Friday, September 30, 2011

ASU pre-game poll results

9 Votes

1 voter picked OSU to win

6 voted for ASU to win

2 voted for OSU to lose if it helped him get fired.

ASU game thoughts

Photo Source: Unathletic

The Beavers are traveling to Tempe to try and avoid an 0-4 start. The point spread is around  +18 ASU.  Agnew might play, Rogers is playing. Maybe it will be a close game.  Maybe ASU gets pass happy and blows out OSU.

Apparently none of the OSU coaches feel fan frustration with their performance this season.  I find this disturbing, but understandable. The coaches have to focus on what they can control. The fact that they are incompetent based on performance and fan opinion doesn't really matter. 

The Beavers have to get better from the coaches down to the training staff if they are going to win even one game this year. The question is what is Riley going to do about the situation? What if the Beavers start 0-4? 0-5? 0-6?

I believe there could be a fluke win or two this year, but that's all they will be, flukes. Damn shame. 

My prediction ASU 35- 14

*Please prove me wrong OSU

OSU Beaver Football Blog 5 Year

I just realized that this blog has been up for a whopping 5 years this month. The first post sorta went up Sept 6th 2006. 

The motivation for this blog was and is purely selfish. I am willing to admit that. While I know about the various forums for Beaver fans, I felt that I wanted my own voice. Maybe it resonates with you, maybe you think I suck. I don't really care. Just being honest.

I still want to say thanks to all of you who have put up with my rants and half cocked opinions through the years. Again, thanks for visiting.

I think the fan's and alumni opinions matter. I am not sure how much longer will continue posting stuff on OSU in the future, but thanks for coming here and reading. 

Cheers, OSUBFB

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Beavers give away a winnable game...again

UCLA wins 27-19.  Box Score

After watching the slopfest known as Oregon State Football this afternoon, I have one comment- fire the entire coaching staff. Ok, given Riley's lifetime contract it's more likely that the OC/DC's could be history. But I doubt it will happen until after the season. 

UCLA has some good athletes, but OSU matched up well, and yet they found a way to make bonehead mistake after bonehead mistake. 

Blaming the youth of the OSU team is lame. There are plenty of coaching techniques to mitigate this fact. Every program goes through youth movements. Every perennial winner has it's best players taken early in the NFL draft, the difference is the coaching. And Money.  Money still defines success. 

This season only gets more difficult after UCLA. Yikes. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

It's do or die for the Beavers

The ramifications of this game are huge for the Beavers. Win and the team builds confidence. Lose and this season is going to be more brutal than it already is. 

If the Beavers win they can gather momentum for a tough ASU game away. Winning by 10 or 1 doesn't matter. Even if they lose by a point, it won't help the situation. 

There are no moral victories.  The Beavers need to win. 

Good news- James Rogers and joe Halahuni are supposed to play. I have no idea how healthy he really is,  but even at 90% of where he was before will be helpful. 

I am predicting an OSU victory, something in my gut tells me the Beavers will rally. Somehow. 

UCLA usually doesn't like playing in Corvallis. See below:

Kickoff is at 12:30 PDT. Unfortunately it won't start raining until the evening tomorrow. I am looking for help from all sources these days.......

Friday, September 16, 2011

OSU Cheer #5

OSU Cheer #3

Source: Athlons

The feel good PR starts for Mannion

Photo Source: AP
Now that the coaching staff has made a firm decision as to who the QB will be for 2011, the PR campaign starts for the Katz replacement. 

As I stated in previous posts, the alternating QB strategy was weak. It was also weak that the coaching staff hadn't graded out their talent properly, which caused the lame situation to come to fruition. 

Now that Mannion is the starter, the Beaver Nation will have something to focus on other than the fact that the current OSU coaching staff is the real issue. 
UCLA better be a win for the Beavers. This season could be lost without a W. UCLA is not going to be an easy victory, the Beavers are going to have to dig deep. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Who decided on the stupid plan?

Riley is now admitting the situational quarterback plan was lacking.


Who came up with this moronic plan in the first place? Hmmm. Sounds like a set up to me. Who do you think approved the plan?

This is like a cheap soap opera. 

Brandon Browner resurfaces

I was watching the SF Niners vs Seattle Seahawks game this afternoon and I saw a pleasant surprise on TV. I didn't catch his name until he was called on a lame roughing the kicker penalty, but it caught my attention. His current # is 39.

It was Brandon Browner, who left OSU after his Soph year. This year he has finally made a NFL team- the Seahawks. Congrats to him for such amazing perseverance. He has been bidding time in the CFL, this year seems to be it. I hope he sticks. 

Also, Quizz Rogers made the Atlanta Falcons squad. Congrats to him, he was probably right in leaving the OSU program when he did. 

Can you imagine Quizz at OSU now? 

Calling this football season a rebuilding year

I am not psyched, I am not confident about anything regarding the OSU program. I am disgusted. 

A rebuilding year? Really? 

Rebuilding could imply that you are replacing studs with more studs in a real football program. In OSU terms it means you suck and you've got to except sucking for the foreseeable future.

Reloading means you have a real program. For OSU it's called rebuilding because you suck. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Riley's handling of the QB is a symptom

It's a much bigger problem. Mike Riley probably lost all credibility with his team after pulling some of the most bizarre coaching moves I've ever seen. Urban Meyer said the same and he's been around way longer than me.

Obviously Ryan Katz is a wreck mentally. But can you imagine being a player on the sideline or in the huddle and watching this stupid strategy unfold. I bet the wheels came off in practice this week. What we witnessed today was just a replay of practice. 

Riley's handling of the QB's is sign that he doesn't have any answers. A confident coach, a prepared coach, a coach with some fire, wouldn't do what he did today.

I really feel sorry for the OSU players. I think they are physically talented enough to at least compete.  Mentally they are weak. This is a direct result of Riley. 

Mike is a very nice person, but he has brought this on himself. I have a feeling that this is going to be an expensive divorce between OSU/Riley, it might not happen even if the team goes 2-9.

Even if OSU somehow turns around their season, the second half comeback that Riley teams are known for seems harder given their schedule + no above average athletes. A losing season is almost guaranteed. 

The Oregon St program is going in the wrong direction.

28-0 Wisconsin, early 3rd

Mike Riley is looking like the biggest failure on national tv this morning.

Urban Meyer is letting him have it. Riley deserves every bit of criticism he's got coming.

When Riley pulled Katz in the first series, and put in Mannion, he cemented his fate with the Beaver Nation. Riley's halftime explanation for the move was probably one of the stupidest ever. He said that he is going to use the QB's situationally. Yes, that means that the offense will be brutally predictable and easy to stop. It also makes rhythm impossible. Riley is switching QB's in mid series. Unreal.

Let's not even talk about the rest of the offense and it's deficiencies. The OSU o-line is so soft.

The porous OSU defense is completely demoralized by playing 18min in the first half and giving up 21 points. 

This is ugly. 

Friday, September 09, 2011

Wisconsin Prediction

Wisconsin- 38
Oregon State- 14

Wisconsin covers the spread. 

Oregon State is severely wounded and they got their ass kicked by a D-1 AA school last week.  OSU football is in disarray. With a QB controversy (media made- Katz is not the answer), on the road, in September, and injuries galore, the Beavers will get obliterated.

If the Beavers win, then all bet's are off and Sac State was an anomaly.  And my name is Warren Buffet.

What is up with the black uniforms ASU?

If anyone else is watching the Mizzu vs ASU game, did you get a load of ASU's uniforms? Really? 

This is getting ridiculous. Every team that has a hint of black is changing their uniforms to ALL black. This is a stupid trend. Has anyone seen the Green Bay Packers uniforms lately? Or Boise State? Really?

Oregon State's colors are black and orange. All black or all orange or a mix makes sense. 

I am sorry, but ASU's colors are not black. Erickson is trying to emulate OSU, since that is the last place he was successful at I guess.

*if I am using the term "really" too much, I am sorry this world is full of donkeys that never cease to surprise me.

PS- ASU is up 16-10 at halftime- maybe it's the uni's......

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Agnew likely out for Wisconsin

Malcom Agnew, OSU's new RB star, reported that he heard a pop when he hurt his hamstring in practice yesterday. 

He has a history of hamstring problems, and in fact missed most of his senior year because of hamstring issues. 

Sorry to burst your enthusiasm Beaver Nation, this story could have an unhappy ending. I hope he is not seriously injured and can contribute for the rest of the year, the Beavers need his help. Hamstring injuries are brutal, one degree below rupturing your achilles. 

Mike Leach, really?

While I believe that Mike Riley has hit the wall with OSU, I don't think Mike Leach is the answer. This dude has issues. There a tons of Beaver Nation folks who think he is the answer, I disagree.

 Leach’s dismissal came after he was suspended by the university from coaching in the Alamo Bowl on Saturday for what it said was his mistreatment of one of his players, Adam James, a sophomore receiver who is the son of the ESPN broadcaster Craig James. Leach was accused of isolating James in an equipment garage and a media room while he was sitting out practice with a concussion. Texas Tech officials said that Leach’s actions, including not signing a letter spelling out guidelines for dealing with players, and his reaction to their investigation forced them to fire him. 

 Read More from the NYT

“He was simply fired because he mistreated a young student athlete with a concussion, and then refused to work with Tech to try to solve the situation. We’re confident that the Supreme Court will find that he doesn’t have a case factually or legally,” Grigg said. 

The latest on Leach's case and the Texas Supreme Court- Read More

During spring training in late March, Leach had demoted wide receiver Edward Britton for failure to regularly attend class and maintain good grades. Leach ordered Britton to study at a desk at midfield in 30-degree weather, albeit in a heavy coat. 

Read more from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Leach's Response:

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

At least our cheerleaders are hot

I am still trying to get over the Sac State game, I am starting to rationalize a brilliant OSU upset of Wisconsin. It could happen- right? Ok, I'll have another drink.

Anyway, the OSU Cheerleaders are getting MVP love in the latest OSUBFB poll. :) They deserve it! Yes, Agnew looks like the latest and greatest OSU RB MVP, but come on.

Source: Cal Bears Online

Honestly, there are not that many pics of Oregon State cheerleaders on the 'net...folks need to take more pics of them at the games and give these girls their props!

If you want pics of OSU's prior Playboy Playmates of the Year, you will have to go to another site.  

Monday, September 05, 2011

Lowlights from Saturday


Looking for silver linings

Original Photo Source: AP

Beaver blogs are heaping praise on Malcom Agnew, who had a great statistical game Saturday. 

Fumbling the ball at a crucial time that contributed to your team's loss does not deserve admiration however.

It's great that Agnew is the nation's leading rusher. Running up 200+ against a D II team, that was 6-5 last year, is not that impressive in my opinion. 

Let's see how Agnew does against Wisconsin. Lord knows Langsdorf will have to feed him the ball. 

There is a chance that Agnew will get a bunch of yards against Wisconsin. It would be due the Beavers getting blown out and Wisconsin playing second string defensive players. 

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Coach Zombie

As I stated in my prior post, Oregon State lost today because of Mike Riley(and his coaches). He had the ponies to win today and didn't. He embarrassed the university and alumni. Does he realize this? Or is he a zombie?

I am not sure. I am sure that there hasn't been a year Riley & Co has had the team prepared- hard schedule or not. Smell a trend? It's not an elephant, it's a corpse in the living room. 

To lose to a FCS school, like this, is unforgivable unless OSU goes to a BCS bowl this year. Then all is forgiven. 

Will OSU go BCS this year? Yes, as soon as I find an antidote for zombies. 

OSU's administration is going to have to do some real soul searching this off season regarding the head coach for football. My take is that Riley is not the answer. He has done a good job, but I think the run is over.

What do you think?

Katz vs Mannion

I didn't think this would even come up to be honest. Not at this point in the season.

It looks like Katz is a liability. Mannion is upside. 

Agree or disagree?

(Update- Riley has admitted to a closer competition between Mannion and Katz, but didn't want to go public and start a QB controversy. Which is possibly the stupidest thing I've ever heard of for dozens of reasons.) 

Ooops. The Beavers officially suck

Source: OregonLive/AP
Well my prediction was wrong. I did not expect Riley/Katz/Romaine/Coaches to suck as bad as they did in this game. Sac State just clowned Oregon State. The coaches are to blame in my opinion. Again.

Sac State was 6-5 last season. They are not even a D-1 school. Really? WTF? Agnew ran for a large number(233), which is impressive for a frosh. Other stats in the game were good, but it didn't matter. The Beavers made mental error after mental error in key situations. This means they were not prepared, a consistent theme under Mike Riley. He can't get his teams ready for a season on time- EVER. Yes, OSU's players need to make plays, but when a team makes as many self inflicted wounds as the Beavers did today, it's not the players.

 This game reminds me of 1990 against Montana. OSU just had a losing season, was supposedly rebuilding, had a cupcake opener and boom. Montana upset us. It was my first collegiate game, I had a few catches. One key first down catch I had in the 3rd quarter was called back because of a bonehead offensive lineman holding. We lost. It was so embarrassing, the team never recovered. Riley reminds me of Kragthorpe. Kragthorpe was the WORST motivator ever. His practice and pre-game speechs were horrible. They were actually de-motivating. Have you watched a Riley practice or pre-game speech on YouTube lately? It's beyond lame. What's going to happen the rest of the season for the Beavers? A lot of pain. It's going to be ugly, perhaps with some highlights sprinkled in. A losing season is damn near guaranteed.

The OSU players are not going to be able to get over this loss easily. They will be embarrassed on national TV, and the internet for losing to a FCS school for the week. Their lack of confidence is not good. Wisconsin is going to absolutely obliterate OSU unless they come out over confident and very sloppy, based on what I've seen from Wisconsin's coaching staff that is not likely. Box Score

Friday, September 02, 2011

Sac State prediction

Oregon State should win 35-7.

Reason why: better athletes

What will it take for Sac St to pull the upset? OSU's skill players choke and Sac St scores off multiple turnovers.

Odds of an upset? 1000 to 1

PS- Wisconsin looked very good against UNLV last night. OSU better put an ass whipping on Sac St to send a message and build confidence.Utah and ASU looked good too.Yes, I know that they played inferior schools, but still, they did what they were supposed to do.

Here's highlights from Wisconsin's win against UNLV: