Monday, October 30, 2006

Watching the OSU/USC replay

I am watching the replay on FSN, and it's really cool to see the Beavers spank that ass. There were so many big plays for the Beavers throughout the game. The 3rd quarter was amazing. The defense really played hard. The only bummer was Kyle Loomis's dropped snap on the punt. He was a total tool. A screw up like that was the only way USC could get in the endzone anyway.

Here's a pic of Sammy Stroughter's incredible catch in the third quarter of the OSU vs. USC game this past weekend. Joe Newton caught a TD pass shortly after this play putting the Beavers up 23-10.

Next up is ASU. This will be a test again.

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Beavers use Trojans

(photo source: AP)

OSU Beavers survived a late rally by the ever powerful USC Trojans, and won 33-31 in a thriller. See the Box Score for the stats of this ass whipping.

I watched the game on TV and was in shock from the first kickoff till the end. I couldn't believe I was seeing what I was seeing.

The Beavers played an outstanding football game to beat the #3 team in the nation. Besides the great play of Sammy Stroughter, I was thrilled with the physical play of the OSU defense. Cornerbacks come up and stick USC's runningbacks over and over. It was like they were possessed or something. Guys who were completely soft against BSU and Cal, plaid like nails against USC. Francies hit against Chauncy Washington was particularly violent and caused a fumble in the 3rd qtr. USC was getting blasted all afternoon on both offense and defense. They played sloppy a couple times, but for the most part OSU's players just made plays. The score was 33-10 late in the third, and USC did make a run in the end. Thanks to a major donkey move by freshman punter Kyle Loomis. Each successful play by USC's offense was an incredible play, meaning they had to work for everything for 60 minutes.

In the end Jeff VanOrso made a huge play knocking down Booty's pass on the last play of the game. Throughout the game "no-name" players made huge play after huge play.

Clinton Polk looked very good considering it was his first start, his 100 yards rushing was impressive. No fumbles was even better.

Joe Newton was the invisible man most of the game, then he came out of nowhere to make an awesome TD catch over 3 USC scrubs.

Matt Moore played a confident game in my opinion. He made a ton of key throws to the surprise star of the team- Sammy Stroughter. One play that stood out to me was early in the first half-possibly the first series- where Moore was flushed out of the pocket and looked to be going down and all of the sudden he flicked the ball to Clinton Polk, who took it for a first down. It was a great play.

Sammy Stroughter was unbelievable. They say that players make plays in big games, and Sammy a true player Saturday against the Trojans. He had one of the greatest diving catches I've ever seen. He ran back a punt 70 yards for a TD. He made first down after first down. He has elavated his game to another level. It reminds me of Mike Hass, which is a real complement. He should be All Pac-10 as long as he doesn't get hurt. He is having a spectacular season.

Oh how I love that OSU beat the snobs from SoCal! David beat Goliath! So much for USC's vaunted athletes. The Beavers spanked that ass!

Bryan Payton had a great game, his interception on USC's first drive was a dagger to the thigh of the Trojan's. His play set the tone for the rest of the game. USC was lucky to make it close in the end.

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

17-10 over the pussycats of AZ

I did not get to watch this game, I listened to it on the internet. Winning is winning. If it's 2 points or 30, it's a W.

I am glad the Beavers won, but they are in trouble this week. Yes there is momentum, but they now have injuries. Clinton Polk better learn to hold on to the football in the Pac-10. He needs to know this isn't JC ball anymore.

Riley is still Riley. I want the Beavers to be good, just not with him at the helm. Even if they go 9-4, I will be dissapointed. They could go 7-6 or 6-7. Then he's history for sure.

BTW- This week the Beavers play USC!!!! My favorite game of the year. David vs Goliath. Geeks vs the Jocks. Rich vs Poor. Sith vs Jedi. This is it.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

And I thought I'd seen it all in Beaverland

Jerry Pettibone Football Evaluations

Jerry Pettibone with all his good intentions- and believe me he had plenty while at OSU- is a tool.

A wishbone offense in the Pac-10. Are fucking kidding me?

Sadly, I played for Jerry. He is a good person, although I question this business he is now in. Seems like a scam to me. $350, $750 and $1150 to have Pettibone evaluate've got to be kidding. Any parent even considering this can e-mail me and i will do it for half the price.

Good players get discovered because they are playmakers and have the physical assets to compete at the next level.

Beavers achieve a first after win at UW

For the first time ever the OSU Beavers won Pac-10 players of the Week for all 3 areas-Offense, Defense, and Special Teams.

If you can name another team that has had this happen to them let me know.

3 Pac-10 players of the week is pretty rare. It is quite an achievement for the players.

Serna, Doggett, and Stroughter were the winners. Here's the details.

Doggett has been impressive all season, he is a real surprise for the Beavers. Although he is undersized, he is lighting quick, and make plays. Play making is where it is at. Doggett has made a lot of big plays for the Beavers this year.

Watch a Video of the Game:

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Beavers spank the Huskies

WOW! OSU's Defense played a spectacular game, and even with 3 turnovers on offense, the Beavers beat the shit out of the Huskies 27-17!

Matt Moore played his best game, with a couple unfortunate INT's. Sean Canfield came in the second quarter and promptly threw a pic. He looked uncomfortable to say the least.

Bernhard went off, and gained a boatload of yards in the first half. I'm too psyched to write more. I will analyze the game in later posts.

Doggett was unreal. Mad props to the D.

Here's a link to the OSU vs Washington box score

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Riley is off his rocker...

Here are some excerpts from Riley's last press conference:

Is there tendency to give too much credit or blame to a QB for offensive performance?
“I think because of the quarterback thing, it’s pretty typical that the backup quarterback is the most popular guy around and all that. I think that probably can be summarized in the fact that it’s a team game and there are other factors. The one mistake Matt made in the red zone was throwing an interception. The other ones, there’s not much you can do about somebody else fumbling the ball.”

Did Moore show progress throwing downfield?
“There were some good things that way. He started to open up possibilities because we hadn’t had many of those, and we got some and we can hopefully build on those.”

Is there still a possibility of Sean Canfield in rotation?
“That is still all status quo. There won’t be any announcement about that.”

Click Here to read the full interview

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Beavers Lose to Washington State 13-6

(photo source: ESPN)

During a beautiful autumn afternoon OSU showed they are a bottom tier Pac-10 team losing a sloppy home game to an average WSU squad. The defense played ok, but the offense was really inept. Unable to convert 3rd downs throughout, the Beavers still had chances to win the game late in the 4th quarter. Overall I'd grade their performance a D.

Here are some key stats:

Matt Moore was 18 of 34 for 223 yards and 1 pick. Key plays- 1st and 10 at the WSU 11, Moore tosses a pick into coverage. A demoralizing play for the Beav's. During the final drive Matt Moore got sacked on 4th on the WSU 33 with a couple minutes left. Just fucking lame.

OSU: 4 turnovers

OSU: 3-13 on 3rd downs, 0-1 on 4th down

It was the Cougars' first win in Corvallis in 10 years and their first win in October since 2003.

Yvenson Bernhard had 91 yards but for the second game in a row he fumbled on a critical play. I like Yvenson, but the fumbles are bullshit. Riley needs to pull his head out of his ass and start playing more players. Polk should get more carries.

The next game is against Washington(U-Dub). Washington barely lost to USC this weekend. The game is in Seattle.

May I be the first to point out that a brilliant little qb made his debut against washington? Maybe the same will occur for Canfield. The Beavers offense is not much better than the defense with Moore at the helm. That said, the coaching stafff deserves the majority of the blame for both sides of the ball. OSU's coaches are donkeys. Some of the calls on offense were really stupid.

oh well.....this is not looking good for OSU.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Riley's exit is being analyzed

De Carolis has say on Riley; boosters wait

Save our Beavers is gaining momentum. Check out their site!

Wazzu Preview

Source: The Daily Barometer (Photo Source: Daily Barometer)

The Beavers are taking on the dangerous Washington State Cougars this Saturday. My prediction is that is will be a tight game that either team will win by a field goal. could be a blow out where Wazzu wins in a landslide. I've read the analysis of the game, and Wazzu does have better talent. But they are playing away from home, which is a major disadvantage for them. On the flip side OSU's stadium won't be sold out, and unless the Beavers start making plays early in the game-they will be a non-factor. OSU's defense is horrible, and unless their offense steps it up a notch it won't be a pretty game for the Beaver Nation.

BTW- I watched the Beavers All Access show on cable two nights ago. Riley looks like a tool in it. He is just too soft. His recruits are average at best. He could be a capable Offensive Coordinator somewhere, but he's not a Head Coach. They had a clip of his pregame speech for Cal, so lame....

Here are a bunch of links to previews(hey-why should I do all the work):

The Daily Barometer

Matt Ciaffone Preview-Oregon Live

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Post your beaver

(former baller- TJ who's your mama!)

Here are some interesting facts about the Beaver Program:

1)Mike Riley no longer has the luxury of Erickson's recruits and it's showing
2)The stadium is not selling out, and a losing record won't help
3)Recruits are watching the Beavers get served and how Riley is handling things
4)Canfield gives the Beavers a better chance of winning
5)Watching the Beavers suck again is not fun

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Sunday, October 01, 2006