Friday, February 29, 2008

Can the Beaver's FB team avoid the ESPN curse?

Seems like everytime we are on ESPN-which usually happens early in the season, we get smoked.

This year the Beaver's will have 3 out of their first 4 games televised on ESPN. Hawaii won't get a chance to take advantage of OSU's curse. Stanford, Penn St, and USC will. Bummer 2 of them are Pac-10 teams.

As I mentioned before, our schedule is tough for 2008. Too tough in my opinion. If the goal is to make it to the BCS, all Oregon State has to do play patsies in the non-conference schedule(win all 3), and win the Pac-10. I assume that means that the Beavers can't lose more than 1 conference game. 2 puts the Beav's on the fringe of the BCS ala USC this year.

This formula is bullet proof and simple. 1 pre-season game against a national power is pointless in my opinion. Hawaii, Penn St, and Utah are not powerhouses, but they are good on any given year. Keep it Simple Stupid.

I don't recommend that we play I-AA teams in our non-conference schedule either.

OSU doesn't have to play east of the Mississippi. OSU doesn't have to play top ranked teams in the pre-season. We need to win all of our non-conference games, and win the Pac-10, then it's off to New Orleans.......

Spring Football starts March 31st.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Top 10 Beaver Football 2007 Video Clips

We still have awhile before Spring Practice, so in the meantime here's the Oregon State Beaver Football Blog's Top 10 football clips from Youtube!

10)Cal's Bonehead Play 2007- Tedford's reaction was classic! Great clip

9)Oregon St delivers a clinic on goaline defense for Cal's were saying "we are #1"?

8)Oregon State quarterback Lyle Moevao lays out Husky defensive tackle Grayson Gunheim during a reverse to James Rodgers.

7)Emerald Bowl fan video diary- a great POV of the Beaver Nation! AWESOME.

6)Civil War game fan diary- another great POV from the Beaver Nation

5)Beavers give All Access to the Beaver Nation- tons of great clips here

4)Game winning drive in the Emerald Bowl- James Rodgers makes another huge play!

3)Al Afalava's bone crushing hit on Jeffery Maehl- they call it a civil war for a reason. Notice Jeff's legs flail like a spazz after the hit....

2)Oregon State 2007 highlight reel from XOMedia- well done, but I don't like all the effects. Nonetheless, this a great video of the Beavers kicking ass.

1)OSU beats the Ducks in their own house. AWESOME!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

ESPN gives OSU a D+


Ok, we didn't sign a punter or a kicker......not good.

USC,UCLA,Washington,ASU, and Oregon made the Rivals top 25 rankings.

In fact, we didn't even make the Top 50 according to Rivals. At least OSU was ahead of Wazzu in the conference rankings.


Jake at Building the Dam states that Jacquizz Rodgers, brother of James Rodgers, out of Lamaar Consolidated High School in Texas, will win the


ESPN gave OSU a whopping D+ for it's recruiting effort this year.

I guess this class of recruits will(should) have a chip on it's shoulder for next year. There is not a lot of respect for the Beavers recruiting, but we seemed to have the fewest scholarships to offer of anyone in the Pac-10. Plus, we lost key coaches who were excellent recruiters.

Undercover Orange lists our greyshirts for '08, why don't they count towards OSU's 2008 class?


I think the Beavers got some interesting players this year, and it will be up to them to make the most of their opportunity. It's hard to say who will pan out these days, hopefully all of these recruits will actually make it to campus. The last couple years have included too many kids who couldn't make the grade, so to speak.....remember Reggie Dunn or Jake Gelakoska?

PS- Kuli, a five-star defensive end, needs to complete about 20 units by Aug. 1 before he can join the Beavers.


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Adam Koets is a Super Bowl Champ

Sorry, I forgot to mention Adam! Way to go!

Not bad for your rookie year!

Ex-OSU Beaver DLine Coach wins Super Bowl

Congrats to Mike Waufle! He was a coach at Oregon State in 1990-91, and now he is a Super Bowl champion.

I remember Mike as being a super "Gung-Ho" kinda guy while he was at OSU, he never understood the lack of administration support...but was truly authentic. I am very proud to say I have met the man. Too bad I was on offense, I would have loved to say I was coached by someone who knocked off the Patriots.

BTW- my step-brother(Mark) played football with David Tyree at Montclair HS in New Jersey. Way to go G-MEN!!!!!

I love the underdog, can you tell?

Mike Waufle

Defensive Line; born June 27, 1954, Hornell, N.Y. U.S. Marines 1972-75. Defensive lineman Bakersfield (Calif.) J.C. 1975-76, Utah State 1977-78. No pro playing experience. College coach: Alfred 1979, Utah State 1980-84, Fresno State 1985-88, UCLA 1989, Oregon State 1990-91, California 1992-97. Pro coach: Oakland Raiders 1998-2003, joined Giants in 2004.


The New York Giants just beat the heavily favored New England Patriots in the biggest game ever.

This is the greatest upset in Super Bowl history and a truly proud moment for New York fans around the globe.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

A message to kids considering U of O over OSU

Pay attention to the video will see it again and again for the next 4-5 years. Black and Orange. In your house.

If you are WR thinking about signing with the video below. Al Afalava has 1 more year to rock your world....prey you redshirt in 2008.

Oregon State 2007 Football Review Video

Found one...not bad....GO BEAVERS!

The Beavers FB recruiting class is lookin good

I don't like to comment on the verbal commitments, but they are looking good. Our defense looks like it is reloading on the D-line. We have 6 young DB's coming online this season so I understand why Riley's list looks light right now. There are tons of playmakers on offense in this class. Riley is looking like the supreme recruiter, even with the exodus of some of his staff(shows that he is a great mentor to young coaches-pay attention OSU recruits-this is a real good sign).

See one of our verbals on vid-Jordan Bishop WR: (Ed Note: DAMN!!!)

If you are on the fence about signing with OSU see the vid below, yeah it's from 2006, but until someone posts the 2007 highlights-it's all I got. (will someone post a highlight reel soon? I can't wait to see it)

OSU Football Uniform Poll Results

20 of you voted.

60% felt they were lame.

40% felt they were not.