Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Penn St Game Prediction

I am not feeling too bad about this game, I think the Beaver's have a shot to beat Penn St if they can play mistake free football for 4 qtrs.

That is asking a lot. I know this.

I think it's either going to be a blowout or a possible upset. We are 16 pt dog's.

We are a lot better than Coastal Carolina, and I am sure the Penn St coaches are reminding their players of this all week.

OSU is going to need to play better special teams and defense to win this game, period. Our offense is better than Penn St's, but we need to control the clock and run the ball better to be effective.

I am hopeful that Penn St is over rated and can't keep up with our team speed....we will see.


We Want the Lion said...
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We Want the Lion said...

Well, at least you guys catch a bit of a break.

Evans won't be leading the d-line this week, as it seems he can't keep his house parties under control.

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best of luck this week.
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Anonymous said...

PSU Fan - Wow I thought Oregon State was better than this. They look like they will be lucky to win 5 game this year in the Pac-10.

As for PSU, no one will know how good they are until they play a real team (Illinois) later this month because they play a total creampuff rival (Syracuse) and a scrappy yet weak rival (Temple).