Friday, August 12, 2011

Injuries and ho hum

I have not been interested in blogging about the Beavers football team for awhile. There just doesn't seem to be anything interesting going on with OSU. Maybe I am not interested because my gut tells me this season is going to either suck or be a big surprise. Maybe Katz/Wheaton will go on fire and become unstoppable. Someone is going to have to step up big time this year.

The Beavers really don't have any stars on the squad this year and the guys they have are banged up. There doesn't seem to be any major upgrades on the o-line, which is scarry considering how bad the unit was last year. The defense is small and unproven. Specifically we have a safety/LB starting at CB who got lit up like a xmas tree last season. We have a 5'11" 225lb OLB, who is supposed to be good, but come on. I don't care how fast you are, today's game is about match ups. A 6'3" fast/athlete is going eat up a small LB. I don't care if the LB has a 40" vertical. He could match up well with small/fast RB's out of the back field, but if an opponent has a halfway decent QB he will audible to attack the weak point with 6'4" 300lb OL and 250lb TE's and 220lb FB's. 

Anyway, the DL is also a major question mark. Losing Paea is not a big deal to me, not having any producers besides him is. Everyone is a noob or historically a non-performer. There are a lot of negatives this team needs to overcome this season. 

Oh yeah, their schedule is frickin' brutal too. See the side bar of this blog. I've been complaining about this since the Beavers beat Notre Dame in a bowl(2008?)

Based on the votes for my preseason fan prediction poll- the majority of you feel less than enthused about the Beavers prospects going into this year. I can't say I blame you. 

As the first game gets closer I will post my prediction for the Beavers this season. Can you guess my prediction?

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