Wednesday, September 03, 2014

I am sorry for posting this......

Someone in Oregon State's administration approved this video.

Don't worry there is more pathetic jingoism out there....New Zealand got their ass kicked after this episode 98-71.....

Andrew Susac is balling for the SF Giants

Susac is a former Beaver who is lighting up the MLB. Folks in SF are talking about Buster Posey moving to first base because Susac has turned out to be such a stud. Here's an interview of Andrew in 2012(awesome)

Well....they sound like they know they need to improve

We will see how things go this Saturday at Hawaii. I expect a close game. OSU will improve on it's boneheaded mistakes from last week, how couldn't they? 

The TE's are going to be "Brandin Cooks" this year. The problem is that they seem soft. The potential for Hamlett and Smith looks like they could be Jimmy Graham clones. The only difference right now appears to be physical and mental. If I was going to scheme against them, I would tell my DE's and OLB's to hit them hard early and often. 

Riley's postgame interview:

Mannion's postgame interview:
Dylan Wynn's postgame interview:

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Oregon St vs PSU comments

The third quarter was generous to the Beavers. They are leading 26-14. 

Mannion is a saint, his surrounding assets are sucking. The TE's are very soft. If they had game Mannion could feed them. 

Raw effort by the team is good, but they are playing stupid. Still very sloppy in all facets.

Oregon State 2nd Qtr comments vs Portland State

This is sooooo embarrassing. The score should be 35-0. It's 14-13 PSU.

The offense and defense are completely sloppy and unprepared. At one point Portland State had more penalty yards than offensive yards. I am not sure the Beavers can play worse. 

If the Beavers lose this game......I don't know what I will do.  

Bright spots are the TE's(minus the boneheaded penalties). The offense is going to have to center on them this year. The height difference they bring is awesome. The only weak part is that they all look soft, none look in incredible physical shape. They have good hands, and can move(although not fast). 

Mannion is playing down to his teammates. He needs to ignore their shortcomings and make other players look good.

RB's look okay. OL looks horrible unless in pass protection. None of the WR's look good. This is going to be a TE//RB oriented offense this year. 

The DL and LB's need to play smart and physical. They are not using their heads this game.