Saturday, October 30, 2010

35-7 FINAL, Beavers beat the Bears

This was a royal ass whupping.

Not sure it's worth analyzing. The Beavers played great. Did what they were supposed to.

Is it just me or does Quizz seem kinda cold towards his own teammates? After his TD's he seemed indifferent. I have seen this for awhile. My BFF was at the TCU game and said he was aloof.

Any which way he balled. I am just not sure about the attitude.

I am glad they won. They are 3-1 in the Pac-10. The rest of the schedule is brutal.

35-0 3rd Qtr, OSU is spanking the Bears

OSU is taking advantage of Kevin Riley's injury. They are just punishing the Bears. Cal has 1 yard rushing with 4 minutes left in the 3rd.

I feel bad for Riley, the play he got hurt on was like Carson Palmer's injury in the NFL playoffs a few years ago. Olander fell onto his knee after rushing up the middle.

Quizz is making Cal's defense look foolish. He's got 3 TD's running and 1 TD passing.

Hopefully the Beavers will put in 2nd team guys on offense and let them get some playing time.

14-0 OSU after the 1st

The Beavers are kicking Cal's ass all over the field. Cal's starting QB has been knocked out of the game.

Quizz is going postal. He's run and passed for a TD so far. He is carving up Cal's defense with spectacular runs. He has 8 carries for 74 yards in the 1st Qtr!

Katz is still locking on to WR's, but is still gaming. Since Quizz is going off, Katz hasn't had to do much.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cal Analysis

Win: the chances of a decent bowl for OSU is still a possibility.

Loss: bowl chances are out the window. The season is now reclassified as a rebuilding year.

Cal is unpredictable. The Nevada loss was unrecoverable for them, yet they rally. OSU has more to lose in this game.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My other Black and Orange team

Congrats to the San Francisco Giants for winning the National League Pennant!

They beat the super tough Phillies(my third favorite in the MLB next to the A's).

I am a big baseball fan, and tonight is one of the greatest nights of my life. I've been a SF Giants fan since I was a kid, I've been passionately watching their progress this year. I've taken my kids to multiple games at AT&T park and it's really magical.

This year's Giants team is amazing. I hope they win the WS!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Oregon...are you kidding me?

It's hard to knock the University of Oregon these days, as much as I loathe OSU's top rival, they are really good this year. #1 in points scored, #3 in rushing, #15 point against, and #29 in passing- yes passing- these guys run the ball better than they pass. Which is weird given the scheme.

UofO has done an amazing job recruiting Pac-10 talent into their spread offense. Even losing their starting QB from last year doesn't matter, Masoli is an after thought these days. I am not sure about the defense except to say they don't spend much time on the field. The defenses' stats will always be skewed because of the offense.

Oregon has an offensive system that is damn near unstoppable. The only way they fail is by player error, major error. The system makes up for most mistakes and makes the game simple. That's what impresses me the most, they keep it simple and execute. Players can be plugged in, and there is no drop off. Yes, James is really good, but I think a lot of talented backs could produce in Oregon's system.

OSU is going to have it's work cut out for it in this year's civil war.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quizz vs Barry

Ok, I know it's not a fair comparison. But both are small RB's. Both cut on a dime. OSU did hype Quizz for the Heisman for awhile this year....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

UW game is on ESPN

I am not sure if anyone caught this, but ESPN replayed the UW game tonight.

Damn hard to watch.

I am thinking about doing a break down of the last play of the game if I can gather the time. Spoiler- the TE ran the wrong route on the play. A soft curl route would have won the game. Katz thought that was the route. Hulahani drifted into the Safety.

BTW- Hardin needs to be replaced by Poyer asap. I feel really bad for Hardin- he is a good kid giving 110% effort. He is more of a Safety than a corner. He got used...repeatedly. He is a good athlete in the wrong position.

PS- I hated Mike Bellotti's commentary on the game- did you too? Leave comments....

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Your love is a rollercoaster

A lot of folks are talking about the loss against Washington, it was a tough one. The bye is going to help me recover from this emotionally draining first 6 games. At 3-3 apathy is starting to set in.

This season has been a rocky one from a fan's perspective. There have been a lot of highlights to get excited about, and there have been some clear deficiencies made apparent.

It is not easy being an Oregon State football fan. It seems like every year, even when the team is winning, you have no idea what to expect. When you expect them to lose, they win. When you expect them win, they find a way to lose.

Cal fans have been going through this for years. I am friends with lots of Cal grads and their apathy is unreal. It doesn't matter if Cal is 7-0 or 11-0, they expect an implosion one way or the other. This year's Cal team is no different. Totally psycho. Nobody knows witch team will show up.

Is Oregon State going to be Cal from now on?

3 Pac-10 teams in the BCS

Oregon(#2), Stanford(#12), Arizona(#18).

If you include Utah(#9), you've got 4 teams in the top 20 BCS rankings.

That's quality. The Pac-10, soon to be Pac-12, is looking really good.

Here is the full BCS rankings published today.

Oklahoma is #1

Here is a video of one of my favorite TE's when I was a kid:

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Beavers lose 35-34

The pass was dropped in the endzone.

This was a tough loss.

The Beavers should have beat the Huskies. 3 INT's won't do it. Especially on the road.

Oh no.

The Beavers score. Riley calls a timeout during the extra point. He is considering going for it.

I hope he doesn't....

35-28 UW

Hardin gets burned yet again and UW takes the lead. The Beavers must score a TD to continue this game.

The pressure is on the OSU offense to make plays right now.

UW scores, 28-28

Locker connected on a slant on 3rd and 2, 20 yard TD. On to 2nd overtime.

UW goes first on offense now. OSU on defense.

TD Quizz Rodgers! In OT!

28-21 Beavers! Katz tosses a nice pass to Quizz for a 10 yard score.

If the defense stops UW here, game over!

Beavers are killing themselves

3 penalties in a row. 2 and 25 yds. 3rd and long. Punt.

UW has two timeouts left. 1:25 left.

UW starts at their 10 yard line.

The Beavers need a pick 6 bad.....

Beavers get a huge 3rd down stop thanks to replay

Beavers got a lucky break on 3rd down. On the return the Beavers managed to get a block in the back penalty. 70 yds to paydirt.

Let's see if Katz can show some character and make a drive happen.

Beavers get fumble then stall again

UW has the ball at their 10 yard line with 4 minutes left.

Katz looks rattled. Locker is not much better.

UW misses FG, 8 minutes left

21-21 still! The OSU defense made a huge sack on 3rd down stopping UW.

The Beavers need a game winning drive right now. Quizz has got to get the ball.

Washington stops OSU

UW is playing better, the OSU offense found a way to stop themselves.

UW is now driving for a TD.

The turnovers by OSU are killers.

Katz throws his 3rd INT!

The Beavers were on the 10 yard line and Katz again throws a bonehead pick. The defense is holding, but Katz is melting down.

Quizz is on fire. He needs to get the ball. Katz is really having a bad game even though his 3rd down conversion rate is good. The turnovers are killing the Beavers.

If the Beavers lose the turnover stat, UW will win 98% of the time.

Brennan Olander makes a huge play on 4th down

UW looked like they were driving and Brennan Olander made a huge play driving the UW center back into the RB on 4th down.

Olander doesn't look like an athlete but he is making plays. Paea is hurt, he's been out since taking a shot to his knee.

Katz promptly threw another INT. UW has the ball at the 10 yard line.

2 INT's is going to haunt the Beavers.

21-21! Beavers tie it up

The Beavers got the ball and drove it down Washington's arse. Quizz is on fire. TD Beavers.

PS-Mike Bellotti is a donkey, and why ESPN put him on the OSU game tonight is beyond me.

21-14 Halftime

Here are some stats:

OSU offense: 133 total yds
UW offense: 274 total yds


OSU: 1
UW: 2


Katz: 6/13 54 yds, 1 TD rushing, 1 INT
Locker: 12/19 189 yds, 3 TD's, 1 INT


Quizz: 14/64 yds, 1 TD
Polk: 14/55 yds

The Beavers will need to stop UW's offense in order for them to mount a comeback. OSU's offense is starting to click.

21-14, Quizz is mad

This game is now interesting. The Beavers seem really pissed off. Each player is giving second effort.

Quizz just ran around and over the entire Washington defense for a TD. The whole drive was Quizz. He is like a smaller Jim Brown. Just mad. At everyone and everything. Yikes.

Beavers score! 21-7

The Beavers look pissed and ready to make a comeback. Katz scored on a nifty scramble.

Poyer intercepted Locker and now the Beavers have the ball at the UW 10.

The Meltdown continues, 21-0

The Beavers are getting bitch slapped by the Huskies. It figures, we've beat them too many times in a row.

Analyzing this mess is pointless. It begins and ends with the Defense which is horrible. Just because the offense gets stopped once or twice doesn't mean you give up TD's like this defense does. It's scary how bad this year's squad is.

Katz has had opportunities, but a combination of bad breaks is hurting. Quizz has had nowhere to run so far. Wheaton dropped an easy TD.

This is looking like a really bad blowout. Kudo's to UW for being ready to play.

The Beavers are getting manhandled

Washington is taxing the Beavers so far, the score is 7-0 Washington but the Huskies are at the Beaver 3 yard line at the start of the 2nd quarter.

It looks like Washington is taking a physical strategy against the Beavers and so far it's working. The Beaver defense has been on the field way too long, and the Husky O-line is starting to push them around. UW has 11 1st downs and 165 yards already!

PS- My other favorite Orange/Black team just beat the Phillies so I am in a good mood.

Oops, UW just scored again 14-0.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Pac-12 Breakdown

(photo source: SBNation)

Brooks Hatch at the Gazette Times gives a good argument as to why the new Pac-12 north has an economic advantage over the south. This whole new conference is going to be interesting if not compelling. Larry Scott is going to be considered the "man" once the dust settles.

Read More

Washington Prediction

At the beginning of this season I didn't think I could say this, but the Beavers can win without James Rogers.

It sucks not having him, but a lot of kids have stepped up. Wheaton is nursing a bum knee too now, but he is supposed to be able to play Saturday night. Catchings, Poyer, Bishop, Hulahani, Reese, Darkins, and of course Quizz can pick up the slack. Give credit to Katz for dishing out the rock to so many players this year, they all have made plays and should feel confident.

I thought Jake Locker was very overrated going into this season, and he hasn't disappointed. He could put on his "try hard" attitude and make a statement. He hasn't faired well against OSU so far.

Sarkasian seems to have it in for his old employer and he gets his team up for them every year. He doesn't seem to have the same fire for other teams in the Pac-10 and it shows. Washington is a wild card to me, they could win or lose.

Riley is of course steady Eddie. Each game is the biggest game of the year. Every game the Beavers play hard. You have to give Riley credit for that.

Vegas has the Beavers favored by 2.5. Kahut is a major question mark, will he get back on track or continue to choke? The good news is that Washington's special teams haven't been that special this year either.

I think the Beavers come out swinging in this one, Katz is the difference to me. He is better than Locker right now.

28-21 Beavers.

Here's a clip of the UW vs BYU game earlier this year:

Monday, October 11, 2010

James Rodgers is out for the year

At least he has his medical redshirt and can comeback next year. He is such a great kid. He and Quizz will have a great year next year.

The blogger who posted this first was Angry Beavers.

Backed up by The Gazette Times.

Good job AB.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

San Jose Mercury Writer has OSU at #10

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

From Jon Wilner at the SJ Merc:

* Moved Oregon State up 12 spots, to No. 10, after the Beavers won at Arizona.

Yes, they’re a two-loss team in my top 10, but the two losses are to No. 2 Boise State (road) and No. 3 TCU (semi-neutral) and the games were competitive in the fourth quarter — the Beavers were within a touchdown in both.


James Rodgers qualifies for Medical Redshirt

Here's some good news- James Rodgers qualifies for a medical hardship from the NCAA since he has played in 30% or less of the Beavers games this year. We could have the Rodgers Bros back again next year, which wouldn't suck.

There is a chance that he might have only torn his cartilage, which means he could get scoped and be back in two weeks.

Rodgers was quoted by Oregon Live that he didn't hear a pop and that it just tightened up on him. I've messed up my knees before, 2 scopes, sprained ligaments,etc. Usually when you tear ligaments you hear a pop, and it's usually loud enough to hear in a stadium packed with fans. If he partially tore ligaments he wouldn't hear a pop. If it's a partial tear he will probably redshirt since fixing partial tears are the same as full tears. If it was late in the season, he could play on a partial tear, but would need surgery after the season. In that scenario James would have a hard time getting drafted by the NFL since he would be rehab'ing well into the spring.

Here's a video of the play Rodgers got hurt on:

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Beavers Win! 29-27

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Arizona made a comeback but the Beavers held on for the victory!

Katz played a great game. 30/42 was fantastic. He put up 398 yds passing tonight. 3rd down conversions were 11-16. Katz looked like a baller this afternoon. A real leader. He is going to do great things at OSU.

The defense bent but didn't break. OSU gave up 540 yds of offense tonight. Okay, calling that bending is a stretch but they won. They only gave up 100 yds rushing, which is good, unless the offense is passing at will.

James Rodgers loss is huge, he was on fire until he got hurt. So frickin' sad. Wheaton stepped up huge with 7 catches for 113 yds and a TD.

Great win for the Beavers.

PS- Arizona was overrated. Although they were ranked #9, they weren't that good. The Beavers still have lots of room for improvement. This Pac-10 race is going to be interesting. I have a feeling the UofO vs OSU game is going to have grand importance for the 3 year in a row. We shall see...

2 minute Arizona offense takes it's toll

Arizona drove down the field and scores with 1:52 left. The OSU defense was clueless against the U of A offense. A couple key penalties helped.

29-27 OSU

Kahut's misses are huge.

If the Beavers can get one first down, the game is over.

2 INT's almost

Foles folds. 3rd and 10 Hardin has a long pass hit him in the face through his hands. Next play, 4th and 10, Cameron Collins drops an easy pick. Oh well, the Beavers have the ball at Arizona's 43 yard line, 4 minutes left.

If OSU scores, it's game over. It's also a great example of how to close a win on the road against the #9 team in the country.

Kahut misses another PAT!!!!! 29-20 OSU

After Dockery's amazingly lucky tackle the Beavers drove to a TD, and frickin' Kahut shanks another PAT!!!

This kinda shit will lose a close game. Foles has 2 game winning comebacks this year already.

WTF? 5:43 left in the game.

James Dockery stops Arizona

With a shoestring tackle on 3rd down. HUGE.

The Beavers got the ball back and are driving. 6:13 left. 3 point lead.

Beavers fall short on a critical series

The Beavers pushed down to the Arizona 40, then stalled. Now Arizona is driving. The Beavers drive could be the turning point in the game. Arizona is moving the ball at will on offense now.

23-20 OSU.....

Arizona uses OSU's defense to score

Arizona wastes no time and drives for a score. 23-20 OSU.

Momentum is on Arizona's side. Katz and Quizz need to stop this track meet.

Kahut is a donkey

Oregon State just orchestrated a fantastic drive for a TD and Justin Kahut misses the extra point. WTF???

The snap was fine. What is with kickers??? They have the easiest job on the team. One job, no reads, no mysteries. Point and shoot.

Ryan Katz looked great on the drive. So did Quizz.

Arizona starts the 2nd half with a sense of urgency, 17-13

The defense got worked on a couple plays. 33 yd TD by Arizona. Arizona is trying to lose this game, they got the extra point blocked! Arizona looks worried and they are trying harder now.

Markus Wheaton is going to get more shots to make plays, James Rodgers is out.

17-13 Oregon State

Halftime prediction

The Beavers are lucky to have a 10 pt lead, but that isn't going to be enough to win this game. They need to pile it on in the second half. I am concerned that Arizona is going to get fired up and make a comeback, taking advantage of OSU's historically lackluster closing skills.

James Rodgers was playing a huge game until he got hurt. It remains to be seen if the back-ups can pick up the slack.

The second half of this game is going to be a season defining 2 quarters for the Beavers. If they win, they are on a roll. If they lose this season looks like a "moral victory" season.

OSU 17 Arizona 7

Arizona ran nearly every play at Brandon Hardin to drive to the 25 of OSU, and missed the FG with 2 seconds left in the half.

OSU's defense is playing great for the most part. I feel bad for Hardin, there is not much he can do, he is not athletic enough to play corner in the Pac-10 and Arizona is trying to exploit this fact. Give Banker credit, he is scheming a good plan so far.

OSU's offense is making plays, they've gotten some bad breaks that stopped drives. Katz is playing great, 19 of 28, 257 yds, 2 TD's, 1 INT.. Even with the INT. He is making plays, starting to look more comfortable. Quizz is not a factor, 9 carries for 26 yds.

Foles is 14 for 19, 207 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT.

James Rodgers had 7 catches for 102 yards in the first half before getting hurt.... damn that pussy ass DB!!!!!!!

Katz records his first INT

In the redzone, Katz makes his first bad decision of the year. 159 passes went before he threw this pick. He has been having a great game. Arizona gets the ball at the 2 yd line at least.

This game is a hard hitting affair.

James Rodgers has a blown knee, the extent of the injury is unclear- but he can't put any weight on it and is in the locker room.

OSU's defense is playing it's best so far this year. Hardin is still the weak link tho. He gave up a pass interference that gave Arizona a chance to score before the half..

17-7 OSU

Douchebag DB hurts James Rodgers

The Beavers are playing the Cats tough, and James Rodgers was having a great game until he got tackled in the endzone after an apparent touchdown. The play was called back because of an illegal man downfield.

The Arizona DB didn't need to tackle James 5 yards into the endzone but did and twisted James' knee.

OSU is leading 17-7.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

3 minutes of boneheaded plays

I was watching the replay of the OSU vs ASU game, and it was kinda painful to watch. There were sprinklings of great plays, and heavy doses of stupidity.

With about 4 minutes left OSU had the ball on offense and a 11 point lead. They had 3rd down and long, the play gets in late from the sideline, Katz rushes the team to the LOS. The offensive line breaks down against a 4 man rush, Phillip in particular misses a simple chip block, then watches a DL run by and blast Katz as he scrambles downfield. Then as Katz gets up Burfict from ASU head butts Katz, within a split second Phillip pushes Burfict and the ref's pull their flags. The Beavers could have gotten a first down by Burfict's dumb move, but Phillip stepped in, instead it's 4th down.

The next play is a punt and it's blocked by ASU. Next play ASU runs it up OSU's ass for a TD, then a 2 point conversion.

This kinda BS is bad. 8 pts in 1:30 of game play. OSU needs to learn to finish strong. They didn't against Louisville and they didn't against ASU.

UofA is better than ASU. Shit, ASU nearly came back from 11 pts in 3 minutes.....

Monday, October 04, 2010

Nick Foles scares me- sorta

Foles is third in the nation in completion percentage (74.5, 102 of 137) and ranks 26th in passing efficiency (149.84). He only has 6 TD's and has 4 pic's tho. Over a dozen different players have caught passes from him this year, which means they don't have a go-to guy or he's just democratic.

His competition so far has been Toledo, Citadel, Iowa and Cal. Iowa is a quality team and a tremendous win. Cal is good, Toledo and Citadel are weak, so it's hard to read. I think the Beavers can find a scheme to screw him up. Iowa probably played vanilla D and paid the price.

OSU stats recap

Oregon State 2010 Statistics

Scoring offense: 27.8 points per game (T-7th in Pac-10)
Total offense: 306.8 yards per game (10th in Pac-10)
Passing offense: 185.8 yards per game (9th in Pac-10)
Rushing offense: 121.0 yards per game (8th in Pac-10)

Oregon State Opponents:

Scoring offense: 30.8 points per game (8th in Pac-10)
Total offense: 434.8 yards per game (8th in Pac-10)
Passing offense: 240.0 yards per game (8th in Pac-10)
Rushing offense: 194.8 yards per game (8th in Pac-10)

Team Leaders:

Passing: Ryan Katz - 55-106, 720 yards, 7 TD, 0 INT
Receiving: Jordan Bishop - 9 receptions, 173 yards, 1 TD
Rushing: Jacquizz Rodgers - 84 carries, 398 yards, 6 TD
Tackles: Two tied with 33
Interceptions: James Dockery - 3
Sacks: Stephen Paea - 3

Sunday, October 03, 2010

OSU holds on for a victory!

(photo source: ESPN/AP)


This was an exciting game. Turnovers were key. Katz played his best game, 2 TD's and no TO's. Nice.

Quizz simply went off this game. His first TD was an ESPN top 10 play, then busted 75 yarder too.

The defense bent but didn't completely break. The DB's made a couple nice plays. ASU racked up a boat load of yards, but less than their season avg.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Quizz goes 75 yds for a TD

The OSU D kept banging with ASU, gave up 3.

Next posession OSU gets the balls back and boom. Quizz makes his longest run ever.

OSU 31, ASU 20

Stanford is kicking Oregon's ass

As I mentioned before, Stanford is the most dangerous team in the Pac-10- short term and long term. They are rolling over Oregon AT OREGON!!!

ASU kicked a FG to get within 7. OSU promptly punt. 24-17

Beavers fail on 4th and 5

The Beavers have little confidence in Justin Kahut.

ASU's RB- Lewis is running up and down, right and left against the Beavers today. He's got 12 carries for 80 yards so far.

Halftime stats

Total Offense:

ASU- 188
OSU- 277


ASU- 1
OSU- 0

Time of Possession:

ASU- 14:01
OSU- 15:59


Ryan Katz 13/19 214 11.3 2 0

Steven Threet 5/12 107 8.9 1 1

24-14 OSU Halftime

Katz makes some great throws against ASU with minimal time left. Bishop, Halahuni , all made plays.

So far the Beavers are proving me wrong- prediction wise. The defense is bending, but not breaking.

James Rodgers is out of this game

Sorry I forgot to mention this. James is not playing against Arizona State because of his concussion suffered against Boise State.

17-14 OSU

The Sun Devils drove down the Beavers throat and scored. Dockery got called for holding on 3rd down near the goal line. The Oregon State defensive line needs to pick it up and start pushing. The offense needs to continue to score each drive. The defense is not going to stop anyone.

17-7 Oregon State

Awesome drive. Katz hits Nichols on a long slant for the TD. He had all day.

1st Quarter Analysis

OSU is gaming today. The OSU defense is competing, as well as the offense. This looks like a track meet so far.

The OSU players who impress- Quizz. Cameron Collins, Doctor.

131 yds for OSU vs 119 for ASU.

1 TO by ASU, 0 TO by OSU.

Katz is still only 50% comp.

Quizz has 55 yds on 10 carries- IN THE FIRST QTR!

Quizz scores on an unbelievable run!!!!

WOW. Two changes of direction, stiff arms, speed. Quizz just went off. You will see this on highlight reels.

10-7 OSU.

Dockery makes another INT

He saved Bankers' ass with this one. It's still 7-3 ASU.

7-3 ASU

The Beavers put together a nice drive but stalled at the 10 yard line. Kahut hit the chip shot.

7-0 ASU

The ASU QB throws a knuckle ball to his WR crossing the middle of the field. He gets hit by two OSU DB's and shrugs it off into the endzone.

If OSU's offense doesn't perform, this could get ugly. The OSU D is looking unprepared.

Friday, October 01, 2010

This Dude lost his Fiesta Bowl ring at the TCU game

Wow. Brutall story. Losing your ring like that sucks. Having all the other issues sucks too.

Oregon State's Mitch White savors good memories, shuns chronic pain in return for Fiesta Bowl reunion (Oregon Live)

SF Giants are more important than the Beav's

Is that wrong? For some reason my attention has been focused on the SF Giants playoff run. Gotta luv the Orange/Black of pro baseball. The Giants have had a great season, they sucked the first few months, and now they are about to win the Division and make the playoffs. Can the Beavers follow this same storyline? They have for the past few years, but this year feels different.

I am just not interested in the ASU/OSU game as much. The Erickson led OSU team tribute at halftime is kinda cool, but weird because I want the Beavers to crush his team into oblivion the same day I am paying tribute to his efforts in 2000. WTF?

It seems like it's all been said about the Beavers this fall, and there is not much more to point out when it comes to OSU's flaws.

Duh, the defense is not good this year.

Duh, there is a new QB who isn't as efficient as they need when the defense is crap.

Duh, the lack of roster depth/talent-stemming from uncoordinated recruiting efforts, is a huge issue.

The ASU game is not a toss up. James Rodgers is still hurt from his concussion, and concussions are not easy to return from. The Beavers get +3 for being the home team. But ASU is better statistically and against good opposition.

My prediction- ASU 35-21. Please prove me wrong Beavers.