Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pics from the game

Click Here for More pics

I am pretty bumed I didn't attend the game, but the only tix available were in the corner of the endzone. I hung out with my two boys- Jake and Josh, 5-6 yrs old.

It was a great game for the Beav's! Afterwards, there were a lot of questions about next year....already!!!!! The press is all over the Beav's, which is great. OSU is a top tier program.

The line of discussion is not about a winning season anymore, expectations are way higher. The Beavers are about winning the Pac-10, and competing for the national championship.

Yes, I said it. The Beavers are all about winning the national championship.


2008 is the year.......assuming we can find a top-notch QB. Canfield and Moevoa are not the answer.

"They were a lot faster than we anticipated," Maryland senior defensive tackle Carlos Feliciano said, echoing the sentiments of most of his teammates.

Great quote from Maryland.......

Friday, December 28, 2007

Beavers win 21-14

They say Defense and a Running game wins championships, and perhaps for suspect QB play the Beaver's could've had a championship greater than the Emerald Bowl. The OSU defense and running game was superb this year. Major props to OSU's offensive line, they were incredible.

Yvenson Bernard played outstanding with over 177 yds rushing, and James Rogers followed up with 113 yds rushing and 2 TD's. OSU rushed for 273 yds in the game..fuck yeah.

3 turnovers was pathetic, and is not acceptable....unless you win! Go Beav's!

OSU's defense was unreal...again. OSU better give Mark Banker a pay raise. He did a great job. So did the kids who played for him this year.

Riley is 4-0 in bowls for the Beav's. Awesome.

9-4 this year with no QB and no All-American WR. Wow.

Derrick Doggett is probably one of the best LB's OSU has ever fielded. Darlin and La"Rock" ain't too bad either. These guys fly to the football on every play.

Maryland had 22 yds rushing and 204 yds passing for the night. 63 yds of passing came on one play.

I am tired....I will post more later....

3:01 till victory

James Rogers = Stud
Yvenson Bernard = Stud

Balling players.

21-14 Beavers take the lead

As I mentioned before, the OSU running game will be the determining factor. Yvenson Bernard fumbled after getting blasted and guess who picked up the ball and went into the endzone....James Rodgers.

OSU's defense is looking unreal. Derrick Doggett is going to be a first round draft choice, quote me know. This guy is all over the field. A complete freak.

Go Beav's.

OSU's defense is keeping them in the game

Maryland's offense has racked up -19 yards since the first quarter.

OSU's QBs are playing like crap.

14-14 at halftime

The story of the game is the potency of OSU's defense. Except for one big play, the OSU offense has been soley responsible for this close game. Both OSU QB's have sucked big time. Rogers fumble didn't help, but otherwise Canfield and Moevao have sucked.

OSU's QB look like JV talent

in the red zone Canfield threw a really stupid INT. Serna missed a FG prior. The Beav's are keeping the Terps in the game. OSU's defense is playing outstanding. 3 turnovers, but the Beav's have coughed it up 3 times too.

The only hope is the running game. Yvsenson has got carry us.

4.2 40 yrd dash means something Terps 14 Beavs 7

For some reason Riley has replaced Canfield with Lyle Moevoa. 4 and out.

Terps line up and go deep on one and one coverage. 63 yrd TD on Keenan Lewis.

Moevoa is back in. He better produce, Canfield looked good.

Rogers looks good as usual. OSU defense looks good except for the bomb.

Canfield is back 7-7

Skinny post to Rogers, Canfield delivers. Roughing the punter helped continue a drive where Moevoa got hurt.

7-0 Maryland

The Beav's went on Defense first and gave up an 80 yard drive to Maryland. The Terps look much bigger than the Beaver's. Louisville revisted?

It's early and the big guys tend to wear out in the 4th quarter, we will see...

Speed vs. Size

Maryland has some big guys on their squad. Check out BTD's report.

OSU is definitely smaller on defense, but they are faster. I tend to like the faster players myself. They can swarm around the ball and make plays. But big teams have given fits to the Beavers in the past-remember Louisville? They had a bunch of monsters and they punished the Beavers.

I will be posting live reports on the game tonight, so check back for OSUBB op/ed.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Emerald Bowl

I've been reading a lot of reports about OSU's upcoming game against Maryland, and I am predicting a close game. Maryland is no pushover.

I am predicting a game that goes into overtime. The Beavers will win.

Check out Building the Dam for a good preview

Sunday, December 16, 2007

OSU.....QB U?

(AP Photo/Mark Duncan)

Over the last 7 years the Beavers have turned out a bunch of NFL linebackers like Barnett, Ellison, Siegler, and got the moniker "Linebacker U" from Penn St.

But our last two QB's(Anderson and Moore) are BALLING in the NFL.

Derek Anderson has single handedly turned the Cleveland Browns from scrub to playoff contender. Today Derek lead the Browns past the much improved Bills 8-0 in a snow
storm. If they win next week they will make the playoffs for the first time since their franchise was restarted in '99. I can't remember when the old Browns went to the playoffs.

Matt Moore had his first start for Carolina and delivered a win when no one expected it. The Panthers beat the Seahawks 13-10.

Carolina Panthers rookie quarterback Matt Moore got into the huddle late in the first half Sunday and froze.

"I just couldn't get the play out of my mouth," Moore said. "Guys were like, 'Come on! Come on!'"

Moore kept his mistakes to the huddle.

Becoming the fourth quarterback to start for the Panthers this season, Moore engineered three scoring drives in the fourth quarter and outplayed two-time Pro Bowler Matt Hasselbeck, as the Panthers stunned the Seattle Seahawks 13-10.

Kuddo's to OSU alumns for a great showing this weekend!!!!

Oh yeah, check out Al "Hitman" Afalava's massive hit in the Oregon game...awesome! Fouts is such a pussy-he called this a great catch at the end of the clip....

Monday, December 10, 2007

I stand correcttedd, thanks to Phil's wife- Dawn

Phil sent me an email from his wife's account...I stand corrected about Bowl econ 101, check the email and the grammar/spelling. LOL. OSU academics at its finest....I can't count, and he can't use the english language...and we graduated...


All of the bowl money is actually split between the teams. The Conferrences recieve the $$ no the teams.


Here's the explanation from the Football Bowl Association:

Who makes money on the bowls?
Mainly the vast majority of the Division IA universities. Most of the bowls are non-profit 501(c) (3) organizations setup by the host communities to manage and promote the bowls, which of course benefit these communities through economic impact and exposure. However, financially the bowls are setup to primarily benefit the universities that participate in the game and their conference partners. Most conferences divide any revenues over typical expenses of attending the bowl with all the other schools in their respective conference. In this way even a program that goes winless can reap a share of the bowl revenue generated by that schools conference. In some conferences that can be millions for each school. Therefore, not only do the 64 teams playing in bowls receive money but so can dozens of other teams that do not even participate. In addition, the BCS provides millions of dollars each year to be divided by each of the Non-BCS conferences and additional funds to Division IAA members, something that was never done prior to the formation of the BCS.

Nothing worthy

OSU has begun preparations for the Emerald Bowl. Great.

'Qizz Rodgers is lighting up Houston high school football. I am not a Quizz hater, I just don't think the Beaver Nation has to turn into Ohio State because of a sports writers fetish with this kid. I hope he doesn't feel fan pressure yet either. Don't forget the kid hasn't signed paper yet. Idiots.

Michael Vick is quite possibly the dumbest human being on the planet.

When I was playing ball at OSU I used to have a killer mix CD I'd listen to before every practice and game- yes, I used to get fired up for practice. I loved practice as much as games to be honest. Anyway I stumbled on a great rap song that used to get me fired up(still does), I remember that Stanford played this song during pregame warm ups, yes Stanford had hip hop blaring away. I bet all the straight laced Phd's loved it......

Check the vid:

Friday, December 07, 2007


I don't know if I have ever seen this before, but it's worth noting. We have a recruit coming in who has set all the Texas rushing records you could imagine, but he's 5'6" and 185lbs soaking wet.

He is the brother of James Rodgers, the guy who scored the winnning touchdown in this years Civil War. His name is Jacquizz Rodgers. He has verbally committed to coming to OSU next year and T.F. Brown at the Oregonian has a hard on for him.

Click Here to see his wood

A couple people have commented that one hit from USC's linebackers will set Rogers straight, which may be true. But who knows. Barry Sanders was as small as Jacquizz, maybe he'll grow in college.

The bottomline is that it's great we are getting interesting players like Jacquizz, but let's see if this kid is actually eligible before annointing him the next Ken Simonton. It's getting ridiculous. We have 30% of our recruiting class who can't pass academic muster every year. We need to get our shit together and get perspective. Rather TF Brown needs to.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Duck Meat

Gotta luv the Beaver Nation....

The Real Deal about OSU's Bowl Situation

It's been a long week. Having to hear how Mike Bellotti voted his sorry team ahead of OSU in the coaches poll was hard enough. That guy is a straight up a**hole. I hope we kick their asses for the next decade.

Message to Mike- watch the vid below you F**kin scrub:

But worse, I've had to read about all the bull***t about the Beaver's either getting screwed or not getting screwed on the bowl selection. It's overwhelming.

Here's is the bottomline regarding OSU getting screwed:

USC (10-2): vs. Illnois (9-3) in the Rose Bowl. Payout = $17 million.
Arizona State (10-2): vs. Texas (9-3) in the Holiday Bowl. Payout = $2.2 million.
Oregon State (8-4): vs. Maryland (6-6) in the Emerald Bowl. Payout = $750,000
Oregon (8-4): vs. South Florida (9-3) in the Sun Bowl. Payout = $1.9 million
UCLA (6-6): vs. Brigham Young (10-2) in the Las Vegas Bowl. Payout = $1 million
California (6-6): vs. Air Force (9-3) in the Armed Forces Bowl. Payout = $750,000

If you can't do math, OSU lost $1.15M dollars by not getting selected to the Sun Bowl, even though OSU was #3 in the conference.

Let me state this again, $1,150,000.00.

Do you really think the OSU administration gives a rats ass how many OSU folks attend the game? Hell no. It's not about ticket sales. That is a drop in the bucket. $1.15M is not chump change.

Yes, OSU got screwed.

Always follow the money.....the truth is waiting.....

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Rodgers vs. Simonton

Fellow Beaver blogger Jason Protho writes a cool piece on the similarities between James Rodgers and Ken Simonton. Jason has two great vid's of both players. I am not 100% sure. Both are clutch at this stage. The similarities are uncanny.

Click Here to Check it Out

Oregon State gets 'dissed

(AP Photo/Greg Wahl-Stephens)

The All Pac-10 teams came out Monday, and OSU had plenty of players on the list, but most were on the 2nd team. It is amazing that we didn't have more than 2 make All Pac-10 first team.

No knock on Dorian Smith-because he is a stud, but he was hurt a few games wasn't he? He makes first team, which is great. I want Beavers on the first team.

How the fuck does Derrick Doggett make 2nd team?????

We have to deal with horrible officiating down the stretch, crappy bowl selections, and now this?

WTF is the rest of the sports world missing? OSU football is the shizzzzat.

The Pac-10 awards are chosen by the Head Coaches. I have no idea when or how, but I have assume that some voted before they got a taste of Al Afalava and the rest of the bone crushing Beaver defense.

Beaver First Team Selections

Roy Schuening, OL, Sr., Pendleton – 2005 and ’06 Pac-10 Honorable Mention

Dorian Smith, DE, Sr., Van Nuys, Calif – 15 career quarterback sacks.

Second Team Selections

Yvenson Bernard, RB, Sr., Boca Raton, Fla – 2006 Pac-10 First Team; 2005 Honorable Mention

Andy Levitre, OL, Jr., Ben Lomand, Calif – 2006 Pac-10 Honorable Mention

Jeff Van Orsow, DL, Sr., Las Vegas, Nev – 37 straight starts

Joey LaRocque, LB, Sr., Agoura, Calif – 180 career tackles

Alan Darlin, LB, Sr., Elk Grove, Calif – 25 career starts, 148 career tackles

Derrick Doggett, LB, Sr., San Diego – Three-time Pac-10 Second Team

Brandon Hughes, CB, Jr., Bloomington, Ill – Team-leading 10 pass breakups

Alexis Serna, PK/P, Sr., Fontana, Calif -- 2005 Groza Award recipient

Honorable Mention Selections

Al Afalava, S, Jr., Laie, Hawai’i – 61 tackles, third-highest on the team

Curtis Coker, DT, Sr., Las Vegas, Nev – 25 career starts

Kyle DeVan, C, Sr., Vacaville, Calif – Three-time Pac-10 Honorable Mention

Daniel Drayton, S., Sr., Haceinda Heights, Calif – 32 tackles, 9 starts

Gerard Lawson, KR, Sr., Las Vegas, Nev – 22.1 yards per kickoff return

Gerard Lee, DT, Sr., New Orleans – 12 starts.

Here's a great rap video for the OSU Beavers Football team, can't wait to see the 2007 version:

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Post Game Reactions

Riley and team broke the home team streak!!! Awesome. #3 in the Pac-10 is incredible given what he had to work with. It is amazing how close this team was to finishing 10-2 vs. 8-4. ASU and UCLA will haunt this team in a good way. OSU is the best 8-4 team in the nation if that means anything. I think it does. I think Riley has won me over for good. I think he has also built a program. A real college football machine capable of anything it imagines.

I want to start this post by apologizing for saying Lyle Moevao is not a Pac-10 QB. He is, and he deserves respect for what he accomplished. He improved tremendously this year. Winning the Civil War is huge. But he is not the QB I see taking OSU to a BCS bowl anytime soon.

Second, I want to apologize for saying Matt Sieverson was not on par with Clinton Polk. Matt played a great game. He was superb. He played with heart and showed the Ducks the back of his jersey all night.

Rogers was sensational. What a freshman season. Game winning TD in the Civil War.

Polk had one of the best TD runs I've seen in awhile too. Great job by the RB's.

OSU's offensive line was the real Offensive MVP. They are absolute studs. No sacks and 214 yds rushing. Are you kidding me? That is outstanding.

OSU's defense played great, except for a couple breakdowns. We gave up 195 yards rushing, which is way off our average. That said OSU's D was unreal when it needed to be. They are an awesome bunch.

Derrick Doggett is a freak. 18 tackles and a INT for TD(2nd time in a Civil War game). He won't last past the 2nd round of the NFL draft. He is a stud.

I am reading reports that Oregon's locker room comments after the game were about excuses, while the Beavers locker room comments were about heart and character. Bellotti is denying that he lost the game, literally and figuratively. He did. Now he's making excuses. What a pussy.

Now on to the Emerald Bowl in SF! My hometown.

OSU will be playing Maryland. Maryland ended the regular season tied for fifth in the Atlantic Division of the ACC and 6-6 overall with notable victories over then No. 8 Boston College and then No. 10 Rutgers.

Some other Beaver Bloggers have some great posts on the Civil War:

Beaver dam nation- In depth review on what OSU is all about
Jason Prothro's Blog- Great post about the game and why Bellotti is lame.
Brooks Hatch- The final points about Mike Riley are why he's a "players coach"

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Rodgers scores!!!

38-31 Beavers.

James Rodgers is the man.

Here's why OSU rocks:


Kickers are trading kicks.

OSU's kick was more intense. Serna came through.



The ducks tried to get cute.

Oregon fucked up. Holy shit. OT!

Field Goal Blocked

Oregon blocked OSU's kick.

1:48 left

on the 20. OSU ball.

The game could come down to Serna


He hasn't been close so far.

4:19 left


Beav's have the ball, great field position.

Moevoa INT

Donkey. He is not a Pac-10 QB. You need to be able to know when your receivers are covered.


Game is slowing down

Either it's the Sierra Nevada's or OSU and Oregon are getting tired.

28-28. Time 11min.

2 and 13.

Great call by OSU's O-Coordinator 28-28

OSU's O drives. Reverse QB sneak = TD.

Game Tied Beeeeeeattch.

14min left in the 4th.

End of 3 Qtrs. Oregon leads 28-21.


Oregon sucks. We are giving them the game. This seems to be a theme for this years team.


SC just kicked our ass.

Careless with the football

Polk fumbles, Rodgers recovers.

Thank God.

28-21 in slow mo

Everyone is getting tired.

OSU just got called for offsides.

28-21 Oregon leads


OSU's offense needs to step now. The D is playing ok, but they can't play 60 minutes.

Moevoa is playing like an idiot.

Serna is a scrub

Just like LSU, Serna is choking again.......

Oregon admits to giving painkillers to Stewart

ESPN broke the story that Jonathan Stewart took a shot on his toe to play in the second half.

His toe is still affecting him.

Halftime Report

Moevao is fucking up our game. He is a meathead. Great heart, but at the sacrifice of good quarterbacking.

OSU's defense is playing great. They are an awesome bunch.

Serna is choking.

Replay officials are idiots.

Oregon is taking advantage of OSU mistakes. The Ducks suck.

The score should be 28-7. Give credit of Oregon even though they suck.


Moevoa fumbles again, Oregon returns for a TD.

Tie game.



Oregon scores 21-14

On 4th Down the Ducks got lucky and scored. It was a good 8 play 66 yd drive. But they got lucky, you can tell.

OSU's defense is relentless.

Stewart will not last the whole game......

Afalava delivers a blow to the head

Fuck yeah.

He knocked the shit out of #23. 15 yard penalty....bummer.

Great hit Al!

Beaver's robbed again by donkey replay officials

Dan Fouts called it. John Reese caught a TD. The Beavers scored on a pass touchdown called back incorrectly.

The replay is obvious as day that 85 caught the ball and had two feet in, he hits the ground a the ball moves around....


Serna missed a 30 yarder. He is fucking choking hard this game. Fucking pussy.

Matt Sieverson is balling

I have been down on his skills, but he is balling....11 carries for 98......and I am wrong...he is Pat Chaffey recarnate.

Brandon Powers is playing like a bitch. So much for all the academic honors donkey....

Ducks are getting deflated

12:47 left, Ducks punt again. The ESPN camera zoomed in on Dennis Dixon and his face looked liked it was was one of those "a picture is worth a thousand words" moments...

Tip Drill for Doggett, OSU 21-UofO 7


Doggett takes advantage of Afalava's great coverage and takes it to the house from 40 yds out.


Polk's got heart

After an unbelievable run by Clinton Polk, the Beavers are up 14-7 with .50 left in the 1st Qtr.

OSU's offense is clicking. The running game is really strong.

7-7 with 4min left in the 1st Qtr

OSU's defense has played well. But Moevao got cocky on is second drive and coughed up the football. Luckily OSU's D held. But after getting pinned, Serna punted a 30 yarder. Two plays later Oregon scored after their first string QB was knocked out.

Sieverson is running well.