Saturday, August 28, 2010


The Beavers are in deep do doo right now. Too many players have gone down with injuries this fall. While many are not season ending, it's happening to key players like James Rogers, Catchings, Wheaton, Philips and Paea.

As if the Beavers needed more challenges, their defense is looking ragged this fall. I've been saying all year long that the Beavers needed more athletes on defense if they were going to compete this year, let alone win the Pac-10. The LB's look the least impressive, followed by the DE's. I think the DB's will be okay, but if the d-line doesn't pressure the QB it won't matter.

I am more concerned about the defense than the offense. Defense wins championships.

I am hoping that the Beavers can at least make next Thursday's game a close one. TCU will be ready to play and they have home field advantage. The spread on the game is 12-14 in favor of TCU.

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