Monday, September 05, 2011

Looking for silver linings

Original Photo Source: AP

Beaver blogs are heaping praise on Malcom Agnew, who had a great statistical game Saturday. 

Fumbling the ball at a crucial time that contributed to your team's loss does not deserve admiration however.

It's great that Agnew is the nation's leading rusher. Running up 200+ against a D II team, that was 6-5 last year, is not that impressive in my opinion. 

Let's see how Agnew does against Wisconsin. Lord knows Langsdorf will have to feed him the ball. 

There is a chance that Agnew will get a bunch of yards against Wisconsin. It would be due the Beavers getting blown out and Wisconsin playing second string defensive players. 


howard chrastil said...

Beavers need a new team to beat Wiscon. maybe they sure stay home and call in sick,hahahha

Webmaster said...

I actually think OSU has enough players to compete when put in the right position/plays.

Yes, there is no depth, but still. You only need 3 producers on offense and defense to be competitive.

Wisconsin looks like another stat padding opp, albeit with a loss.

Anonymous said...

I think you need to change your "MVP" poll. Let's face it... Katz doesn't exactly have a chance, and I don't know where McCants has gone. Agnew MIGHT needed to be added to that list.

And Mannion.

Webmaster said...

You are right about the poll, I've been thinking about that. I'll update it.

McCants must be a total head case to get dissed by the coaches like this. He obviously has the physical tools. It's kinda sad.