Monday, August 16, 2010

The Spread Offense

As you may know, TCU runs the spread offense. They were prolific with it last year, and it helped them get to a BCS Bowl.

Angry Beaver wrote a great post on ideas for stopping the spread offense, and I think they are good ideas. He recommends that the defensive ends put pressure on the QB by bluffing and forcing poor decisions. Last year's defensive ends did not produce, what's going to change this year? I agree that a proactive defensive strategy is required. OSU's cornerbacks are going to have to step up bigtime. They are going to be critical to stopping TCU's offense.

The Beavers have not handled the spread historically, and TCU is probably licking their chops, er frog lips.

The Beavers defense was okay last year, but didn't dominate. This first game is going to be a huge test. I don't think TCU is going to lay an egg, they are going to be ready to play- they have 9 offensive starters returning. That includes an experienced QB in Andy Dalton. He produced 2756 passing yards, 512 rushing yards, with 26 total touchdowns last season.

To win on the road, you have to bring a superior defense, will the Beavers bring it?