Sunday, March 30, 2008

This Year will be the Toughest Ever for Beaver Football

This year is definitely a turning point for Oregon St.

If Oregon St reloads and beats the non-conference opponents they have on their schedule, then they will have stepped up.

If OSU gets their ass handed to them like the way they did against Louisville and Cinncinnati, then they are in short term trouble.

Riley is a proven winner and can turn around seasons. However, it would be nice to see the Beavers go to the BCS again.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gazette Times reminds me of Hitler

I was just perusing
Beaver Sports News and saw the post from the little bitches at the Corvallis Gazette Times(Editorial: OSU’s double standard showing again) claiming injustice because of two recent moronic events that tarnished the Football and Baseball programs.....a little bit.

FYI Oregon, besides me and a very small pool of alums, nobody gives a shit.

Yes shooting guns at cans facing another home is beyond stupid.

Yes driving drunk is wrong.

Riley and Casey seem very consistent with their handling of the players. They are professionals. It's not like the old days at OSU anymore. OSU's coaches get paid, and they are pro.

FYI- The s**t that happened from '79-'93 in the FB program was way worse and way more inconsistent than anything seen nowadays. Coaches and players got in a ton of trouble. Ok, players got into more trouble than coaches, but you get my point.

I will never post the stuff that I know. Ever. Not the sex scandals, brawls, burglaries, robberies, speeding tickets, needless surgeries, drugs, performance enhancers, recruiting honeys(mine had a beard-f**k yeah), or about the hypno-therapist the team used in 1991.

There was no internet in those days. (Thank God)

BTW- I think OSU's current program is first class, a couple lame events don't make a trend. Given Riley and Casey's tenure at OSU, there have been very few incidents to speak of.

I am proud of Oregon State's track record, and DeCarolis has run a first rate operation.

PS- I think Cliff Kirkpatrick is money, I don't think he had anything to do with the lame post.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Ball Depth Chart Commentary


Given the amount of seniors we lost on defense, there are a lot of letterman returning. Our defensive tackles look like NFL sized guys. We have at least 3 DT's over 300lbs. That is ridiculous.

OSU's defensive ends look thin, unless our JC players don't qualify. Then OSU is stacked again.

OSU's LB's are unproven. It will be interesting to see who steps up in this crew. They all have experience, but they all need to step it up.

OSU's CB's are experienced. Cinncy, UCLA, and ASU had their way with them last year however...

I can't believe Al Afalava is Sr now. I feel old. Al won't be playing in the Stanford game this year, and I am sure Stanford's receivers are thanking their lucky stars......

B. Payton is 231lbs coming into Spring Ball. At Free Safety, that is scary.

Payton and Afalava could be the most intimidating Safeties Oregon St has ever fielded....


OSU's QB situation is not good.....can Katz step up? OSU's WR's are rock solid, the 2008 OSU QB has a HUGE opportunity.

OSU's RB situation is ok. Patrick Fuller is still on the roster JIC McCants melts down.

OSU's O-line is thin at tackle....the guards and center look good.

OSU's WR's are stacked. Sammie Stroughter got his hardship approved by the NCAA. James Rodgers scored the game winning TD's in the Civil War and the Emerald Bowl. 'Nuff said.

OSU's TE's are all experienced. As a group they are productive, but in '08 they need to shine.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Football Pro Day

Now that the Beavers are a perennial winner in football, OSU holds a "Pro Day" where scouts from various NFL teams take a last look at players before the draft.

I did not see the actual event, but The Oregonian Report made it clear that the 2007 OSU team was a team. There are not a lot of NFL prospects from our impressive 9-4 squad. The forty times were pathetic for the most part. Roy Schuening looks like our top draft pick, he could be a high 2nd rounder.

Yvenson Bernard ran 4.8 40 yard dashes, his best was a 4.6. He claimed that his knee is not 100%. Nonetheless, the video from his career doesn't lie. He rarely out ran anyone, ever. I complained before about his lack of big play ability and what it cost the Beavers. But he was a player with a huge heart, he was consistent and the best we had. I hope reality sets in soon for him, and he goes and gets a Graduate degree of some sort.

Darlin, LaRoque, and Doggett are going to need help to get drafted. Free agency seems realistic.

Everyone else available is just wasting time, fighting the inevitable.....

Monday, March 03, 2008

OSU's Women's track team delivers


It's cool that our track team started their season on a strong note.

But check America's Next Model in the OSU press release HERE


I have no idea who the track star is in the pic but she is beautiful.

OSU definitely has the hottest coeds in Oregon, maybe in the Pac-10. Can another program claim the PMOY for the last ten years? Nope. OSU has that.