Friday, September 30, 2011

ASU game thoughts

Photo Source: Unathletic

The Beavers are traveling to Tempe to try and avoid an 0-4 start. The point spread is around  +18 ASU.  Agnew might play, Rogers is playing. Maybe it will be a close game.  Maybe ASU gets pass happy and blows out OSU.

Apparently none of the OSU coaches feel fan frustration with their performance this season.  I find this disturbing, but understandable. The coaches have to focus on what they can control. The fact that they are incompetent based on performance and fan opinion doesn't really matter. 

The Beavers have to get better from the coaches down to the training staff if they are going to win even one game this year. The question is what is Riley going to do about the situation? What if the Beavers start 0-4? 0-5? 0-6?

I believe there could be a fluke win or two this year, but that's all they will be, flukes. Damn shame. 

My prediction ASU 35- 14

*Please prove me wrong OSU

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