Monday, August 29, 2011

Keys to the OSU 2011 Football season

There are lots of bloggers providing detailed analysis for each position on the Beaver Football team, here is my view on the situation......

Key #1- Katz needs to play above his so-far demonstrated abilities. If the OSU QB is average or weak- it's going to be a long season.

Key #2- OSU has to be able to run the ball. Whoever carries the rock needs to produce a team average of 4 yds or better.

Key #3- OSU's O-line needs to over achieve. Why overachieve? Because they suck based on last year's performance.

Key #4- OSU's entire defense needs to over achieve. There has been tons of blabber about different players having different skills, but if the overall team defensive stats are weak- I don't care what Cameron Collins 40 time is. Or how many tackles he had in a particular game. If OSU's defense is not Top 20- who gives a s**t?

Key #5- OSU's coaches need to make chicken salad out of chicken shit this year. They have to call excellent games week in and week out. OSU's talent level does not grant the luxury of foolish mistakes. I am not as concerned about the bodies the coaches put out on the field as much as the schemes they use and the plays they call.

Key #6- Health. The Beavers are thin across the board. A couple key injuries could make this year a catastrophy. With injuries it won't matter what the coaches do as far as play calls and schemes.

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