Thursday, September 17, 2009

BeaverPhil is back with a UNLV review

From BeaverPhil:

Finally had a chance to watch the whole UNLV game and here are my thoughts:


Rodgers brothers are amazing and I still can’t believe that they are at OSU. Would like them to avoid the hit a bit more to keep them around for the whole season. I live in LA and all of my Trojan buddies keep commenting about how Taylor Mays is going to crush them like tin cans. STEP OUT OF BOUNDS PLEASE!!!!

Rodgers brother (Part two) are too much of the offense and the progress of the other receivers is good, but not great. Stevenson is a very good back up to Quiz, but he does not instill fear in the defense. I would like to see a few long balls to keep the short swing passes available.

Canfield is our man unless he gets hurt. He has not made mistakes and throws a great ball.

O-Line looks good. They will need to progress if we plan on winning a few weeks from now.


A Little nervous on this side of the ball.

Line/Backers are very good at tackling someone after they have made gains. Need to much more disciplined in their drops and that cost us on a few 3rd downs at least last week. If they dont get pressure on the QB the offense will sit on the sidelines for the WHOLE season.

Dbacks are not getting torched, but they will against better competition. We have been tested by a Spread team and a 1AA team. The Pac-10 will run right past us.

Special Teams:

Returns been ok. Nothing to report either way. Need to cover kick offs better. Hurt in the UNLV game at the end.

Kicking DONT MISS AGAIN!!! simple instructions. We will need the points. You redeemed yourself, but also put us in the situation.

Go Beavs

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Quik Ryan said...

Pretty good summary, scratching the surface... a few critiques however:
First off, Canfield is our guy, and I'm very indifferent about it. Despite leading the nation in completion percentage (78%), we have no downfield attack. The claim that he throws a great ball is only partly true; he throws a great ball within 10 yards.. Anything beyond that and he hangs it up, putting arc on balls that should be on a rope. He has been playing timidly and in my opinion, making slow but cautious decisions in the pocket. Although we don't have an excellent receiving core, we absolutely have to balance our short game/downfield attack to alleviate pressure against the Rodgers brothers. Everyone seems to be in agreement that we must develop some supplementation to them in our offense, otherwise they are not likely going to last season carrying 90 of the offense (and abuse) that could lead to premature ends of their seasons.

O-Line, yes they looked decent at UNLV, but we seriously need to build some strength here, especially with our status-quo offensive attack.. Our short game strategy will be brutally beaten if our O-line doesn't improve quickly against more formidable opponents. Defense: D-line, pass rush please... we gave UNLV far too much time in the pocket, and Cincy's Pike will exploit this; he is an excellent pocket passer, and only gets out of rhythm with consistent pressure. Linebackers: good ball attack, need improvement on short pass coverage. Cincy's game doesn't seem to cater to the short pass or run, so we should be stunting our LBs whenever possible to put pressure on Pikes throws. Secondary..... Ohh, God help us.. This, aside from our lack of offensive versatility, is our greatest weakness. Looking into Cincy, their receivers should provide a good tuning of our defensive backs for the rest of the season. Regardless of what happens, I expect home field advantage, crowd, pass rush, and god to help our pass defense.

Kicker: Can we make some PATs? We need a lot of work here. I am not comfortable with Kahut.

Recruiting... We desperately need to recruit some stud DBs and Receivers, which our list really lacks so far. I know this isn't typically part of any pre-game analysis, but looking at our weaknesses now, we need to take care of these as soon as possible. I am however impressed with the defensive talent we are attracting. I heart a strong defense.