Monday, April 27, 2009

Beavers second to USC in NFL draft

(source: rivals)

Wow. The Beavers had more draftee's than Florida or Florida St. I never thought I say that. Coach Riley and his staff deserve a lot of credit, and so do the kids for working so hard.

Check out a killer analysis on OSU's program from the BeaverBlitz:

Football fans might be surprised to see Oregon State develop and send more athletes to the Big League than Florida, Florida State, Miami, Notre Dame, and Oklahoma combined. But these are the types of things that NFL insiders and High School coaches have recognized for years. Mike Riley's staff knows the formula to make NFL dreams a possibility.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

7 OSU players drafted

This has to be a record. I am not sure I've ever seen 7 players drafted for Oregon State before. Impressive.

Nice to see OSU had more draftee's than University of Oregon too!!!!

A lot of this has to do with Mike Riley and the program he has developed. I am very proud to be a Beaver! I can't wait for next season.

Sammie Stroughter Player has NewsWR724(233)Tampa Bay
Andrew Levitre OG219(51)Buffalo
Keenan Lewis CB332(96)Pittsburgh
Victor Butler OLB410(110)Dallas
Slade Norris OLB426(126)Oakland
Brandon Hughes CB512(148)San Diego
Al Afalava S617(190)Chicago

Saturday, April 04, 2009


Wow. Awesome. Brilliant. What else can one say to describe the OSU hoops performance today and for the season.

The Beavers basketball team has sucked for a long time. But not anymore. Last year the Beavers couldn't win a game in the Pac-10. Now they are the last Pac-10 team playing this year.

The Beavers beat UTEP by going postal from 3 point land today. They shot 63% from the 3. Yes, this is the same Beaver squad who couldn't hit the broadside of a barn.

Craig Robinson has done an amazing job. Too bad he is only going to be around for a few years. He is a great coach. I suspect his aspirations will lead him to a bigger program eventually. Oh well, I am just going to enjoy the moments.

I am so proud of this team. Way to go Beavers!

Football team- outstanding season
Basketball team- outstanding season
Baseball team- ?

I have a feeling the baseball team will deliver again this year. OSU is such a great athletics program. OSU is also a great academic institution, and it's great to see all facets of OSU show so well.

What a great time to be an OSU Beaver!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Beavers look stacked

At first glance, even without the Rogers bros OSU looks pretty damn good. What stands out most to me are the offensive weapons at WR and SL. McCants has a huge opportunity ahead of him. Canfield just needs to play mistake free.

Defensive will reload. Banker is an under rated college coach.

Check out the Beaver Spring Depth Chart

Special Teams are important

I think this as big a deal as any player joining the Beaver Nation.

Coach Read is top notch. Dallas is a weird place. He is a good addition.

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