Friday, November 27, 2009

Oregon State has no chance against Oregon

According to KVAL and AccuScore, the Beavers have no chance of winning this year's civil war.

The computers at partner AccuScore simulated the Oregon Civil War more than 10,000 time before rendering a prediction:

Ducks 35, Beavers 23.

What does a machine know? When it comes to the Ducks and Beavers, the computer has had it right 70% of the time this season. For the Pac-10 as a whole, AccuScore has a 74% track record.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Crazy Oregon State

I've been surfing the net checking out stats for the Beavers so far. It's damn impressive data for the Beav's. Canfield is out of his mind. The Rodgers Bros. are sick. But the OSU D is putting up impressive stats too.

WSU is in for an ass whupping. I hope the Beavers win and don't suffer any injuries. That is the scariest part of this game. WSU, in the rain, and cold. WSU has nothing to lose.

OSU's defense has made a huge statistical improvement. They are currently in 1st place in the Pac-10 for rush defense, 15th nationally. This is the stat that I pay most attention to when evaluating a defense. Run defense is the most important stat by far.

I am psyched that OSU has a chance at winning the Pac-10. Two more games to go.

My message to Beaver football players is "Just Win Baby"! OSU doesn't need to win by 31 Saturday, just win and stay healthy.

The Ducks are looming. If OSU wins out this year, it will be a miracle. But that's not new to the Riley led era at OSU.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Beavers crush UW

Canfield proved he is the best Pac-10 QB at this point in the season. Stats don't lie. His consistency is awesome. His lack of INT's is unreal. I am psyched to see a kid improve at the college game, it's a good sign for pro scouts too.

The OSU D is playing like a unit for a change. Kids are maturing.

Quizz proved he is either #1 or #2 to Gerhart. James is also underrated.

Cal's QB sucks. But luckily they beat Arizona. Thus helping the Beav's Pac-10 championship hopes.

USC got whupped by Stanford today. Stanford posted 55 at SC. The most ever by an SC opponent. If Harbaugh had problems recruiting before, he has no excuse going forward.

The Beavers can make things interesting with 2 more wins.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Robinson is the man

Highly Touted Point Guard Ahmad Starks Signs with Men's Hoops

What is Important Now


The most important thing for the Beavers to think about is winning. Winning every down. Every quarter. Every half. The Beavers have a chance to really shake up the Pac-10 this year. Most scenarios work towards USC's favor. Oh well. I'd rather have Cal, Stanford, USC, or Arizona win the Pac-10 if OSU can't.

This week is huge for the Beav's. Washington is a threat, but should lose to the Beavers.

Quizz Rogers is damn good. Here is some love from his coach-

"I would push 'Quizz for any honor you guys want to talk about," exclaimed Riley. "I think he's as good a football player as there is around. Right now, he's the third-leading rusher by a fraction to Gerhart and LaJames at Oregon, and he's the second-leading receiver in the conference and I think he's third in all-purpose yards in the conference. He's even thrown a touchdown pass now, so he's our MVP for sure, along with, I'd go with his brother. They can tie, you know. We've got some real exciting players." (source: Rivals)

I think Canfield deserves some luv. That dude is having a great senior year.

Saturday, November 07, 2009


(AP Photo/Ben Margot)

Or Joe Halahuni, Mr. Clutch....

The Beavers went to Berkeley and beat the hell out of the Bears 31-14.

OSU played physical defense to set the tone, and the offense executed thanks to Sean Canfield's senior leadership. His one INT was at the 1 yard line of Cal. He is playing great football. Smart and efficient. Quizz and James were productive as usual, but Sean is leading and producing the way a senior QB should and it's making a huge difference. He was 29-39, for 342 yds, 2 TD's, 1 INT. Sean is going to be either 1st or 2nd team All-Pac-10 this year. Maybe national honors too if he keeps this up.

This is a team sport and others add major value. OSU's defense played out of their mind tonight. Good to see an improvement in a critical game. They only gave up 239 yards for the entire game. Impressive.

Jahvid Best's concussion was truly frightening. I thought he had a pinched nerve or worse. His arms looked stiff after he landed, like rigomortous had set in and he was convulsing.

The Beavers brought a ton of heat on defense, I don't think there were many sacks or TFL, but they swarmed all night. They hit Cal right in the face. Repeatedly.

The Beavers are now 6-3, bowl eligible again!