Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TCU vs OSU Comparison Report

(source: Oregonian)

Many bloggers are focused on evaluating the TCU v OSU match up based on the offenses and defenses. No one seems to be talking about special teams, which I think will play a bigger role in this game than people realize. OSU played a super offense at Hawaii a few years ago and special teams played a huge role in the win. OSU lost to LSU because of special teams. There are too many games to count that Special Teams played a huge role.

To flush out my thoughts I did a quick grade out of each team below.

Homefield: Advantage TCU (+5)


O-Line: Advantage TCU (+5)
QB: Advantage TCU (+5)
RB's: Advantage OSU (+5)
WR's: Even
TE's: Advantage OSU (+5)


D-Line: Even
LB's: Advantage TCU (+5)
DB's: Advantage OSU (+5)

Special Teams:

Placekicker: Advantage OSU (+5)
Punter: Advantage OSU (+5)
KO Returner: Advantage OSU (+5)
Punt Returner: Advantage OSU (+5)

TCU Total: 20
OSU Total: 35

So what is my prediction for the game? Stay tuned.

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