Friday, January 28, 2011

OSU men's hoops

I was at Shanghai Kelly's in SF last night and the Cal v OSU game was on. Thank god SK had great beer flowing, it numbed the pain of watching the game.

A few thoughts-

1)OSU needs players who make a frickin' jump shot from the free throw line. At a minimum. I watched the Oregon game too, and yes I haven't watched every game- but these guys cannot shoot. They missed so many easy shots last night it was embarrassing.

2)OSU needs players who can stay in control at high speeds. The current squad seems proficient in turnovers, bad passes, and horrible shot selection. Defense is okay, yet inconsistent. It appears that the game is moving too fast for them.

3)Robinson needs to coach harder and faster. How many .500 seasons will cut it before fan pressure kicks in? Better question- how long can he milk the Presidential angle?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Oregon State should drop Nike now Pt 2

Press play after the video loads. This was published Dec 15th 2010. Why is OSU supplied by Nike??? In future posts I will outline how I would handle this situation to the benefit of Oregon State and end OSU's subservient position to Phil Knight and the University of Oregon.

Also, last spring the Oregon Attorney General forced Nike to publish their contract with UofO publicly. Read More Here

Who is the next RB?

Ken Simonton, Steven Jackson, Yvenson Bernard and Quizz Rogers.

Who is going to be the next producer for OSU?

The current roster:

34 Jenkins, Jordan RB 6-1 211 JR

22 Marable, Malcolm RB 5-7 157 lbs SO

24 McCants, Ryan RB 6-1 228 lbs SR

19 Stevenson, Jovan RB 5-11 186 lbs JR

42 York, Clayton FB 6-0 225 lbs JR

36 Parsons, Dylan FB 5-9 202 lbs RS SO


Storms Woods, RB, 5-11 205 lbs
Malcom Agnew, RB, 5-9 180 lbs
Terron Ward, RB, 5-7 185 lbs

I think there are a lot of question marks unless Ryan McCants steps up as the man....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dave Brandon never called me, I'm hurt

Yesterday's announcement that Michigan hired Brady Hoke as their new head coach was really awesome. I am really proud of him. I played at OSU when Brady was the linebacker coach, and everything you are reading about him is completely true. He is a player's coach, but he is also a disciplinarian. A great combo. He's also a rock solid transparent person who rallies players around him.

Dave Brandon is the AD at Michigan who hired Brady, stated that he did his own background checks- all the feedback was the same.

Dave didn't call me(why would he-lol), but I will attest that Brady is a great coach and will probably do a great job at Michigan.

Good luck Coach Hoke!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Phil Knight, I mean University of Oregon loses BCS

Auburn wins on a last second field goal 22-19.

Oregon played great. Their uniforms looked awesome.

Brandon Browner Part II

Jacquizz Rodgers will enter the NFL draft

This is a dumb decision by Quizz, unless he already has his degree. Even then, he should have stayed in school and enrolled in graduate classes.

Based on this video I don't think an education is very important to Quizz. Oh well.

(UPDATE) Quizz apparently asked the NFLPA for a projection of where he might go in the draft, this information made him comfortable enough to leave OSU. Maybe Quizz will get drafted high, but I doubt it.


Here is a projection from

Quizz Rodgers*, RB, Oregon State
Height: 5-7. Weight: 191.
Projected 40 Time: 4.45.
Projected Round (2011): 4-6.

CBS Sports projection:

Overall rank: 99
Position rank: 9
Ht: 5-07
Wt: 192
Round Projection: 3-4
40 Time: 4.49

Monday, January 03, 2011

Kudo's to OSU's Men's Hoops

Not only did OSU beat both Arizona schools this weekend, but they were also ESPN Top 10 plays of the day twice!!

The OSU hoops squad is only 7-6, but this weekend's wins were huge in building confidence for the rest of the season.

Congrats ballers!