Friday, December 29, 2006

Shots from the game

Source: Sun and AP


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10-4 baby!

Celebrate with a little AC/DC Back in Black!!!!! Go Beavers!


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The Greatest Bowl Victory in the History of Oregon St.

I just watched the greatest performance in a bowl game by the Oregon State Beavers.

I am still in shock. 39-38. 18 points in the fourth quarter.

Everyone on the OSU team stepped up and made plays.

I have been on the phone non-stop since the end of the game.

Mizzu tries to ice our kicker and calls a timeout before our team comes on the field. Thinking we are going for a PAT. Riley calls for 2 and runs the ball. Can you say "Big Balls"? Yes I can.

The final 22 seconds of the game seemed like an eternity of pleasure.

The Oregon State Beavers came back from 14 pts down to win the game. Unreal.

Matt Moore played like a pro and Joe Newton resurrected his career with a great final game.

Yvenson Bernard is a outright stud, his heart is as big as Reser Stadium.

Sammie Stroughter is an outright superstar and reminded me of Reggie Bush. 4 and 3? Send it to Sammie. Need a punt return? How does 40 yarder work for ya?

Brandon Powers redeemed himself after two drops late in the game.

The Defense tightened at the end to give the offense an opportunity to win the game-which they did.

OSU reminds me more of USC than any other team in the Pac-10 in terms of attitude. Players make plays. OSU players get it.

If you have a Tivo of the game and are willing to make a copy available to me, I would be so grateful!!!!

More comments to come. Way to go Beavers! Alumni are so proud!!!!

Box Score


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CBS sucks and so does Katie Couric

What a bunch of complete assholes at CBS! They cut the OSU game off to show President Ford's casket being moved into a stupid church!!! Worse they had to waste our time with stupid interviews about Saddam Hussein!!!

We lost the last 8 minutes of the first half!!!

I can't believe what a bunch of dickheads run CBS. It was the stupidest move I've seen in broadcasting in a long while.

Katie Couric is forever on my shit list too. We all know Ford died, to interupt the game is stupid. They knew in advance when Ford's casket was going to be moved, the whole thing was pretentious. Special Report my ass.


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Thursday, December 28, 2006

11:15am Kickoff tomorrow

It's going to be an early beer drinking day tomorrow-can't wait!

I can't really comment on the game because I've never seen Missouri play this year. I have no idea what kind of team they are. I can only focus on what the Beavers need to do.

My keys to the game are:

No Turnovers.

If we can focus on those areas we should win.

Want more opinions?


USA Today's Analysis

ESPN's Analysis


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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Missouri players catch Virus

As OSU heads towards it's matchup with Missouri, 22 players from the Tigers came down with food poisoning or the Norwok Virus. This takes a couple days to recover from and you are usually dehydrated and depleted of vitamins. Food poisoning is really debilating. This was a highly contagious exposure, 22 players going down is lucky-it could have been more. Oregon State reported no players sick this week.

Sources tell me that ex-KGB agents were seen at some of the pre-game functions, and there were traces of plutonium found in the hotel Missouri was staying at...

If it helps the Beavers be it.

Read the article

On another note-Joe Newton (this blogger's biggest dissapointment of the season), is getting love from the local press.


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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Ducks Suck

I don't like to root for the Oregon Ducks, but I almost felt sorry for them watching the Las Vegas Bowl.

Not only did they have the lamest uniforms ever, but they got their butts kicked 38-8. I forget how they managed to score even 8 pts. BYU used them like a wet rag all night, which had to hurt Oregon's recruiting effort.

Interesting Commentary on the sorry state of Oregon Duck football:
Then Bellotti was given the opportunity to back down from his earlier statement about BYU not being a top-half of the Pacific-10 Conference team. And the coach of the fifth-place Pac-10 team, which just finished embarrassing itself in front of the biggest crowd ever to see an organized sporting event in Nevada history, said, "My opinion has not changed."

Check out the rest of this article about Bellotti acting like a space cadet.

Immediate reaction from the Oregonian Behind the Ducks's ok the Ducks really are that bad..and their uniforms are horrible.

Apparently Duck fans are not happy about their sorry ass football squad

5 days till the Sun Bowl-can't wait.


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Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Ducks uniforms are Gay

Not that there is anything wrong with being gay, but U of O is seriously metro if not completely gay. Their strange fascination with color combinations and fabric has to tell you something. I think it is definitely weird. If I was a high school recruit I would question U of O's oommitment to the university itself, seem like they are in love with Phil Knight. I think that is weird. If you are watching the Las Vegas Bowl you will see what I mean.

Bottomline, it doesn't matter what uniform you wear, it's how you play on the field that counts.


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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sunshine of my Love

I've have quite busy lately, sorry for not posting lately. Even though the Beavers have been on hiatus leading up to the Sun Bowl, alot has been going on.

1)It's Recruiting Season for Football!

Yes, I am biased, but the Oregon Ducks have the ugliest uniforms in the Pac-10 bar none. Any recruit who thinks Green and Yellow are tough colors should go to Oregon. We will continue to mop the field with your ass. OSU will even help get you on a Queer Guy for the Straight Guy episode-every year we kick your ass.

Wew. I am a little worked up. Seriously, Oregon State has the hardest uniforms in the Pac-10. USC has the tradition, but we have the Sith aurora down pat. Black on black- are you kidding me?

Here's Paul Buker's Take


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Monday, December 11, 2006

OSU Baseball Dynasty in the Making....

Check out the Oregon State baseball program! Coach Pat Casey is the man, and has recruited well. Probably the greatest recruiting class ever at Oregon State. This class is chock full of 4 star the question is-how many will go pro and how many stay?

It's a good problem to have in my opinion.....



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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Riley is a Donkey

Either De Carolis is asleep at the wheel or Riley is full of it. Riley is supposed to be wrapping up a contract extension with OSU, but instead the news this week is that he is considering the ASU job. This is not a simple story, NFL agent David Dunn is negotiating for Riley, Lisa Love is the AD for ASU and knows Riley from his stint at USC, Erickson and Mike Price are the other candidates, Riley is taking a second interview with ASU, Riley's current compensation package is below the national average, and where does that leave us? The Beaver Nation?


I again maintain my opinion that Riley isn't going anywhere. I am surprised that it's taking as long as it is. I think this is definitely going to hurt recruiting. That is the real shame of this situation. OSU stood to get a lot of great recruits this season, but that doesn't look likely now.....

OSU needs to hurry up and sign Riley....I just hope it's worth it. I am not a fan of bringing Erickson or Price to OSU either. If Riley goes to ASU, we should get a young and hungry coach from the west coast.


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Monday, December 04, 2006

Riley is not going to Alabama

I tend to agree with Matt Ciaffoni on this one. Alabama should not have fired Shula one year after a 10-2 season. 6-6 is not good, but it only takes a couple injuries in the SEC to turn a good team into an average one. Alabama's adminsitration is going to have a hard time convincing a coach that they are 100% behind them-no matter how juicy the compensation package is.

Riley would be best served to continue with negotiations with OSU, more perks and an extension with better payouts. He should be one of the top 5 headcoaches in the Pac-10 in terms of compensation. There is a long term benefit to paying your headcoach well- it means the administration takes football seriously. Being cheap only works for so long. Talent will leave if they can't get what they think they are worth-right or wrong. I think OSU's administration is committed to continued dominance in Pac-10.

Mickey Mantle's Liver POV: Read More
Matt Ciaffoni-Oregon Live Beaver Blog's POV: Read More


Fired up? Ready for some Mizzu pussycats? I am.


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Derek Anderson makes a mark 1st time out

Mad props to Derek for coming in off the bench to lead the Cleveland Browns to a comeback victory against the KC Chiefs!

Read More


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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ruben Jackson taking care of business...


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Oregon State to play Missouri in the Sun Bowl

I think this is a garbage opponent...but oh well, they will get pummeled by the Beavers anyway.

Mizzu is 8-4 and finished 2nd the the Big 12 North. Read More


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Oregon State beats Hawaii 35-32

I am exhausted...but the Oregon State Beavers survived another close call to win a game on the road! There were so many playmakers it's hard to name them all....

OSU played through horrible officiating, brutal winds, and two fat assed runningbacks to beat an excellent team tonight.

This is definitely one of the best football teams ever at OSU! Great Job!

Check out a highlight clip (updated 6/2007):


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Saturday, December 02, 2006

I am getting fired up.....

Apparently Hawaii is not lacking in confidence and may be over looking the Oregon State Beavers football team. Defense is the key, our pass rush has impressive stats for the season, but can they deliver against the vaunted "run and shoot"?'s Key's to The Game against Hawaii


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Which Beaver will show up tonight versus Hawaii?

I am clueless. This year's team has been hard to read. Beating Hawaii is very important to me. Hawaii has served Oregon State in the past, and last time it was in a bowl. Each time Oregon State lost to the Warriors from Hawaii, the referees always had a role. I suspect the ref's will have a BIG role in this game.

I hope the kids from Corvallis have a sense of history or ego. They should beat Hawaii, but this road trip is the worst.

Go Oregon State Beavers.


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