Monday, September 29, 2008

Up Next... the Utah Utes

OSU has a huge game this Thursday against the 15th ranked Utah Utes.

Utah has a lot of experience at QB and RB, they are good.

The Utah team upset Michigan at Michigan, which is very good.

Utah is at home, which is good too.

OSU is coming off the greatest win in school history and has a lot to lose if they don't win against Utah.

OSU hopefully has found another gear after the USC game, but don't forget the Beaver's still lost to USC last year after beating #2 Cal. And we lost to UCLA after beating #3 USC in 2006.

Utah is no push over, and has senior leadership. OSU is going to have their work cut out for themselves.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Video Highlights of OSU vs USC

This is an awesome video Jason Prothro found. I can't stop watching it. I wish it was HD, but still it is frickin' awesome. 'Quizz Rodgers made USC defenders look like donkeys repeatedly. Watch USC players run into each over and over as 'Quizz cuts back. The tape don't lie. OSU has quite a running back on it's hands.....

BTW- Utah is paying attention to OSU now, next week's came is big. Utah is good.

Jason Prothro's great pics

See more of Jason's pics HERE

Mike Riley joins a group of elite coaches

Take a look at this list, it's pretty amazing what Mike Riley has accomplished.

Unranked teams knocking off No. 1 Since 1988

Date Score / Winning Coach

Oct. 29, 1988 Washington St. 34, at #1 UCLA 30-Dennis Erickson
Oct. 6, 1990 Stanford 36, at #1 Notre Dame 31-Denny Green
Oct. 13, 1990 Michigan St. 28, at #1 Michigan 27-George J. Perles
Nov. 17, 1990 Penn State 24, at #1 Notre Dame 21-Joe Paterno
Nov. 7, 1998 Michigan State 28, at #1 Ohio State 24-Nick Saban
Oct. 13, 2001 Auburn 23, #1 Florida 20-Tommy Tuberville
Nov. 9, 2002 Texas A&M 30, #1 Oklahoma 26-R.C. Slocum
Nov. 10, 2007 Illinois 28, at #1 Ohio State 21-Ron Zook
Sept. 25, 2008 Oregon State 27, #1 USC 21-Mike Riley

Source: Oregon Live

The Economics of OSU's Amazing Victory

(source: LA Times)

OSU and USC both earned 630k for being on ESPN last night. Which is a nice payday for both programs.

But because OSU beat the #1 team in the nation, on nationwide TV, they probably got $5M worth of great marketing and PR.

Everyone is aware of Oregon State now.

BTW- There are tons of records that fell last night. Almost too many to mention. The Beavers were the first unranked team to beat a #1 since 1990.

Also, OSU beat the crap out of USC's players throughout the whole game. We simply beat them up and down the field. OSU hit harder and faster. Read more.

Lastly, how stupid does Bryan Payton feel right now? Howabout Una Smiley? You guys blew it.

There is some QB from UVA who got kicked off the team, and stated he was tranferring to OSU, before the USC game he said he hasn't decided to come to OSU yet......I am not sure we need a prima donna, do you?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Greatest Win Ever for OSU Football


OSU did it.


The Beavers beat the USC Trojans!!!!

They beat the #1 Team in the nation!!!!!!!!


This is an incredible victory for Oregon State's program. It's an amazing accomplishment.

I did not think the Beavers could do it, and they proved me wrong. Beating the #1 team in the nation is such an amazing accomplishment, especially after USC dismantled Ohio St. It's just awesome.

'Quizz Rogers looks like the second coming of Barry Sanders. Quote me on that.

OSU wins if the get the onside kick they win


1:19 left USC scores

The missed conversion from OSU is going to be huge.

USC just scored.


I smell heartbreak......

OSU fan's are donkeys

2:30 and USC has the ball at OSU's 40.

Students are getting on to the field. USC is taking advantage.

JaQuizz Rogers!!!!!!

186 yds and 2 TD's!!!! He is hurt.


27-14 OSU.

2:39 left.





OSU stalls on offense again

The Beavers have to punt. After 3rd and 6, they tried a run and got stuffed.

Now OSU has to punt.....oh shit.

HE COMES THROUGH!!!! Ball downed at the 2 yard line!!!!

3:58 left.

This game is not over

7 pts is not enough.

Rey Maluaga is out

Bummer. He got caught up in a pile and got his knee sandwhiched.

4:25 left.

OSU ball. 3 and 5.

5:41 left



OSU stalled on offense again, on 3rd and 2, they run a pass play after Quizz has been eating up USC.

OSU goes for a 41 yard field goal. Shank.

OSU's defense holds USC

(source ESPN/ap)

OSU has the ball at the USC 42 yard line with 10 minutes to go!!!!

This is a huge opportunity for the Beavers to score some points and make things more difficult for USC.

OSU's offense stalls

The punt is a shank but sticks USC at their own 6 yard line.

11:19 left in the game.

OSU's defense holds

OSU stopped USC and forced a punt!!!

OSU has got to get some first downs. 3 points could mean the game. So all they need to do is move the chains and get the ball to the 10 yard line.

End of the 3rd Quarter- 21-14 OSU

OSU is facing 3rd and long, and USC's offense looks ready to pounce. OSU is scrapping for every yard from USC's defense.

OSU needs to score at least a field goal on this drive. USC is going to score if they get the ball again.

OSU's defense is getttng tired.

Unless I pull a rabbit out of my hat

OSU is about to lose this game unless they score on the next drive.

USC is rolling, OSU looks flat. Offense and Defense look tired. USC is not.

The score is now 21-14.

21-14 OSU

USC scored on a 20 yd play. USC is rolling.

USC is driving

OSU is getting blasted off the ball.

OSU Stalls

OSU came close, but stopped at their own 40 with 3 and 2.

USC is gaining confidence. OSU needs a turnover badly.

OSU must score

If they are going to win this game they have got to score on this next drive.

USC looks like they are ready to rally.

4th and 9 conversion

USC converts and scores 21-7.

USC got very lucky. Keenan Lewis got burned twice on the drive.

Sanchez hurt

USC is getting flagged for personal fouls alot tonight.

Sanchez is hurt.

Not good

1st drive looked lackluster.....punting to USC

Halftime, 21-0 OSU

The Beavers will face a fierce USC effort in the second half.

If the Beavers hold on, this will be one of the greatest upsets ever.

OSU will have to play with as much or more effort as the first half.

The Rogers brothers will need to carry us to the promised land. JaQuizz has 117 yds rushing tonight. James has 30 yds receiving.

The Beavers have 220 yards of offense so far, and USC has 75.

USC could score on any play. These stats are meaningless.

21-0 OSU!!!!!!!



James and JaQuizz Rogers are absolutely amazing!!!

James just caught an amazing pass in the corner of the end zone!!!


The Beavers are ballin

SC was driving, then got stuffed. They tried a trick play and coughed up the football.

BEAVERS BALL! 1st and 10 on the 40 yard line!



14-0 OSU

USC is driving with 5 min left

7-0 Oregon St after 1 Quarter


The Beavers are playing great. Momentum is slowing, but everyone is playing above their heads!!!

The Beavers are playing inspired football. Period.

7-0 Oregon St

OSU's defense stopped USC 3 and out.


An unreal 60 yard drive.

It's going to take 4 quarters......

Let the bloodletting begin

The game is nationally televised on ESPN tonight.

The spread is 25.5 last time I checked. I think this is going to be a game that covers. A ton of money is being bet for USC to cover since the line continued to climb over the week.

My prediction- 45-14 USC. I hope we keep it closer than that.

The odds of OSU winning are 1,000,000 to 1.

Our Orange jerseys are kind of weird to look at. Why couldn't we stick with Black on Black????

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A pretty accurate analysis of OSU's football program

The guys at Conquest Chronicles have a pretty good analysis of Oregon State's football team for 2008.

I hate USC fans even more because of this thoughtful and insightful post. Damn media freaks. It's the only thing you are good at.....besides plastic surgery and movie scripts........luv ya....


USC is now favored by 25 pts

I am not sure what to make of this garbage, but the Beavers will not lose by 25.5 pts. I can guarantee this.


Una "Dumbass" Smiley got a DUI and has been kicked of the OSU football team. Donkey.

FYI Una- You are not Al Afalava, get over it. Ooops. Too late.

USC is not taking this game lightly. OSU is going to get a full blast of USC in Q1-2, if they can hang in there, they will have a chance.

If USC goes up 21-0, game over.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

2006 remembered

I remember a lot of quiet University of Silicon Cans alumns after this game. It was great.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Up Next.....University of Spoiled Children

USC is one of the most annoying Universities on the west coast, for some reason people from USC really think that their "sh*t doesn't stink".

I live in the SF Bay Area(thank god), I see a lot of resumes in my profession(high tech finance), and when it comes to academics, USC is not considered impressive at all, yes they have a good film/media program, but other than that, it's just okay.

OSU is a better academic institution than USC. It's not even close.

The USC girls are smokin' hot, but OSU has had more Playmate's of the Year than USC in the last 10 years. When I went to OSU, the girls were not as smokin' hot as they are today.....

Athletically, we are better than USC too. Football is the only sport USC dominates in these days.

*Ok, historically USC has a boat load of NCAA championships for both men and women, but who cares. Read the top banner of this blog- "totally biased commentary".

Speaking of football, USC has some real ponies playing on the squad this year.

Like Rey Maualuga:

6'2" 260 Lbs.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Beavers beat a weak Hawaii squad

Pic Source:

The running game finally kicked in. It was good to see McCants get some carries.

OSU's offense is productive, but still inconsistent.

Our kicking game is sooooo suspect.

Our defense is ok for holding Hawaii to less than 60 yds rushing.

The next two games are going to be rough.....

More op/ed and news:

Beaver Sports News

Building the Dam

Monday, September 08, 2008

1-4 is a real possibility

After reviewing the Penn St blunder, and watching other Pac-10 teams this weekend, OSU is looking like a bottom tier team this year.

Utah looks like they will give us all we can handle.

Hawaii looks like the best opportunity for a win.

Washington St look winnable.

Washington looked improved, but we have them at home...

ASU and USC will be tough.

UCLA looked good against Tenn.

Cal beat up on Mich St.

Arizona is a question mark.

We will beat the living shit out of the Oregon Ducks no matter what.........

Saturday, September 06, 2008

The game is over

This is my last post.

35-7 Penn St.

OSU will rack up a bunch of "junk" yards and will probably score a couple times.

Don't read into these eventual stats, OSU sucked today.

OSU's LB's have got to step up. They look physically weak. The D-line is only adequate. The DB's are okay.

28-0 Penn St

This is an ass whipping. I am not that impressed with Penn St, because OSU looks sooooo soft.

Maybe some more weightifting in the off season would help. I don't know.

Our offense and special teams aren't helping. They look pathetic.

OSU's defense is getting punished

Penn St's offense is pummeling OSU's defense.

OSU may have a fast defense, but they are physically weak.

21-0 Penn St

they are about to score again.

Game Over

Royster runs it in from 25 yds.

The announcers are harping on OSU's defense. They are stinking up the field, and can't tackle anyone.

This game is over. I said OSU needed to play a perfect game, and they are not.

OSU's punter is HORRIBLE! I can't believe OSU couldn't find an athlete who wanted a scholarship....this is embarrassing.

OSU's punter is retarded

He absolutely sucks beyond belief. This game is almost over.

Penn St ball at the OSU 28 yd line.

End of the 1st Qtr- Penn St 14, OSU 0

OSU had stopped the Lions, and had a drive going then went dud.

OSU has got to get a turnover or defensive stop with an offensive TD drive pronto.

This could be a blowout......

14-0 Penn St

This is not looking good for the Beavers. They went 3 and out, and then OSU's punter flubbed another one giving Penn St a short field.

Penn St did not waste much time and marched into the endzone again.

OSU's Defense is not looking good. They are getting pushed around, then tricked on misdirection.

OSU is not running the ball at all. McCants hasn't seen the field.

1st Qtr Report

OSU got the ball first, 3 three times for 3 catches and 9 yds. I am not sure what the strategy is with those play calls.

OSU's punter has all the time in the world and punts the ball 18 yds.

Penn St marches down the field 65 yds for a TD. Royster ran it in from 15 yds with some excellent blocking. OSU's D missed sacking the QB 3 times in the drive, and got beat man-to-man twice for long plays on the drive. Penn St's QB throw a soft ball and has a slow delivery- I expect him to get hit often today.

Penn St 7

Friday, September 05, 2008

Penn St Game Television info

ABC at 12:30 p.m. PDT in most of the nation, or ESPN2 in some parts.

Here is a huge opportunity for the OSU Beavers to show the nation what we are made of.......

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Penn St Game Prediction

I am not feeling too bad about this game, I think the Beaver's have a shot to beat Penn St if they can play mistake free football for 4 qtrs.

That is asking a lot. I know this.

I think it's either going to be a blowout or a possible upset. We are 16 pt dog's.

We are a lot better than Coastal Carolina, and I am sure the Penn St coaches are reminding their players of this all week.

OSU is going to need to play better special teams and defense to win this game, period. Our offense is better than Penn St's, but we need to control the clock and run the ball better to be effective.

I am hopeful that Penn St is over rated and can't keep up with our team speed....we will see.