Thursday, September 03, 2009

19-0 with 9 minutes left

The Oregon Ducks are getting spanked by Boise State tonight. Wow.

Oregon looks flat on the blue turf. Boise State looks physically on par with the Oregon players.

I guess all the high tech training center equipment is not worth what the Duck alumni payed for. Suckers.


Anonymous said...

Wow... Blunt's got anger issues... hope this isn't what were going to see from OSU all year! This guy should get an extreme punishment, perhaps exit from the team or even school as he's NOT what college football is about. If nothing is done to Blunt then we know that OSU is for violence in sports and who knows where else! I'm so ashamed of even being a fan!

Webmaster said...

Uhm, the was the Oregon ducks, not the OSU Beavers. Anyway, get over it. Back in the days there where bad behaviors by players, but it wasn't caught on film, not on national TV.