Saturday, November 27, 2010

24-0 Stanford

Game over. Stanford is good at making average teams look horrible, which they did tonight to the Beavers.

Mistakes by everyone on the football team have contributed to this embarrassing game.

Besides lacking talent, the Beavers have demonstrated that they are mentally weak the entire year.

Stanford is punking the Beavers

It's starting to get ugly with 9 minutes left in the 2nd quarter. 17-0 is the score. Stanford is playing smarter and harder. It seems like the offensive line for Stanford is using Beaver defenders as punching bags. The Beavers are not playing smart at all, they keep racking up critical penalties on offense and defense. Stanford keeps blitzing and Katz can't adjust at all.

This year's team is a "try hard" team, meaning they have to try extra hard to be successful due to a lack of talent.

The coaches deserve much of the blame for this year's erratic play.

14-0 1st qtr

Stanford is manhandling the Beavers in the first 10 minutes. The Beavers are also making boneheaded play after boneheaded play it seems. The Beavers penalties are ridiculous. False starts, holding, personal fouls, etc. It's embarrassing.

The Beavers look physically out classed tonight. Let's see if they can rally to keep it close.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

36-7! OSU applies an ass whuppin'

Katz to Hulahani for a TD with 2 minutes left.

Game over. Better special teams and better defense allowed the Beavers to beat the Trojans tonight. Quizz produced as usual, Katz didn't turn the ball over.

Congrats to the Beavers for showing that they are a football team with a mental problem.

It's great to beat USC, and it's better than a loss, but it also makes the losses to UW, UCLA, and WSU all the more painful.

29-7 OSU

3 minutes left.

23-7 Beavers, 9 minutes left

While this is not the same as previous USC victories, it's always nice to beat the Trojans.

The Beavers look like the aggressor tonight for a change.

Barkley is out due to an ankle sprain. The Beavers just need to not make mistakes to win this game.

What does this potential victory mean to OSU? They have to win out to go to a bowl. That is a respectable goal for this year's team in my opinion.

20-0 OSU

Special Teams + Good Defense = Victory

So far, so good. 40 seconds left in the half.

Kiffin went for it on 4th down twice, got lucky once, second time failed. Both times OSU capitalized.

10-0 Oregon State over USC

The Beavers are playing inspired(no pressure) football tonight. The score was 3-0 OSU after the 1st quarter, but on the first play of the 2nd quarter- Jordan Poyer picked Matt Barkley for 6.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

31-14 Cougars win

OSU is beyond sorry. WSU punished the Beavers. 226 yards rushing for the Cougars. Are you kidding me? The first play set the tone of the game when Quizz got tackled 10 yards outside the lines and the Beavers acted like little bitches subsequently. There was no uptick in intensity, instead they cowered.

OSU has lost to the weakest teams in their Pac-10 schedule, USC/Stanford/Oregon are upcoming.

This is one of the most embarrassing loses for the Beavers in a long time.

Here's my report card:



Kicker- D
Punter- D

Coaching- F

24-14 Cougars

Katz converted to Halahuni on 4th and long, and two plays later Katz connected with Wheaton for a TD.

9:45 left in the game.

Even if the Beavers pull this one out(which I doubt), this performance has made it's mark. They are a below average squad this year.

Stanford, USC, and Oregon will destroy OSU......nice way to end the year.

Washington St is taxing the Beavers like the Gov't

With 12 minutes left OSU is down 24-7 against the sorry Washington St Cougars. The Cougars have been talking shit, hitting after the play and basically playing harder than the Beavers.

The Beavers defense is probably the worst edition since the character building years.

I don't know what to say about this game except that the Beavers are not very good in any facet of the game.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Beaver Phil's take on the UCLA game

There are many observations one can make about the Beaver/Bruin game but one sticks out to me.

We can't stop the spread/pistol/revolver or whatever they want to call it. Other than the UW 2OT loss we have been abused by the spread QB and it's running game. Brehaut looked like Andy Dalton and Kellen Moore. He is not that good. We can defend the pro set ok and that will help the next few weeks. The Civil War might be ugly.

Really disappointed with the personal fouls. Dwight Roberson hit Brehaut out of bounds on a 3rd and goal after he ran out of bounds on what would have been 4th down. Two plays later they tied the game. Early in the 4th quarter The late hit by Mike Remmers after a 7 yard first down run by Quizz really hurt. We had momentum after the Dockery pick and that made it 2nd and 18. With 48 seconds left they gave Remmers "Diamond in the Rough" status as a team leader. Not tonight. One play makes a difference. I LOVE Dwight, but both of those guys should know better.

The offense big not make mistakes but did not help themselves. Quizz needed more carries and yards.

Don't care about the last play when they put time on the clock. It was a good call. What I do have a problem with is UCLA getting an extra second on the second to last play. Giving them 4 vs. 3 seconds means the game would have gone to OT.

This game was not decided by the last two plays. We let a marginal team beat us.

Our bowl eligibility is in question with the loss. We should handle WSU next week but that gives us 5 wins. Need to beat USC, Stanford or the Ducks. Should squeak one of those out but don't like to have to.

Go Beavs.

Sunday, November 07, 2010


The Beavers are facing their first losing season in awhile. This loss to UCLA really hurts. There are many problems for the Beavers to overcome. I don't think there is a major coaching problem unless you are talking about recruiting.

A commenter here brought this subject up- and I thought it deserved it's own post. It's clear there is a field leadership problem at OSU. There just aren't enough players who qualify to be called a leader- even Quizz. Quizz doesn't seem to have the "Brett Favre" personality traits to be a real leader on offense, plus he is stoppable. Katz is getting by, not throwing INT's, but missing tons of open WR's and big plays. Giving Katz a title as leader is not fitting right now.

Leaders tend to dominate whenever they are on the field. Occasionally they get stopped or beat, but 90% of the time they kick ass. They also have supreme self confidence because they deliver the goods-consistently.

You can't assign a leadership title to someone who doesn't make plays against any level of competition consistently. The Beavers do not have a player who I would consider really dominant. Quizz is good, but he is starting to remind me of Yvenson Bernard. Paea is not the guy either. None of the defensive players look the part this year.

Here are some general guidelines for being a leader:

1)you should be a recruited player- not a walk-on- Mike Hass is the only exception
2)you should dominate the opposition consistently- even against the top 25 teams
3)you have to be able to be enthusiastic but not a spaz
4)you have to be able to motivate your teammates
5)you have to walk the walk/talk the talk

Just with those guidelines I don't see anyone fitting that description on the Beavers. Maybe James Rogers when he was healthy. But he's out and the Beavers don't have a replacement.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Heartbreaking loss

OSU lost to UCLA tonight 17-14 on a last second 51 yd FG. There is no point in my mind for analyzing the details of this game. It had huge ramifications for OSU's season.

At this point, OSU will be lucky to breakeven this year. A bowl is a long shot. OSU will not beat all 4 of it's remaining opponents. USC, Stanford, Oregon are likely losses.

So how did scheduling TCU and BSU work out for the Beav's this year? Was it worth it? Maybe the Beav's could've been 6-2 instead of 4-4.

Losing James Rogers has turned into a really big deal, the lack of defensive stars is also glaring.

I am not a blogger interested in ripping on Riley or the rest of the coaching staff. OSU's players played hard tonight. They've played hard all year- which I am proud of.

Friday, November 05, 2010

2011 Football Schedule Commentary

Brutal. That's all I can say. Wisconsin, BYU, Utah + the Pac-10 schedule. There is still one slot open- maybe DeCarolis can schedule Alabama or LSU.....

I've said it a dozen times on this blog, OSU needs to stop scheduling Top 25 non-conference teams.

It makes no sense at all. I am so tired of the people who say "it helps recruiting" when we play tough non-conference teams. That is BS. If I am a baller and I see OSU get it's ass kicked on national tv, I am NOT going to be inclined to go to OSU over another Pac-10 or Big 12 or even Mountain West team that wins and goes to good/meaningful bowl games. I am also tired of the people who say "tough games make the Beavers better", that is total BS. The Pac-10 games are tough enough. Every year there are high profile/pressure packed games that can toughen the Beavers for what really matters- A BCS BOWL GAME.

Listen, when I was at OSU the team/program sucked. Scheduling Nebraska for a payday made sense. The risk reward ratio worked in OSU's favor.

Now, this program doesn't need paydays or exposure to losses that kill a season before it even starts.

Here's the full 2011 OSU Beaver football schedule:

Sept. 3 TBD (non-conference home game)
Sept. 10 at Wisconsin (non-conference)
Sept. 17 Bye
Sept. 24 UCLA
Oct. 1 at Arizona State
Oct. 8 Arizona
Oct. 15 BYU (non-conference)
Oct. 22 at Washington State
Oct. 29 at Utah
Nov. 5 Stanford
Nov. 12 at California
Nov. 19 Washington
Nov. 26 at Oregon

Monday, November 01, 2010

Why I am proud of OSU these days....

I am happy that today's OSU FB program looks nothing like the program I played for- these guys are competitive nowadays, most of all the academic record is getting better. Strangely, OSU tends to take fringe qualifiers every recruiting season but they still have turned out some great scholar athletes lately. Football only lasts so long, academics pave the way for long term opportunities. Below is an excerpt from for this week's game against UCLA-which is a must win game BTW.

ACADEMICALLY SPEAKING: Every Oregon State senior will graduate (or already has) this academic year. The following players have already graduated; TE Brady Camp (sociology/master's program), OT Timi Oshinowo (engineering/master's program) and TE John Reese (communications/master's program). Fall graduates include LB Keo Camat (liberal studies), CB James Dockery (business), OL Nathan Hannah (exercise and sport science), DE Mitchel Hunt (economics), PK Justin Kahut (engineering), C Alex Linnenkohl (business), OL Wilder McAndrews (pharmacy), DE Gabe Miller (engineering), WR Aaron Nichols (pharmacy), DT Brennan Olander (anthropology), DT Stephen Paea (sociology), OL Ryan Pohl (engineering), LB Dwight Roberson (liberal studies), WR James Rodgers (communications), S Suaesi Tuimaunei (sociology), LB Walker Vave (ethnic studies). Winter term graduates include DT Evan Hull (communications) and LB Keith Pankey (geology). Nichols and McAndrews have been accepted into OSU's Doctor of Pharmacy Program - only 10 percent of the applicants are admitted.