Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TCU vs OSU Comparison Report

(source: Oregonian)

Many bloggers are focused on evaluating the TCU v OSU match up based on the offenses and defenses. No one seems to be talking about special teams, which I think will play a bigger role in this game than people realize. OSU played a super offense at Hawaii a few years ago and special teams played a huge role in the win. OSU lost to LSU because of special teams. There are too many games to count that Special Teams played a huge role.

To flush out my thoughts I did a quick grade out of each team below.

Homefield: Advantage TCU (+5)


O-Line: Advantage TCU (+5)
QB: Advantage TCU (+5)
RB's: Advantage OSU (+5)
WR's: Even
TE's: Advantage OSU (+5)


D-Line: Even
LB's: Advantage TCU (+5)
DB's: Advantage OSU (+5)

Special Teams:

Placekicker: Advantage OSU (+5)
Punter: Advantage OSU (+5)
KO Returner: Advantage OSU (+5)
Punt Returner: Advantage OSU (+5)

TCU Total: 20
OSU Total: 35

So what is my prediction for the game? Stay tuned.

Monday, August 30, 2010

CJ Spiller vs TCU 2009

If you pay attention to the NFL, CJ Spiller is looking like the real deal for the Buffalo Bills. He has balled in the pre-season, we will see how things work out in the regular season. I am posting this video of TCU vs Clemson last year because it showed how TCU handles a very good RB. CJ posted 112 yds rushing in a loss. TCU went into Clemson's house and won 14-10.

TCU will be focused on stopping Quizz Saturday. It's not clear whether or not TCU has the same defense they had last year. How Quizz performs is going to be telling. Perhaps he is the key to winning the game? I think controlling the football will be very important. What do you think?

Saturday, August 28, 2010


The Beavers are in deep do doo right now. Too many players have gone down with injuries this fall. While many are not season ending, it's happening to key players like James Rogers, Catchings, Wheaton, Philips and Paea.

As if the Beavers needed more challenges, their defense is looking ragged this fall. I've been saying all year long that the Beavers needed more athletes on defense if they were going to compete this year, let alone win the Pac-10. The LB's look the least impressive, followed by the DE's. I think the DB's will be okay, but if the d-line doesn't pressure the QB it won't matter.

I am more concerned about the defense than the offense. Defense wins championships.

I am hoping that the Beavers can at least make next Thursday's game a close one. TCU will be ready to play and they have home field advantage. The spread on the game is 12-14 in favor of TCU.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Historical OSU Football Results

2010 Schedule
Aug. 9 Camp Opens

Sept. 4 at TCU (Loss 30-21)
Sept. 11 Bye
Sept. 18- Louisville (Win 35-28)
Sept. 25 at Boise State (Loss 37-24)
Oct. 2- Arizona State (Win 31-28)
Oct. 9 at Arizona (Win 29-27)
Oct. 16 at Washington (Loss 35-34)
Oct. 23 Bye
Oct. 30- Cal (Win 35-7)
Nov. 6- UCLA (Loss 17-14)
Nov. 13 at Washington St (Loss 31-14)
Nov. 20- USC (Win 36-7)
Nov. 27 at Stanford (Loss 38-0)
Dec. 4 Oregon (Loss)

Record: 5-7
Pac-10 Record: 4-5

2009 OSU FB Schedule
Portland State- 9/5/09 (W 34-7)
@UNLV- 9/12/09 (W 23-21)
Cincinnati- 9/19/09 (L 28-18)
Arizona- 9/26/09 (L 37-32)
@Arizona St- 10/3/09 (W 28-17)
Stanford- 10/10/09 (W 38-28)
@USC- 10/24/09 (L 42-36)
UCLA- 10/31/09 (W 26-19)
@Cal- 11/07/09 (W 31-14)
Washington- 11/14/09 (W 48-21)
@Washington St- 11/21/09 (W)
@Oregon- 12/03/09 (L 37-33)

2009 Record: 8-5
Pac-10 Record: 6-3 (tied for 2nd)
Las Vegas Bowl: OSU vs BYU (LOSS!!!!)

2008 Schedule
Aug. 30 - at Stanford (L 36-28)
Sept. 6 - at Penn State (L 45-14)
Sept. 13 - Hawaii (W 45-7)
Sept. 25 - USC (W 27-21)
Oct. 2 - at Utah (L 31-28)
Oct. 11 - Wash State (W 66-13)
Oct. 18 - at Wash (W 34-13)
Nov. 1 - ASU (W 27-25)
Nov. 8 - at UCLA (W 34-6)
Nov. 15 - Cal (W 34-17)
Nov. 22 - at Arizona (W 19-17)
Nov. 29 - Oregon (L 68-35)

Sun Bowl: OSU vs Pitt (W 3-0)
Final Record: 9-4

2007 Schedule
Aug. 30 Utah (Win 24-7)
Sept. 6 at Cincinnati (Loss 34-3)
Sept. 15 Idaho State (Win 61-10)
Sept. 22 at ASU (Loss 44-32)
Sept. 29 UCLA (Loss 40-14)
Oct. 6 Arizona (Win-31-13)
Oct. 13 at California (Win- 31-28)
Oct. 20 Bye
Oct. 27 Stanford (Win- 23-6)
Nov. 3 at USC (Loss- 24-3)
Nov. 10 Washington (Win-29-23)
Nov. 17 at Wash St. (Win 52-17)
Nov. 24 Bye
Dec. 1 at Oregon (Win 38-31 2OT)

2007 Record: 9-4
Bowl: Emerald, Dec 28th
Opponent: Maryland (Win 21-14)

More Historical results for OSU Football

Monday, August 23, 2010

Beavers football season starts with a bang

Apparently Tyler Thomas(19, of Kalispell, Montana) has a drinking problem and felt that being naked in a stranger's apartment required nudity in a 3 point stance....

Read Miller's take on using a taser on a nude football player. Even Yahoo chimed in.

BTW- Tyler's brother recently committed to coming to OSU. Poor guy, I bet he is embarrassed, I know OSU alums are. He is going to beat his brother worse than Michael Phillips' brother(Mike's bro broke his nose). At least Michael's brother is already on campus....

Needless to say, Tyler is no longer on the OSU football team

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Spread Offense

As you may know, TCU runs the spread offense. They were prolific with it last year, and it helped them get to a BCS Bowl.

Angry Beaver wrote a great post on ideas for stopping the spread offense, and I think they are good ideas. He recommends that the defensive ends put pressure on the QB by bluffing and forcing poor decisions. Last year's defensive ends did not produce, what's going to change this year? I agree that a proactive defensive strategy is required. OSU's cornerbacks are going to have to step up bigtime. They are going to be critical to stopping TCU's offense.

The Beavers have not handled the spread historically, and TCU is probably licking their chops, er frog lips.

The Beavers defense was okay last year, but didn't dominate. This first game is going to be a huge test. I don't think TCU is going to lay an egg, they are going to be ready to play- they have 9 offensive starters returning. That includes an experienced QB in Andy Dalton. He produced 2756 passing yards, 512 rushing yards, with 26 total touchdowns last season.

To win on the road, you have to bring a superior defense, will the Beavers bring it?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

TCU 2009 highlight films

Possibly the lamest musical score to a football highlight film ever.....

And not to be undone- Soulja boy's song get's a redo.....


The Beav's better be ready for their spread offense. They don't want to be part of the next lame TCU highlight film, this shit is unbearable.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Deciphering Coach Speak

Oregon Live just ran a story on the OSU LB situation, and Banker said some things that have me concerned.

"I'm feeling good and confident in the fact that somebody will step up," Banker said. "Somebody has to. If it's not out of those five, then we'll take a Dwight Roberson (one of the Beavers' starting outside linebackers) and put him in the middle and get the next best outside linebacker.

What Coach Banker means: none of the LB's have demonstrated superior physical and or mental skills enough to be named an outright starter. I have my work cut out for me this year.

"We'll put the best three linebackers on the field, but those are the guys that have been groomed at that position. And rather than make a two-player switch, we're trying to make a one-player switch and get the right guy or two guys there."

What Coach Banker means: I am willing to try just about anything to make up for the utter lack of talent in our Linebacking corp.

I think the Beaver's are average at LB this year and it will be interesting to see if Banker can concoct a scheme to make up for the lack of talent.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Reality Check

This post goes out to the overly optimistic voters on my 2010 prediction poll. 15% of the voters think the Beavers will go UNDEFEATED! WTF?

I am cautiously optimistic for the upcoming season. The media is giving the Beavers way too much love this early. It kinda makes me worried. I do not think a first year QB is going to be able to handle TCU and BSU in the first 3 starts. Adding Louisville who is eager to make a mark on the Pac-10 is crazy brutal. I don't care how good the RB's and WR's are, the Beav's have a brutal schedule to overcome. The OSU defense is not that talented- quote me now. The OSU LB's are okay at best. There are no studs that I can see there.

It's great that Paea is getting love, but he's a nose guard, not even a DT. I don't think he is going to dominate a game even though he is talented. I don't see anyone else on the defense who has the physical skills to ball right now. Maybe someone will step up.

I will be happy if the Beav's start 1-2, psyched if they go 2-1, ecstatic at 3-0.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

USC is on a roll

Looks like Tennessee is now under investigation for NCAA rules violations during Lane Kiffin's tenure of 1 year. Tennessee apparently already reported the violations to the NCAA, but apparently the NCAA is not satisfied.

USC might have made a huge mistaken hiring Kiffin. USC has already been pimped slapped by the NCAA, another mistake under Kiffin could bring the death penalty.