Saturday, September 30, 2006

Lynch owns OSU

Bears Tap That Ass Today

Oregon State got their asses kicked by the California Bears this afternoon- 41-13. The game was over by the 2nd quarter as Cal raced to a 31-3 lead. Oregon State's defense was used like a wet rag in a baby's butt. They gave up 333 yards in the first half alone. They were embarrased by poor play on both offense and defense. I shouldn't leave out the coaches at OSU, they stunk it up too. Cal's Tedford repeated the same basic play call four times for huge chunks of yards, by putting Lynch on a LB, and throwing it to him over and over. Reilly refused to go to a dime package or was simply not thinking ahead of time. OSU Linebackers were obviously a target for Cal from the beginning. Lynch finished with 1 TD running and 110 yards total. Lynch also had 5 catches for 53 yards and two TD's.

OSU's offense did not help their porous defense for most of the game. Their first TD came off a Piscatelli interception, and a short field. Matt Moore was ineffective on third down's for whatever reason. His completion percentage was 66%, which is decent. But he couldn't engineer a meaningful drive the whole day. Canfield came in for mop up duty and was decent. Moore's life as the OSU QB has to be re-evaluated at this point. Even with Moore's decent stats this game, he did not make a positive difference. OSU needs it's offense to overcome it's ineptness on defense. Lot's of bowl teams of late have had average defenses and strong offenses. OSU's offense is average at best right now.

Reilly's interview with Steve Preece after the game was very telling. Reilly said that he told the team at halftime that their performance in the second half was the start of the rest of their season. So in the 3rd qtr the Beavers lost 7-3, but in the 4th qtr they evening things up 10-10. Impressive. Reilly also told Preece that the fumble on the Cal 10 early in the game was difficult to overcome thanks to Cal's dominating offense. I think this tells us that Reilly is searching for tactical reasons for his teams crappy performance. In my opinion the problem is systemic and holistic. OSU does not have the athletes to compete this year and the results are evidenced by their performance in todays game.

Cal established themselves as a top tier Pac-10 team. Good for them.

OSU established themselves as a bottom tier Pac-10 team. There are lots of questions left for this season. It's a toss up as to whether they will even have a winning record this year. 2 losing seasons in a row is enough for the administration to make a decision in my opinion. Recruiting is clearly not progressing based on OSU's defensive performance this year. OSU had established themselves as "Linebacker U" up until this year. The secondary also used to be a strength. Brendan Browner's early exit has had a huge impact obviously, but Reilly should plan ahead and recruit better. There is no depth on defense, so expect more blowouts.

Box Score

Friday, September 29, 2006

Bears versus Beavers

'He's a very, very, very cocky running back, and as a defense, we know that,' linebacker Mickey Pimentel said. 'After he makes a big run, he always shakes his dreads, or he's nodding his head. We already watched him on film, and that's a very cocky running back. As a defense, you love to play against that, because it gets you even more fired up.

Read More of this article

At this point my prediction is Cal 35 Beavers 14. I don't think Cal is going to let up on the Beavers. Let's pray for rain.

Cal vs OSU rundown

Here's's analysis of the Beaver versus Bear match up.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Moore discusses impending doom

Seems like wherever Matt Moore goes these days, controversy follows. I kind of feel sorry for him. Then again he is pretty mediocre. Canfield is the future for the Beavers. Read the article bellow for more details on Oregon State's rising quarterback controversy. Moore seems to be taking it in he sees the writing on the wall or something.

QB Controversy in Corvallis

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Oklahoma Snubbed

Check out this definitive clip that the Ducks got away with one against Oklahoma. The Ducks suck.Oklahoma Snubbed

Chad Johnson Concussed

Cincinnati Bengals star receiver Chad Johnson got a concussion during a game against the Browns, then had this to say afterwards.

OSU Beavers are 9 Point Underdogs

The line this week started at 8.5 and is climbing. Cal is going to be prepared for this game, and it could be a blow out like it was two years ago. I would be very surprised if the Beavers defense can compete against Longshore and Lynch. Cal is a better football team than Boise St, and we saw what their running back did against OSU. Sabby Piscatelli has to have a huge game for the Beavers.

The Idaho game was not an impressive victory in my opinion. I want to see how the Beavers will play against Pac-10 caliber talent. This game is a huge test for OSU. OSU has only won 1 out of 5 previous Pac-10 openers.

If I were betting on this game I would take Cal and the points.

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Riley must be reading my blog

I said before that Riley needed a 48-0 win. Maybe he was listening, because he came damn close. The Beavers put together an ok victory in my opinion. The way that the Idaho's QB played, I think my local highschool could've given them a run for their money-and probably win. Idaho turned the ball over more than Derek Anderson on his worst nights. Yvenson Bernard ran for 117 yards and a pair of touchdowns, but I was impressed with Clinton Polk. He reminded me of Marcus Allen in running style. He just needs to learn how to switch the ball from one hand to another, then he could stiff arm most of the sub 6' db's he'll encounter. Canfield was 4 for 4 in mop up duty. But again he looked much more fluid and accurate than Moore. Moore was average at best. His mechanics are just weird, plus he isn't mobile.

I will give the defense credit for at least pitching a shut out. That is never easy to accomplish these days. Sadly, the Pac-10 schedule is full of better teams that won't roll over like the Vandals did.

Usc beat Arizona

Washington vs. UCLA

Longshore's four TD passes push Cal to win in Pac-10 opener

Saturday, September 23, 2006

17-0 at Halftime

The beavers are up 17-0 against the hapless Idaho Vandals. Idaho's quarterback is playing like he's on crack.

Matt Moore is 8 for 19 for 102 yards, with 1 TD and 1 INT. Not exactly spectactular.

Yvenson Bernard has 15 carries for 68 yards, and 1 TD.

I am hoping that Canfield gets in soon, Moore has blown 3 drives that were gimmies.

Riley's Press Conference

Photo Source:Oregon State Sports Information Office

(On Oregon State in general) “It will be good for our team to play again. It felt like a good week of practice during the bye week and we started in Monday with our preparation for the Idaho game, so I think everyone will be excited and ready to go and work to get a win under our belt.”

(What did OSU work on during the bye week?) “There was a lot to go over, but we tried to basically look at some technical things that we did not as well against Boise State, that I think are part of the day-to-day basics of strategic football that we worked on - defending certain plays, protecting, running routes. We did a lot of interaction competitively within our team, then started a little bit of preparation for Idaho.”

Click Here to Read the rest of the fluff....

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Whispers of Dennis Erickson's Return

You can tell Oregon State is no longer the dormat of the Pac-10 anymore, the clear "tell" as they say in poker, is all the drama getting posted by the media. Whether it's about how sorry OSU's quarterback is or whether Dennis Erickson is going to return for another run, it's a clear sign that people have high expectations in Corvallis these days. All of the pressure Mike Riley is feeling is buffered by a naive fan base. I think it's all good. The pressure will make the cream rise to the top.

The spread is only 23 for the Idaho game. If the Beavers don't cover, the pressure cooker will get more intense fast for Riley.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Matt Moore to Start for Beavers

Matt Moore
Mike Riley has announced that Matt Moore will be starting for the Beavers against Idaho. Apparently his job was on the line at practice this week, and again he showed he is the best practice player at the quarterback position. The sad fact is that if the Beavers were playing a tougher opponent Moore would still start, but by the second quarter Canfield would be in.

Here's a pretty good review of the Beavers lame performance against Boise St. I agree that Riley is on a short leash and is only going to stay under certain conditions.

Here's an article with player and coach quotes on why they sucked so bad against Boise. Seems like all the coaches are admitting their ineptitude, which should make it easier when they get fired at the end of the season.

Creepy Photo Source: OSU Sports Information

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Idaho is next up

(photo source:AP)

The beavers truly need this week off, their defense needs it most. At this point I have no confidence in the following:

1)The Beavers Defense
2)Matt Moore
3)Mike Riley

They better get back to basics. Idaho should give them an opportunity to get things straight. If they don't win 48-0, I will be disappointed.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Steven Jackson goes for 121 in Week One

3 Year Pro and Ex-Beaver, Steven Jackson rushed for 121 today. He is another Erickson era recruit who has turned into an above average pro. Steven Jackson Stats

Mike Riley had the luxury of this Erickson recruit from 2002-2003. Who did OSU get as a follow up? I don't know either. But I do know that whoever they got, they don't come to Corvallis with the pedigree S. Jackson did. Which pisses me off. If you have a first round draft pick in a particular position on your team, you should be able to replace that production with a comparable talent, if not better. Not to knock Y. Bernard, but he ain't no S. Jackson. Yvenson has huge heart, but still.

This is just another example of how Riley's not good at recruiting. I don't care if they finish 7-6 this year, he's still got to go.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

It's Quitting Time in Corvallis

According to this article the Beavers have no heart.

Oregon State failed the most basic test. The Beavers showed no heart and went quietly into the boisterous Boise night.

As has become the norm in this rivalry, the game had two distinct chapters. Oregon State had Boise State down early. The Beavers took a 14-0 lead and all the momentum. That is, until Korey Hall, the Broncos' senior middle linebacker, turned the game. He intercepted an unwise pass by Matt Moore, and Boise State rebounded.

The Beavers, meanwhile, bounced back about as well as a bag of sand. They were spectators as Boise State tore off 42 consecutive points. Nobody emerged to stem the bleeding. Nobody made a play. The defense hung its head; emotion fled the sideline. The Beavers were done long before the fourth quarter.

I have to agree with the author(Brian Meehan) on this one.

On another note- Ian Johnson turned down a scholarship from OSU. Riley is really looking like a donkey nowadays. He better have his team roll over Idaho or he is through.

Comments on the BSU loss

The Beaver's got their asses handed to them by Boise St. again this year! Some no-name running back raked in 240 yards against the Beavers Defense! It was a pathetic effort by OSU without a doubt. I did not think that the EWU win was a good one like many other people thought. I saw all kinds of holes, and so did Boise St. Ian Johnson also had 5 TD's!

If this isn't a sign that the Beavers need a revamped coaching staff, I don't know what is. BSU is not a Top 20 program, and there is no way they should have run up and down the Beaver's backsides like they did Thursday. Mark Banker is definitely in the cross hairs of a sniper right now. He can feel the red dot of a laser beam right on his temple. Why is the pressure on for Banker? Because the Defense has been slipping in terms of performance and recruiting over the last 2-3 years. The inconsistent results are obvious. Plus Riley will have to offer up something to OSU administration in order to keep his job this off season.

Matt Ciaffoni at Beavers Blog wrote about Mutiny today. I agree with his assessment that Mike Riley and Matt Moore are not the answer if this is going to be a bowl season. Matt suggests the Butch Davis might be the answer. I don't think there is a chance in hell that ole Butch would go all the way to the cold, damp, green, pacific northwest. The only reason a big name like Erickson took the job at OSU was because he was a local. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a coach like Butch Davis, but I am not holding my breath.

Riley has never impressed me. His demeanor and lack of consistency annoys the piss out of me. I firmly believe that a football team mimics their head coach. Whether your talking about personality or IQ or EQ. Riley reminds me of the athletic but inept local Corvallis donkeys I played pick up basketball against while I attended OSU.

Riley just doesn't have the swagger to lead. Recruiting is also suffering under Riley. How many recruits specified that they signed with OSU because of Mike Riley last year? None.

Erickson used to be sited all the time, see Chad Johnson, TJ "Who's your Mama?", and Steven Jackson.

What's my prediction for the Beaver's at this point? 7-6 Maybe.

Comments on the EWU Win

I was not impressed with this game, and I told my friends right afterwards that OSU was going to have their hands full against Boise. EWU gave the ball away 3 times in the first quarter and was completely deflated. Click Here to see the stats

I do not think Matt Moore is a good quarterback.

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Friday, September 01, 2006

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