Saturday, July 24, 2010

Katz interview

"All this stuff, I mean, it's all muscle memory," he said.

"We're out here doing it over and over. We're out here doing two minute drill with the line and a couple receivers. So if we just keep working at it we're going to get better."

I hope this kid works out for the Beavers, he seems focused and poised. He is absolutely right that it is all about repetitions. The extra hours spent this summer with WR's will pay dividends (I Hope). The Beavers will hang their season on the QB position this year, if Katz falters I expect a difficult season for the Beav's. Their schedule is ridiculously hard and unforgiving to noobs...


Tuesday, July 06, 2010

3 of the Top 6 Pac-10 FB Players are Beavers

According to Ted Miller at ESPN.

I think it is great to get the attention, with 3 ballers- 1 on D, 2 on O, the Beavers should have a good season. The only problem is the OSU QB is unproven, and there is no depth. The defensive ends and secondary players are average based on last years production. Perhaps they will step up this year.

The 2009 OSU team was successful in large part to Sean Canfield. If Vaz turns the ball over or can't throw accurate passes, it doesn't matter how good the Rodgers Bros are. If average passing teams have their way with OSU's secondary, Paea won't matter. No pass rush also spells doom for the secondary.

The TCU game is going to awesome, I can't wait.