Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Deciphering Coach Speak

Oregon Live just ran a story on the OSU LB situation, and Banker said some things that have me concerned.

"I'm feeling good and confident in the fact that somebody will step up," Banker said. "Somebody has to. If it's not out of those five, then we'll take a Dwight Roberson (one of the Beavers' starting outside linebackers) and put him in the middle and get the next best outside linebacker.

What Coach Banker means: none of the LB's have demonstrated superior physical and or mental skills enough to be named an outright starter. I have my work cut out for me this year.

"We'll put the best three linebackers on the field, but those are the guys that have been groomed at that position. And rather than make a two-player switch, we're trying to make a one-player switch and get the right guy or two guys there."

What Coach Banker means: I am willing to try just about anything to make up for the utter lack of talent in our Linebacking corp.

I think the Beaver's are average at LB this year and it will be interesting to see if Banker can concoct a scheme to make up for the lack of talent.


Anonymous said...

I think our LB's will be better than you think!

Webmaster said...

We will see. TCU's spread offense will give them a good test. The fact that the coach doesn't have clear starters is telling.

Webmaster said...

Looks like I was correct in my coach speak translation. The LB's sucked in 2010. Banker knew they would in training camp.