Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Up Next USC

Check back soon for a preview from Phil, who lives in SC's backyard.....

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Relive the glory and put a smile on your face:

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Stanford falls to the Beavers 23-6

Things are falling in line for the Beavers. They beat the crap out of the Cardinal tonight. OSU allowed 5 yards rushing on the night from the Cardinal. OSU's defense had 2 INT's, 4 sacks and 8 tackles for a loss. Canfield again played mistake free football. Good all around game for the entire team.

The Pac-10 race:

ASU is losing to Cal in the 2nd qtr, 20-14.

WSU somehow beat UCLA 27-7.

Arizona beat the UW puppies 48-41.

USC lost to Oregon 24-17.

Bad News for the Beav's: Yvenson Bernard will be out of the USC game for the second year in a row. Worse Riley keeps playing Matt Sieverson instead of Polk or Fuller. I have no idea what the rational is for this decision by Riley. Polk should be getting the carries at least.

Good News: OSU's offensive line is deep. OSU's defense is one of the best in the NATION. Canfield is improving.

14-6 OSU beating Stanford

More injuries- Bernard is out. No idea how long or how serious his injury is.

Matt Sieverson is getting reps instead of Polk or Fuller. I have no idea why Reilly is playing Sieverson. Bizarre.

OSU's defense is playing tough as usual.

Canfield needs to start making plays, so do the other WR's and TE's. Bernard's absense is huge.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tavita Thompson

Coach Mike Riley said that Tavita Thompson was "found in violation of NCAA eligibility rules" and will miss the remainder of the season. The Beavers are suffering injuries to an offensive line that was just starting to hit it's groove. does that work again? How does a player play in 7 games before the administration finds out he isn't eligible?

Being eligible usually means that your grades are good enough for you to play......correct me if I am wrong.

So Tavita doesn't like to look at his report card...I never did. But I knew whether or not I was eligible. Nothing is more embarrassing than being ineligible for academics. OSU is not THAT hard of a school. Come on. Either Tavita is as dumb as dirt or the entire OSU administration is dumb as dirt....or both.

He had to know he wasn't eligible. And he kept on playing anyway. OSU is lucky that they don't have to forfeit any games because of this bonehead mistake.....

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

OSU's offensive line get's hit by an IED

4 out of 5 OSU offensive lineman are either hurt,sick or MIA. According to Jake at Building the Dam and some dude named Paul Buker(I've never heard of him), OSU's offensive line forgot that a bye week was supposed to help you physically recover....not get worse.

Looks like we may have one starter-Devan, back for the Stanford game. Talk about a meltdown.......

Other Notes:

The OSU vs. Stanford game will NOT be televised. How lame. Read More

The Pac-10 race is looking like a traffic jam on the 405 right now. Although UCLA is 4-0, they still play Oregon, ASU, and USC down the stretch. ASU has Cal,USC,Oregon down the stretch. It is quite feasible that we will have 4 teams at 6-3. I hope it happens. I think it would be hilarious.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Next up...Stanford

This year's Cardinal team is not a push over. I think they are going to put up a fight, but come up short at the end. If it's raining, the Beavers should roll. If it's dry, Stanford will keep it close for 3 qtrs.

Our defense has to shut down Stanford's offense, and create turnovers. Canfield needs to play INT free for the second game in a row. That would be huge.

OSU's defense needs to stop:WR-Richard Sherman- He's #2 in the Pac-10 in rec yds.

Here is a link to more Pac-10 stats.

Here is some game film of the Stanford vs USC game:

Part #1:

Part #2

Part #3

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Phil's Candid Feedback about OSU vs. Cal

(Editor-This may be the best recap on the 'net. This pic is the grade Cal fans got for chanting "We're #1, We're #1" before the game was over...donkeys)

(photo source: uncov)

Beaver Nation-

With the Bye I took a little time to review the film a bit. Here are my thoughts.

Tedford - Great work. Throwing your clipboard like a bitch with your Frosh QB right there surely will do wonders for his confidence. Pull you pants up and realize you were out coached and out matched. Face it, your team was over rated. Like Meat points out, nice creativity on the goal line. OUR DEFENSE IS NOT OVER RATED. Try something new after the 2nd or 3rd down. Looking tough does not make you tough. I have CAL friends that are crying "Longshore, Longshore". It would not have mattered, WE WERE BETTER.

Bernard - Way to stand up when you were needed. You earned the Pac Ten Player of the week. Thank you for using two hands to catch the ball. You would not have held on to some of the throws, because you got blasted. You played unbelievable.

Canfield - great job. I am not sure if you have turned the corner yet, but if you haven't you are close. You took control of the game and did not make mistakes and took what they gave you. I think Stanford's D might be a bit better, but only a bit. Look for the TE's.

Receivers - Did a great job. I am sure that Catching is being hounded about his ball carrying skills as he should. Great key grabs late by "Where's the Wheat" Brown. Do we still have TE's? I know that Bernard stole your short throws, but get it Sean's ear and tell him you want the rock.

Serna - Redemption. 3-3 FG's and an above average Punting night was one of the keys of the game. If not for you unbelievable punt at the end of the game we would have lost. GREAT WORK.

O-LINE - 1 Sack. Huge holes. Awesome.

Defense - "And the Heisman goes to"…Not to DeSean Jackson. This kid is a good player. He was covered hit and exposed on Saturday. Speed is tough to contain but hammering him on the line and covering him like a blanket will do it. #1 Punt returner? Might be, but not if you don't give him the ball. Serna is out of the dog house after Saturday. The last Punt to pin the ball on the 5 yard line was nothing but impressive. I was embarrassed for him. Hawkins had the game of his life. We were not going to let Jackson beat us and Hawkins was the beneficiary.

They had given up a total of 4 sacks going into the game. We had 3.

If you take away the first run of 45 yards by Forsett he would have ended with 105 yards on 27 carries for a 3.8 average, not too impressive. The #1 against the run in the country was a bit misleading due to many bad shotgun snaps and all of the sacks and I think It got to their head a bit.

Victor Butler - OH MY!!! He looked like a RB on that pick. Doggett was standing there initially saying "give up the rock fatty" and then turned and blocked and they almost took it too the house. Would have liked a TD there, but the win was just fine.

Alan Darlin - STUD…nothing else is needed.

Greg Layborn - Even with a target on your chest you keep saying bring it…keep it up!

Gerard Lawson - All in the rear view mirror. Took the returns and ran like the wind…

Mike - Enjoy the week off. We must CRUSH Stanford. Nothing less. Two more wins and you and Canfield are off the hook.

Not to get ahead of ourselves, but SC in three weeks looks good to me. They are battered and have big problems.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

You fell for the "Jedi Mind Trick" Tedford

I think that Mike Riley got into the head of Jeff Tedford during the game Saturday.

Why do I say that? Because I think Jeff Tedford was sloppy in his goal line strategy against OSU. When Cal had first and goal and they couldn't get it in, it was pathetic coaching the caused it. Yes, OSU's defense made the plays, and I love 'em for it, but Cal could've ran at least one play action counter bootleg. I think Tedford over analyzed the play calls because he was so spooked by Riley.

I think Mike Riley's gambling attitude pressed Tedford into making some high risk decisions. I am sure Tedford remembered the Sun Bowl. It was a flash of true big game glory in the back of his mind. He wished he had the balls Mike Riley had in going for it. During the game Saturday, Riley was gambling and winning again. I am sure Tedford's ego clicked and he got tweaked.

Mike Riley got into Jeff Tedford's head saturday. He used Jedi mind tricks to take him out of his game and it showed.

Ted, if you are reading this blog, here's a clip of true big game glory, keep this vision in the back of your mental rolodex:

Saturday, October 13, 2007

OSU upsets #2 Cal 31-28

OSU beats the California Bears 31-28 today!

(AP Photo/Ben Margot)

High SAT scores don't seem to correlate with intelligence on the football field as Cal blows an opportunity to tie the Beavers in the final seconds of the game.

Oregon beat the #2 Cal Bears 31-28 in an incredible game. OSU survived a late push from the Bears to pull a huge upset.

OSU basically hit all of my keys to the game, except for stopping the run and minimizing big plays. Sean Canfield played his best game as a Beaver today. He did not throw a single INT. He made no major mistakes and it was the main reason we won. Bernard played hard as always. That kid has heart.

Layborne(sp?) nearly cost us the game with some big mistakes....

OSU played with huge heart and intensity. The offensive line was fierce for 4 qtrs. The defensive front 7 played unreal. Stopping Cal 4 times at the goal line was insane. Our defensive line is probably the best in the NCAA.

The ending of the game was bizarre. I thought this was going to overtime. Cal's QB is a redshirt freshman and it showed at the end. All he had to do was throw the ball out of bounds instead of trying to run it up the middle. This loss will hurt for a long time for the Bears. Worse, LSU lost to Kentucky earlier. If Cal won, they would have been #1 in the nation.

This was a great win for the program.

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(AP Photo/Ben Margot)

(AP Photo/Ben Margot)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Next Up.... Cal

Keys to the Game:

Cal has to self destruct somehow, someway for the Beavers to have a chance.

No turnovers on offense- in order for them to win on the road, in front of 80k fans, they will need to play near perfect.

OSU's punt team has to avg 35yds net per punt- this will be hard to do considering how bad Serna is.

OSU must convert 100% of their FG attempts- Serna has to have a great game.

OSU's offensive line must control the line of scrimmage for 4 qtrs.

Yvenson Bernard has to rush for 150 yds, and get 80 yds receiving.

OSU's defense needs to shut down Desean Jackson. OSU's punt team has to contain him too. NO BIG PLAYS.

OSU's defense has to hit Nate Longshore hard, early and often. 5 sacks minimum.

Cal can't rush for more than 80 yds as a team.

If the Beaver's are lucky and these keys come together for them, they can win. I think Cal is overrated at #2 in the country. But they are real good, and this could be a major blowout......

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Phil's Arizona Game Recap

I listened to parts of the game and have not seen it yet.

A tale of two weeks. Last week we gave them the turnovers this week we took them.

Bernard was the work horse as usual. Had some catches and nice blue caller 140. Still tries to catch the ball one handed too much (led to pick last week vs UCLA).

Nice to see the team step up (early) without Sammie. Canfield played fine. Made few mistakes and did not give away the game. When he threw the Pick 6 before the half to Cason (who actually had committed to Beavs and went to AZ after Stoops took the job). Then throwing the pick on the first drive of the second was the "here we go again" music. Instead they settled him down and never put him in a position to fail. Didn't score in the second half, but won the game. Will always take a win.

The defense was stellar. Didn't see the plays, but can see by the stats that they were dominating. AZ had not been sacked regularly and they changed that. Three picks were needed and huge.

Serna is horrible. Love that he rose to the punting challenge, but his legacy will be ruined. He was a Groza winner now he is an average kicker (miss after miss) and a shitty punter.
Lawson must have talked to Lester "stickum" Hayes and got rid of the yips.

Not calling an upset this week, but want to point out that Cal is not great on defense and we should be able to handle their offense. This is the year of the upset.

Three more wins and a bowl game and you get a reprieve on the Canfield experiment.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Stanford upsets USC 24-23

(photo source: AP/Matt Sayles)

Wow. Holy S**T! Way to go Cardinal.

In what's been the year of the upset in college football, Stanford's stunner just might top them all.

Tavita Pritchard threw a 10-yard touchdown pass to Mark Bradford on fourth-and-goal with 49 seconds remaining Saturday night, giving the 41-point underdog Cardinal a 24-23 victory over No. 2 Southern California.

Read More

OSU wins 31-16

(Photo Source: AP/Don Ryan)

The Beavers beat Arizona 31-16. 24 points came in 1st qtr.

Canfield is still leading the nation in INT's.

OSU's uniforms are HORRIBLE. The sports bra look is stupid.

Serna is still a garbage punter, and an average field goal kicker.

Bernard ran for 140 yds. His longest was 21 yards.

The OSU offense racked up 364 yards. Only 164 were passing.

OSU's defense had 3 INT's, 8 sacks and 11 TFL's. Arizona rushed for 8 yards.

Again, Arizona rushed for 8 yards. Wow.

I think the most frustrating thing about OSU is how good the defense is.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Key Riley Comments:

On limiting turnovers.

I’m tired of it because it is a killer. There is no question that one of the major reasons that we are where we are is because we have turned the ball over. Now we have found all different ways to do it. It was interceptions early and we still had a couple of those that were unnecessary. Then the special teams turnovers and then the blocked punt. Those are all reasons for what has happened.