Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Phil's Candid Feedback about OSU vs. Cal

(Editor-This may be the best recap on the 'net. This pic is the grade Cal fans got for chanting "We're #1, We're #1" before the game was over...donkeys)

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Beaver Nation-

With the Bye I took a little time to review the film a bit. Here are my thoughts.

Tedford - Great work. Throwing your clipboard like a bitch with your Frosh QB right there surely will do wonders for his confidence. Pull you pants up and realize you were out coached and out matched. Face it, your team was over rated. Like Meat points out, nice creativity on the goal line. OUR DEFENSE IS NOT OVER RATED. Try something new after the 2nd or 3rd down. Looking tough does not make you tough. I have CAL friends that are crying "Longshore, Longshore". It would not have mattered, WE WERE BETTER.

Bernard - Way to stand up when you were needed. You earned the Pac Ten Player of the week. Thank you for using two hands to catch the ball. You would not have held on to some of the throws, because you got blasted. You played unbelievable.

Canfield - great job. I am not sure if you have turned the corner yet, but if you haven't you are close. You took control of the game and did not make mistakes and took what they gave you. I think Stanford's D might be a bit better, but only a bit. Look for the TE's.

Receivers - Did a great job. I am sure that Catching is being hounded about his ball carrying skills as he should. Great key grabs late by "Where's the Wheat" Brown. Do we still have TE's? I know that Bernard stole your short throws, but get it Sean's ear and tell him you want the rock.

Serna - Redemption. 3-3 FG's and an above average Punting night was one of the keys of the game. If not for you unbelievable punt at the end of the game we would have lost. GREAT WORK.

O-LINE - 1 Sack. Huge holes. Awesome.

Defense - "And the Heisman goes to"…Not to DeSean Jackson. This kid is a good player. He was covered hit and exposed on Saturday. Speed is tough to contain but hammering him on the line and covering him like a blanket will do it. #1 Punt returner? Might be, but not if you don't give him the ball. Serna is out of the dog house after Saturday. The last Punt to pin the ball on the 5 yard line was nothing but impressive. I was embarrassed for him. Hawkins had the game of his life. We were not going to let Jackson beat us and Hawkins was the beneficiary.

They had given up a total of 4 sacks going into the game. We had 3.

If you take away the first run of 45 yards by Forsett he would have ended with 105 yards on 27 carries for a 3.8 average, not too impressive. The #1 against the run in the country was a bit misleading due to many bad shotgun snaps and all of the sacks and I think It got to their head a bit.

Victor Butler - OH MY!!! He looked like a RB on that pick. Doggett was standing there initially saying "give up the rock fatty" and then turned and blocked and they almost took it too the house. Would have liked a TD there, but the win was just fine.

Alan Darlin - STUD…nothing else is needed.

Greg Layborn - Even with a target on your chest you keep saying bring it…keep it up!

Gerard Lawson - All in the rear view mirror. Took the returns and ran like the wind…

Mike - Enjoy the week off. We must CRUSH Stanford. Nothing less. Two more wins and you and Canfield are off the hook.

Not to get ahead of ourselves, but SC in three weeks looks good to me. They are battered and have big problems.


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