Friday, January 02, 2009

OSU BFB Recruiting Wish List

Riley is known for getting players who are diamonds in the rough, and developing them into producers. He has also taken gambles on kids who can't meet academic requirements. It's a difficult juggling act that Mike has managed effectively, but it's not his goal. He would like to have a higher close rate for qualified prospects.

This year, I've compiled a list of requirements I'd like to see Mike fill this year.

Here you go:

1)Recruit bigger WR's

Utah, USC, and Oregon showed the Beaver's the value of bigger targets. Shane Morales was a good example too, bigger is better. Speed does not need to be sacrificed either. 4.5-4.7 forty's are okay. Smaller WR's like James Rogers are important in the offensive scheme, don't get me wrong. OSU just needs alternatives.

2)Recruit bigger LB's and DB's

Teams that got their hands on Oregon State's Linebackers and DB's usually made their block this year. While OSU's defense is fast and flows as good as any defense in the nation, they were physically dominated too often. 6'1" 210 Lbs linebackers is not going to cut it. We need 6'3" 240 pounders that are fast.

Our DB's are short, but explosive. They play hard. But again, they can be outmatched with taller and bigger WR's. DB's should be minimum 6'1" 190 lbs, and run sub 4.6 forties.

3)Recruit TE's who are more athletic

Arizona, USC, Cal, all had production here. The only game this position produced in was the Civil War- and OSU got whupped in that game. Riley likes to use TE's liberally, but this year there was a big drop off in production. OSU has had a lot of success at this position in the past, and should be able to get a freak like USC's TE.

4)Recruit Top Tier QB talent in JC or High School markets

OSU is good enough to recruit a Mark Sanchez type QB now. Yes, OSU doesn't have waterfalls in it's student athletic facilities, but that crap is not important.

5)Recruit bigger, faster, stronger offensive lineman

OSU's o-line is a machine. Just look at the RB's who have produced for OSU over the last 8 yrs. To keep up with the tradition, OSU has to get more bad asses. 6'5", 300 lb ballers. Some of this year's verbal commits were 6'1" or 6'2". Not good.

There is not much to complain about when evaluating Mike Riley's recruiting performance to this point, but now that OSU is established, he is going to have to take it up a notch. Here is an update from the Oregonian on Riley's recruiting efforts and the 2009 schedule. Next year's schedule looks a lot better than this year...damn....this year's schedule was brutal....

I want bigger, faster, stronger, AND smarter. Do you? Comment below....