Friday, June 03, 2011

ESPN3 OSU vs UALR broadcast was cool

I just watched the game on my laptop, it was very cool. There was a little lag, but the experience was high quality. I had the Beavers game on my laptop and the Giants game on my LCD TV. This shit trips me out from time to time. I am young and tech is moving so quick, I need a breather just to digest whats out there. 

BTW- my kids decided to play Xbox Kinect Sports instead of watching the Giants- so turned on the trusty ol' school AM/FM hand radio to hear the play by play, and watch/listen to the Beavers game on my laptop. The kids worked up a huge sweat playing all the games, it was hilarious to watch them go at it.  

I am glad the Beavers won. They came back to win 7-4. They looked a little tight early on, but settled in to take the game.

I think Creighton is next up tomorrow.