Saturday, September 10, 2011

28-0 Wisconsin, early 3rd

Mike Riley is looking like the biggest failure on national tv this morning.

Urban Meyer is letting him have it. Riley deserves every bit of criticism he's got coming.

When Riley pulled Katz in the first series, and put in Mannion, he cemented his fate with the Beaver Nation. Riley's halftime explanation for the move was probably one of the stupidest ever. He said that he is going to use the QB's situationally. Yes, that means that the offense will be brutally predictable and easy to stop. It also makes rhythm impossible. Riley is switching QB's in mid series. Unreal.

Let's not even talk about the rest of the offense and it's deficiencies. The OSU o-line is so soft.

The porous OSU defense is completely demoralized by playing 18min in the first half and giving up 21 points. 

This is ugly. 


Unknown said...

Totally agree. I didn't think Riley's offense could get any more predictable, but he surprised me once again. This is pathetic, and only looking to continue this season. I am sick of the Riley apologists, and national media types who keep pumping up the abilities of Riley. We have continued to become more and more mediocre since Erickson left, and I fear we are on a quick return to the futility of the early 1990's and prior. I know I'll hear it from you Beaver fans wearing the blinders and your ever-present optimism, but this thing is ugly and going to end even worse. This guy needs to go. I know, I know, he signed an extension, we would owe him a buy-out, blah, blah, blah. Either we cut the cord now, or get suited up for being the laughing stock and doormat of the Pac-12. Remember those days people?

Anonymous said...

I have been a Beaver football fan since I was a kid. We had season tickets when Fertig, Avezzano, Pettibone etc were coaching the Beavs to winless seasons. I have sat in the rain and watched them get beat by evryone. I remember a game against USC in the late 70s where the Trojan's starters didn't even dress for the game, and they still shut us out. Two years ago, we were one game away from the Rose Bowl. Last year we were sub .500. This year promises to be worse yet. There isn't even a glimmer of hope on offense, our defense looked decent for two quarters today-I think we will finish 2-10, only because we might beat UCLA and WSU-but I wouldn't bet on it. Hope Nevada beats the ducks.

Webmaster said...

Your experience gives you the ability to spot the negative trend.

I expected Riley to use the good seasons as building blocks for a consistent winner. But it hasn't worked out that way at all.

I am absolutely done with the slow starts every season Riley has coached the team. It's a handicap and without star players, impossible to overcome.

Anonymous said...

beavers fucking suck :)