Saturday, September 20, 2008

Up Next.....University of Spoiled Children

USC is one of the most annoying Universities on the west coast, for some reason people from USC really think that their "sh*t doesn't stink".

I live in the SF Bay Area(thank god), I see a lot of resumes in my profession(high tech finance), and when it comes to academics, USC is not considered impressive at all, yes they have a good film/media program, but other than that, it's just okay.

OSU is a better academic institution than USC. It's not even close.

The USC girls are smokin' hot, but OSU has had more Playmate's of the Year than USC in the last 10 years. When I went to OSU, the girls were not as smokin' hot as they are today.....

Athletically, we are better than USC too. Football is the only sport USC dominates in these days.

*Ok, historically USC has a boat load of NCAA championships for both men and women, but who cares. Read the top banner of this blog- "totally biased commentary".

Speaking of football, USC has some real ponies playing on the squad this year.

Like Rey Maualuga:

6'2" 260 Lbs.


Anonymous said...

I am from the SF bay area as well, and I would love to see which applicant a high tech company in Silicon Valley would honestly make an offer to--a USC grad or an OSU grad? Come on now. I know its a biased blog and all, but we ought to still be realistic here, right? Oregon state grads will be hastily picking up my laundry and making my dinner reservations at Morton's Steakhouse for my clients and I, come 10 years from now. Cheers.
-A Business major at USC

Anonymous said...

With a quarter of the endowment size(OSU 440M, USC 3.7B), OSU will solve renewable and sustainable agriculture, energies, and help predict and manage natural disasters...

The only natural disasters USC will handle in the next 2 decades is the next Ben Affleck movie.....

Anonymous said...

Quick, name the most famous student:

Oregon State: Linus Pauling

USC: O.J. Simpson

I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

Linus who? I wonder if he is would have been familiar with

Neil Armstrong
Will Ferrell
George Lucas
Paul Orfalea
John Wayne

Oh wait...didn't you rest your case already?

The Renaissance Man said...

Three of those are Hollywood celebs who contribute nothing to society. Tim Leatherman has given more to society than Will Ferrell has.

Orfalea founded Kinko's, which was recently bought out for $2.4 billion, Oregon State has the founder of NVIDIA, which produced $4.1 billion in revenue last year.

Neil Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the moon, but that achievement isn't really any more impressive than say, Buzz Aldrin's moonwalk. It just came a few seconds beforehand. But USMA doesn't try to lord Aldrin over anyone. although that's mainly because USMA has a more impressive distinguished alumni list than any other university.

USC certainly has a superior arts program, but when it comes to research and hard sciences, OSU, as one of two Land, Sea, Space, and Sun grant universities is hard to top. For a Tech company, as you used for your example, an OSU grad would be quite competative.

By the way, Linus Pauling is the only man in history to win two unshared Nobel Prizes. Widely considered the greatest chemist in the history of the field, and often mentioned as one of the greatest scientists in history.

Anonymous said...

"..he is would have been..."?

Nyuk. USC Ebonics, evidently.

Citing five examples to promote some kind of Troy superiority aesthetic, and three of them are shite Hollyweird players? That's just pathetic. Tragi-comedy, really.

Now, I'd like to see someone strolling around the USC campus with a video camera and microphone asking people to name USC's most famous student. Somehow I don't think "John Wayne" would make it into the top five. It would be funny if it did (and quite telling) but suprising nevertheless. I'm pretty sure The Juice would be numero uno. I rest my case.