Monday, September 29, 2014

The OSU MU.....on bikes

Pre Game pics from USC

I know the loss to USC stings, but OSU's players are really good kids. The pics are not mine, a friend was invited to join OSU for pre-game dinner Friday night. All the players and coaches where super friendly and gracious. I am so proud to be a Beaver and know that these players are representing the Beaver Nation. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

USC rattles Mannion

The only thing I can say about the loss to USC was that Mannion looked like a freshman. 

He stayed in school because the NFL forecasted him getting drafted in 3rd round or later. After Saturday's game, he''ll be lucky to get drafted in the 5th round. USC is not that good, even if they are good, a Senior QB with credentials should carve them up. This sucks because Sean is a good kid.

I am still optimistic about OSU's season, but I am kinda bummed that Mannion hurt himself. He is a good kid, dedicated to OSU's success. If character and heart meant something in the NFL, then he should be a 1st round pick. 

That said, I am not happy with Garrett's OC and QB work. Mannion should be prep'd better. Stress tested better. Pushed harder. His fundamentals should be tight. So should his mentality. Mannion should feel like he can conquer the world. Regardless of opponent. 

I wasn't happy about the hail mary, but the defense played hard. To the point that USC got dirty and went for the knee's of OSU's defensive lineman repeatedly. We lost 3 DL's in the game. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Great day at OSU

OSU stomped SDSU Saturday. Best of all I got to hangout with my old teammates from the Kragthorpe era. Lot's of history, lots of fun memories. All the bad stuff passed away. It was one of the greatest weekends of my life. 

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

I am sorry for posting this......

Someone in Oregon State's administration approved this video.

Don't worry there is more pathetic jingoism out there....New Zealand got their ass kicked after this episode 98-71.....

Andrew Susac is balling for the SF Giants

Susac is a former Beaver who is lighting up the MLB. Folks in SF are talking about Buster Posey moving to first base because Susac has turned out to be such a stud. Here's an interview of Andrew in 2012(awesome)

Well....they sound like they know they need to improve

We will see how things go this Saturday at Hawaii. I expect a close game. OSU will improve on it's boneheaded mistakes from last week, how couldn't they? 

The TE's are going to be "Brandin Cooks" this year. The problem is that they seem soft. The potential for Hamlett and Smith looks like they could be Jimmy Graham clones. The only difference right now appears to be physical and mental. If I was going to scheme against them, I would tell my DE's and OLB's to hit them hard early and often. 

Riley's postgame interview:

Mannion's postgame interview:
Dylan Wynn's postgame interview: