Tuesday, October 23, 2007

OSU's offensive line get's hit by an IED

4 out of 5 OSU offensive lineman are either hurt,sick or MIA. According to Jake at Building the Dam and some dude named Paul Buker(I've never heard of him), OSU's offensive line forgot that a bye week was supposed to help you physically recover....not get worse.

Looks like we may have one starter-Devan, back for the Stanford game. Talk about a meltdown.......

Other Notes:

The OSU vs. Stanford game will NOT be televised. How lame. Read More

The Pac-10 race is looking like a traffic jam on the 405 right now. Although UCLA is 4-0, they still play Oregon, ASU, and USC down the stretch. ASU has Cal,USC,Oregon down the stretch. It is quite feasible that we will have 4 teams at 6-3. I hope it happens. I think it would be hilarious.

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