Friday, January 28, 2011

OSU men's hoops

I was at Shanghai Kelly's in SF last night and the Cal v OSU game was on. Thank god SK had great beer flowing, it numbed the pain of watching the game.

A few thoughts-

1)OSU needs players who make a frickin' jump shot from the free throw line. At a minimum. I watched the Oregon game too, and yes I haven't watched every game- but these guys cannot shoot. They missed so many easy shots last night it was embarrassing.

2)OSU needs players who can stay in control at high speeds. The current squad seems proficient in turnovers, bad passes, and horrible shot selection. Defense is okay, yet inconsistent. It appears that the game is moving too fast for them.

3)Robinson needs to coach harder and faster. How many .500 seasons will cut it before fan pressure kicks in? Better question- how long can he milk the Presidential angle?

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