Sunday, November 30, 2008

Final thought on the Rose Bowl

It's not often you sit in first place with a win against USC in the Pac-10. One game to go. Best of all, you have a home game against your arch rival. This loss hurts.

This was a better year than I expected, but coming so close hurts. I am sure the OSU team will find a way to rebound and have a good showing in the Sun Bowl. The OSU coaches have the challenge of not losing any recruits because of this game while they spend the next few weeks on the recruiting trail. While OSU has a bunch of verbal commits, that's all they are. Verbal commits. Signing on the dotted line is what counts.

Anyway, this game was a huge disappointment. The whole Beaver Nation is in mourning.

Let GnR take us out with an appropriate ditty:

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Oregon just administered the biggest ass whipping on Oregon State ever.

Oregon State played horrible defense all night. It's ironic that the option offense was what stopped us from going to the Rose Bowl

697 yds of total offense by Oregon was unreal. Oregon's offensive coordinator deserves a ton of credit. Banker got out-coached tonight. Bigtime.

There is no point in analyzing individual players for Oregon State. They all played hard, but made tons of foolish mistakes. James Rogers did nothing, and ended up hurt. Ok, I had to comment on him. Stroughter played a great game.

Most of all, Oregon State got "out-athleted" tonight. Oregon's players were more athletic that OSU's.

Our players got used tonight. Hopefully we can try and save some face in our bowl game.

The worst half of football ever

The Beavers defense is getting absolutely throttled by Oregon tonight. The score is 37-17. But it is not even that close.

Oregon's offense looks faster and stronger than OSU's defense. OSU keeps making mistake after mistake.

Oregon has 440 yds in offense. IN THE FIRST HALF.

James Rogers looks overwhelmed. He has been making the wrong reads and generally flat the whole half.

This is a real bummer.

OSU is going to have to play the best half of football they have ever played. A 20 pt deficit is really hard to overcome.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Prediction

Oregon State will win by 3 points, 31-28.


Defense and passing game. OSU's running game will overachieve, but the passing game will be the dagger to the heart.

The home team(Beavers), get's 3 points off the bat. But there is more than quant stats, the Beavers are solid across the board. Defense wins championships.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

OSU is Upper Echelon

Ken Goe at the Oregonian thinks so. Here are a couple quotes from him about the OSU football program:

Riley and his coaching staff have done a marvelous job of locating and developing talent. Riley's recruiting classes since his return to OSU in 2003 have been ranked near the bottom of the Pacific-10 Conference: In order, they've been ninth, sixth, eighth, seventh, eighth and ninth.

In that five-year stretch, the Beavers have gone 47-27 and finished third in the conference three times. They can finish no worse than second this season. They are 4-0 in bowl games.


This year's team supposedly was rebuilding on defense and the offensive line. Guess what?

The Beavers are second in the conference in total defense, fourth in rushing offense and lead the Pac-10 in fewest sacks allowed.

It's not bad, considering Riley and his staff are doing it with guys the recruiting services and programs like USC, Oregon, California and UCLA overlooked or rejected.


At OSU, it doesn't seem to matter whether Canfield or Lyle Moevao plays quarterback, whether Tavita Thompson or Mike Remmers starts at right tackle, whether sensational freshman Jacquizz Rodgers gets hurt in the first quarter or Justin Kahut misses the tying extra point with less than four minutes to play.

These guys have enough faith in each other and belief in themselves that they will find a way to win.

This doesn't happen overnight. It's the product of a consistent philosophy, good coaching, confidence and of success building on success.

Read The Whole Article

P.S.- The Ducks Suck.

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Duck's are already talking trash...

I can't wait to watch OSU's defense unleash on Oregon. We are going to crush them....

I'm still in shock that the Beavers won

Apparently I wasn't the only one thinking that this run for the roses couldn't end on a missed PAT. The whole Beaver team made sure the dream continued.

The Beavers are truly a team of destiny. Beating the crap out of Oregon and then upsetting Penn State would qualify this team as one of the greatest EVER in the history of Oregon State football.

Here a kickass video playing on our Monster Video screen at Reser. If I was a visiting team warming up and I saw this video, I would think I was in for a long day....

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Possibly one of the best wins ever for OSU

I just watched OSU beat Arizona in one of the most amazing games ever.

I was a doubter, and watched history unfold.

3-0 Arizona

This is a brutal game. Versus Network is carrying it.

Quizz Rogers is hurt. Moaveo is out.

Canfield is not playing very well. But hasn't turned it over yet.

James Rogers is stepping up. OSU's D is really tough. Arizona has a good gameplan.

This is a hard hitting game.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Arizona is favored by 3 points

FYI to all of you "Rose Bowl" freaks- OSU is not even favored this week. This is going to be a very tough game to win. ESPN is predicting Arizona the winner.

I am very nervous about this game. I hear the right comments from the kids on the team, but it's still a potential landmine of a game.

Arizona will be fired up.

Arizona wants to halt Beavers' rise

Saturday, November 15, 2008

OSU thumps Cal

34-21, Beaver's win.

Cal played good D and Special Teams. But not for 4 quarters like the Beav's.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cal Fans

I live in the SF bay area, and I have a lot of friends who went to Cal. I like all of them, they are great friends.

But there is something different about Cal fans/alums. They have been through so many ups and downs over the years, and in general they are all real smart intellectually.

But they are f**ked up in that they expect the worst, and hope for the best. I am talking about people who have been around more than one decade. I have no idea about the newbies.

I went to the OSU vs Cal game at Berkeley in 2005, with a friend who was a Cal grad. At first he was quiet. As the game went on he was more engaged. Sorta of rooting for his team. Then Cal started getting it's ass kicked.

He was cheering for OSU midway through the 3rd quarter.

I gave him a lot of sh*t. I told him he was not allowed to support the opposing team. We didn't want his support.

Cal Bears

OSU has to win this game. If they do, it will be a confidence builder for the final two games. If not, the season has a different meaning.

Cal is a good team, and will give the Beavers all they can handle.

OSU has lots of areas they can improve on, both offensively and defensively. I hope they stay focused. has a great article on the Beavers.

There is way too much Rose Bowl talk going on.

Here is Cal's record for the year. They are a good team.

Aug. 30Michigan StateW 38-31
Sep. 6at Wash. St.W 66-3
Sep. 13at MarylandL 27-35
Sep. 27Colorado StateW 42-7
Oct. 4Arizona StateW 24-14
Oct. 18at ArizonaL 27-42
Oct. 25UCLAW 41-20
Nov. 1OregonW 26-16
Nov. 8at USCL 3-17

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Beavers bash the Bruins 34-6

Quizz rushed 31 times for 144 yds and 1 TD

(Photo Source: ESPN/AP)

Congrats to the OSU Beavers for spanking the UCLA Bruins today!

Canfield managed to overcome a weak first half to make some decent passes. James and Quizz Rogers are the real deal. They are both play makers. Ryan McCants is a great running back too. He and Quizz are a great combination of different styles. OSU is stacked in the backfield. Sammie played a great game again too.

The TE's are still not a part of OSU's offense like it was the prior two years.

The O-line is awesome.

OSU's defense only allowed 48 yards rushing today. 48. Wow.

The DB's made plays and came up with 3 picks.

OSU's defense has proved they are one of the best squads in the country. OSU reloaded on defense this year. The rebuilding happened in the first 4 games. These guys have gelled and they are good. They are confident. They are ballers.

Cal lost to USC tonight in a very physical game. Cal is going to be a very tough opponent next Saturday.

One game at a time.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sunday, November 02, 2008

ASU comes close

(Pic Source: ESPN/AP Photo/Greg Wahl-Stephens)

The Beavers won a close one last night(27-25), and it looks like each week is going to be tough going forward. ASU was hungry, just like I predicted. They played hard the whole game.

OSU's defense bent, but didn't break. They played tough.

The injury bug is the biggest key to OSU running the table. Moevao is a big loss if he is out for an extended period. Canfield has the physical tools, but I am not convinced he is as mentally tough as Moevao. His pick against ASU is why it was even close. But he did play an excellent second half, the jury is still out.

OSU's secondary seems to have multiple personalities. It seems like teams get away with a lot of big plays in the passing game. Yet OSU's DB make plays sometimes. The OSU prevent defense is not good at all.

Arizona, Cal, and UCLA will be tough. So will Oregon, but they seem to have transformed into a running focused offense. Not sure what to think there.