Their coach is outstanding, but depth is an issue.

Prediction- OSU +1


The grand daddy game of them all. This will be a nail biter or it will be a blow out. I don't see how OSU can dominate this game. They can make it close and potentially win it at the end though. 

Prediction- OSU +1


The common theme for OSU to be successful is having a strong running game coupled with good enough defense and special teams. Turnovers could kill the season. Mannion needs to show that the USC game was not defining his capabilities.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Utah upset UCLA

Utah is going to be a tough game for the Beavers. Defense and run game are going to be the difference. Mannion just needs to play turnover free. Riley's record on bye weeks is awesome. This should be a close match. I think OSU TE's are going to make a difference. Garrett is finally realizing that his TE's offer a distinct advantage against any defense given their size. It's not even fair. Time to start exploiting them.