Monday, September 28, 2009

Which sucks worse the O-line or the Defense?

Defense Argument:

OSU ranks ninth in pass defense in the Pac-10 and 110th nationally, out of 120 teams. The Beavers have forced the fewest turnovers in the league with four.

As for sacks, the Beavers are tied for last in the nation with two.

Offensive Line Argument:

OSU is #1 in the country in giving up sacks with 15. Western Kentucky is second with 14. Great.

OSU ranks 6th in yards per game in the Pac-10. 135 yds puts OSU at 65th in the country. Weak.

OSU is 13th in the nation in terms of completion percentage- 67.6%

Let me know your thoughts? Who sucks worse??

Get your speedo ready

From BeaverPhil-

Yes…I will be swimming in a Speedo in December. I pay my debts (Unlike some Wildcat in-laws).

Why will a fat dude in a Speedo? Simple: our lines suck!

I love the Beavers and will always try to find the needle in the haystack. There is nothing here. It was embarrassing all night to have that Long Haired, first Game Starting Hillbilly sitting in the pocket for hours. He was never pressured and could take his time against our average at best Defensive backs. It was tough to watch. They need to hit the drawing board and stunt, blitz or something different. What they are doing is not working. They never stopped them. They are not a powerhouse. We will be run out of the stadium by the rest of the Pac is we continue to play that way on D.

The Offense is worse. Yes, I am sure that I will get #1 Ball Washer status when I say that I continue to like Canfield at QB. He does not make mistakes. The last pick was him trying to make a play in a fruitless end to the game. True, he takes longer than I would like to make a decision but it is often the best decision. There are too many observations to point out specifically, so I will go with two. Phillip is young and is getting worked. The gang tackle of Canfield in the endzone for the safety at the end of the game was the Cherry on top. He did not even have time to Crap himself before 5 dudes were squashing him. Pathetic. Give him more/some time.

For those who want Moevao, fine put him in. The opposition will blow him up too. Only difference is that he will throw 3-4 picks a game. Be careful what you wish for.

Catching better be hurt. We need him. Some players get the training room disease. Let’s hope he is not one of them.

Punt Return – it is hard to imagine blaming a loss on Punt returners, but there might be a case. Catch the Ball! What happened to you guys. Field position is key and you let us down. It is not that we would have won simply if you catch the ball, just would have given our offense a chance to breathe.

Prepare for a long season.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

What this 2-2 record means

Losing two at home is really bad for the Beavers. Just to add on, the rest of the Pac-10 looks as good or better than this year's Beavers squad. The lack of physical and mental talent is glaring. Heart is something hard to judge. Where will the Beavers go from here?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Game over. 37-32 Arizona

BeaverPhil will have a YouTube clip for this loss.

Losing 2 games in a row at home is not good. This year's team is looking like a 5-6 or 6-5 team. Maybe.

The defense loss this game. They did not stop Arizona all night.

Arizona's punter crushed the Beavers in the 4th quarter. OSU had no field position all night.

OSU's o-line is pathetic. I mean really bad. The whole game, they made mistakes. The end of the game was ultra pathetic. Coach Cavanaugh has his work cut out for him this year. Remmers is really weak....

Canfield was okay, but the dinking and dunking passes were unproductive. He couldn't go downfied- probably due to to OSU's lack of WR's.. Bishop got knocked out, literally. Catchings got hurt. James Rogers can only do so much double teamed.

This game was not sold out BTW. That's pretty weak for the first game of the Pac-10 schedule.

21-17 Arizona

The Beavers defense is getting worked.

The offense is not pulling it's weight. Arizona looks faster, hungrier.

2 minutes left in the 3rd.

17-14 Beavers at halftime

The Beavers are playing hard, which is awesome. Arizona knows the Beavers weaknesses on defense but are crippled by their own injuries. Plus Arizona's #1 RB got hurt on the first play of the game. OSU has a DB named Dockery who is getting picked on relentlessly. He must suck or something. Clark is not getting many passes thrown his way. 99 rushing yards in the first half is not Beaver-like.

Catchings is hurt again. Adejini has stepped up, but he looks fragile- like he hasn't been here before. James Rogers is getting double teamed on every pass play, focusing Canfield on Adejini. So far the kid has stepped up.

Quizz is getting frustrated with the lack of blocking by the o-line. The o-line has to get better asap.

Will the Beavers win this game? It's too close to call.

Team Stat Comparison

1st Downs1214
3rd down efficiency
4th down efficiency
Total Yards186216
Yards per pass
Rushing Attempts
Yards per rush
Fumbles lost
Interceptions thrown

Thursday, September 24, 2009

BeaverPhil speaks

From BeaverPhil/To OSU Beaver Football Blog Readers:

I am officially stating that Sean Canfield is not the problem with Oregon State. Lay off him! It is amazing to me that he is getting any attention. He spends more time on his back than Jenna Jamison (Tory Wells) because the Offensive line is so horrible. He is not perfect by any means. He holds the ball a little too long and must be blamed for a few of the 10 sacks so far this season. Unless the line steps up and plays more consistently, we are in for an up and down season.

The skilled players have made plays, but had too many drops. They have not cost us the game at all (yet) but have hurt the morale. We will win more games only if we score TD’s instead of Field Goals (Cincy first half). 10-0 or 14-0 changes the game and mindset at that point. 6-0 is SOFT. I am stoked that he (makes me stick to say his name out loud) made the kicks, but I still keep a puke bucket close by every time just in case.

The defense is not helping Canfield either. What? (you’re saying). The late 1st half drive was a killer against Cincy. There is no pressure and the QB and the DB’s have really yet to be tested (Very Scary)! Does Zane Norris have any Slade in him? They need to get a little more creative on stunts and blitzes or the DB’s will get TORCHED! WILL SOMEONE PLEASE STEP UP AND BALL!!!

Let’s just say that the Beavs need to step it up this week and post a win. If they come up short BeaverPhil will be in a Speedo swimming laps over Christmas at my brother in laws. Not a welcome site at all.

Go Beavs!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Enough already

I've been surfing the net for OSU Beaver articles, and the common piece is about how all the "message boards" are calling for Sean Canfield's head. There is a nice heart felt piece about Moevao text messaging Canfield a love note...great.....

I studied communications at OSU and one of the things it taught me was when to smell B.S. I read comments on all the major sites and the Canfield vs. Moevao argument is minimal.

I don't think Canfield was the reason OSU lost to Cincy. Quite the contrary, the offensive line got it's ass kicked and Quizz was not 100%. PLEASE STOP BASHING CANFIELD. I know he sucks, but so does Moevao, neither are top-tier talents. I think Sean has showed a lot of poise, which also can be construed as holding on to the ball too long. Either way, he is capable of winning 70% of his games if everyone else does their job.

Speaking of which, the OSU defense is average at best. I love Banker, I am sure he can make it work. The LB's are too small, fast yes, but over-powered with good tecnique. This year's D has done okay with stopping the run, but those stats are misleading when the opponents can pass for 20 yds at an 80% completion rate.

Arizona is a great opportunity for the Beavers to dominate and have a big win to start their Pac-10 campaign. Given the competiveness of the Pac-10 this year, the Beavers need all the help they can get.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Beavers get beaten by Bearcats

(AP Photo/Don Ryan)

28-18 was the final score. First loss of the season. It was a very sloppy game for the Beavers.

Cincy exposed the Beaver's biggest weakness- it's offensive line. Which is a weird thing to say, because the Beavers have so many good lines over the years. All afternoon, it was an ass whupping. The line of scrimmage was Cincy's.

This year, OSU's o-line looked so weak compared to their opponent. Canfield had no time, WR's had no time, and Quizz had few holes to run through. The Bearcats were more physical.

The Beaver defense did not have a great game, but made some plays to give the offense a chance. The DB's continued to show their lack of skills, getting lit up again for big plays.

While I think Cincy is a good team, and they will show well for the year, the Beavers have 5 more tough games against solid teams.

USC, Cal, Stanford, Washington, ASU, Oregon......all are looking like tough games.

The only gimme is WSU. U of A is not bad, and will put up a fight. It will be interesting to see how the season unfolds.

21-8 Cincy

Cincinnati is kicking the Beavers around. The Beavers O-line is getting manhandled by the front 7 from Cincy. It's ugly for the Beavers.

The sloppy play hasn't stopped for OSU. The last two offensive possessions returned -45 yds. Canfield has not time, and when he does the Bearcat DB's cover their man.

The only way the Beavers keep this close is with some defensive scoring. Right now, the Bearcats are better athletes- mentally and physically.

The Beavers had a whopping 121 yds of offense compared to Cincy's 229 in the first half.

14-8 Cincy in the 2nd

The Beavers are playing some sloppy ball against a good opponent. They aren't turning the ball over, but they are blowing assignments left and right. The offense and defense are making mental mistakes.

The Beavers are going to have to catch some lucky breaks to win this game.

UW beats USC 16-13

Damn impressive showing for the Dawgs. USC's second string QB wasn't up for the task today I guess. UW played hard the whole game, and Jake Locker looks like a whole new QB.

OSU is going to have a slugfest in Pac-10 this year....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

BeaverPhil is back with a UNLV review

From BeaverPhil:

Finally had a chance to watch the whole UNLV game and here are my thoughts:


Rodgers brothers are amazing and I still can’t believe that they are at OSU. Would like them to avoid the hit a bit more to keep them around for the whole season. I live in LA and all of my Trojan buddies keep commenting about how Taylor Mays is going to crush them like tin cans. STEP OUT OF BOUNDS PLEASE!!!!

Rodgers brother (Part two) are too much of the offense and the progress of the other receivers is good, but not great. Stevenson is a very good back up to Quiz, but he does not instill fear in the defense. I would like to see a few long balls to keep the short swing passes available.

Canfield is our man unless he gets hurt. He has not made mistakes and throws a great ball.

O-Line looks good. They will need to progress if we plan on winning a few weeks from now.


A Little nervous on this side of the ball.

Line/Backers are very good at tackling someone after they have made gains. Need to much more disciplined in their drops and that cost us on a few 3rd downs at least last week. If they dont get pressure on the QB the offense will sit on the sidelines for the WHOLE season.

Dbacks are not getting torched, but they will against better competition. We have been tested by a Spread team and a 1AA team. The Pac-10 will run right past us.

Special Teams:

Returns been ok. Nothing to report either way. Need to cover kick offs better. Hurt in the UNLV game at the end.

Kicking DONT MISS AGAIN!!! simple instructions. We will need the points. You redeemed yourself, but also put us in the situation.

Go Beavs

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My new favorite OSU Beaver blog

Here is another great OSU Beaver blog I stumbled upon- Angry Beavers. I have no idea who the author is, but he or she is a good writer and is opinionated.

I like honest, non-kool aid drinking blogs about the Beavers. This one is cool because it doesn't sugar coat opinions and doesn't follow the masses.

Check out- Angry Beavers

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Beavers beat UNLV...barely

The Beavers pulled out a win with a last second field goal by Justin Kahut. 23-21 was the final score. It was an ugly win. Lots of hard hits. The Beavers showed a lot heart.

The Beavers had horrible clock management at the end of the game, but still pulled it out. They had 8 penalties, and two TD lead too. It showed a lot of determination to stay focused and get the win.

The Rodgers Bros. continued to carry the team, although a couple rookie WR's made plays in the 4th quarter. Both James(11 catches for 80yds) and Jacquizz(22 carries for 166yds, 1TD) took some really hard hits tonight. UNLV was laying the lumber all night. OSU's defense still has to develop a pass defense, they only had 1 sack tonight too.

Canfield had another productive game. He moved the offense and gave the Beavers a chance. Canfield still looks afraid to take a hit when he is in the pocket. He took some shots, but nothing brutal. He didn't seem to have a clue about the clock at the end of the game. In the 4th quarter there was a 4 down try by OSU that was really weak-Canfield must be really soft- he sneaked like a panzy and got stuck in a pile. UNLV promptly when on to score their last TD and took the lead. Riley got really pissed near the end when Canfield and the rest of the "O" started burning seconds. The good news is that Canfield did not turn the ball over, which is huge.

UNLV was a good team tonight evenly matched with OSU, but the Beavers were determined to find a way to win.

Team Stat Comparison

1st Downs2020
Total Yards382292
3rd Down Conversions6-126-11
4th Down Conversions0-10-1

Monday, September 07, 2009

Drinking the Kool-Aid

I keep reading news articles, I call them that because the writers are beat for major newspapers in the NW, and OSU's lack of pass rush against PSU is not being talked about.

FYI- OSU's pass rush was pathetic against a weak opponent. The run defense was okay. Oh and the Db's- they got lit up for 300 yds from a D-1AA QB.

OSU has a lot of work to do. I bet they will develop like every other Riley led team, but let's not get carried away with OSU's first win of the year.

Cincy is spanking Rutgers

This game matters to me because my QB in my senior year in high school took a scholarship to Rutgers and suffered similar to me.

At the end of the 3rd quarter the score is 45-7 Cincy. The Bearcats are looking good or Rutgers really sucks. I don't think Rutgers is this bad, but Cincy is definitely underrated.

After UNLV the Beav's look like they have a real test.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Cal and Washington are better this year

So is Stanford. Arizona schools are still undecided.

The Pac-10 football race is going to be tight this year. The team's with depth will prevail.

Cal is beating Maryland 31-6 in the 2nd.

UW is tied with LSU 10-10 in the 2nd.

Stanford rolled over WSU.

USC crushed SJSU.

ESPN Pac-10 Scoreboard

Beavers win 34-7

(AP Photo/Don Ryan)

The 2nd team for the Beavers played ok. Bummer they couldn't keep PSU out of the endzone. It was a good start for the Beavers.

Next up, UNLV.

24-0 at halftime

The Beavers are in control. The OSU db's are having a statistical bad game, 170 yds given up so far, but they have been real close to making plays. Portland St has WR's making more plays.

The Rogers brothers are balling. Let's see if the Beav's can keep the shut out going....

87 yd bomb on the first play of the game

Canfield and James Rogers connected on the first play of the game. Portland St got the ball back and promptly fumbled the ball after a big stick. A couple plays later, Quizz takes it in. Kahut kicked a 50 yd field goal.

It's still the 2nd qtr, score is 17-0.

Overall the Beavers look very good. They are dominating an opponent they are supposed to.

Friday, September 04, 2009

We better not lose to these guys...

If we lose, all the OSU players should have to watch this video, over and over again....

The video clip I used watch all the time

I used to watch this clip in high school to get fired up for games. I've watched this at least 300 times. I wore out the VHS tape I made of this pre-game clip- it's soooo awesome. Oklahoma vs. Miami was one of the greatest rivalries in the 80's. There were so many players who played in these college games that ended up as pro's it was unreal.

LaGarrett Blount = Donkey

LG got what he deserved, a season long suspension. What a total embarrassment for the University of Oregon.

Here are some clips of other not-so brilliant fights in college football history-

Which fight is worse?

Here is a clip of the infamous Miami vs Florida International, another doozy.

Here's a brawl from 1971- USC vs Notre Dame: (kinda tame compared to the current generation's brawls)

Thursday, September 03, 2009

19-0 with 9 minutes left

The Oregon Ducks are getting spanked by Boise State tonight. Wow.

Oregon looks flat on the blue turf. Boise State looks physically on par with the Oregon players.

I guess all the high tech training center equipment is not worth what the Duck alumni payed for. Suckers.