Sunday, September 30, 2007

Comments the day after

The Beavers loss has been on my mind. I think I could deal with it better if they didn't have a chance against UCLA. Defense was above average. Special Teams and Offense were horrible. Alexis Serna is not going to be missed by me when he graduates this year. I know he's not a real punter, but missing FG's is not okay. The 45 yarder he missed hurt. His punts were pathetic. A walk-on could do better.

How does OSU only have 1 punter on the roster going into this season? Doesn't that sound strange? WTF was Riley thinking? Serna is horrible, and he is costing the team. Kyle Loomis is looking like he won't have many friends in Oregon anytime soon.

The new Special Teams coach for Oregon State is a donkey. Here are some videos he should buy so he can learn the basics again....check out Joe Avezzano's in particular.

Jake at Building the Dam is making excuses for Sean Canfield who is actually Junior in terms of spring and fall practices. Sean should have learned from Anderson and Moore, but didn't.

Jason Prothro is using mental fortitude to deal with the Beavers football team. He also makes some interesting points about the real status of the Beaver football program, and how we should have realistic expectations. I heard a lot of excuses in his argument, but to each their own. Jason asks this question: "Do all the 5-6 and 7-5 seasons make the 10 or 11 win seasons that much better?"

Answer: No. I expect 9-11 wins a year. 5-6 is a losing season is unacceptable. Just what are we exactly trying to teach these kids in college anyway? FYI- corporate america doesn't tolerate losing efforts.

The Beavers have everything they need to be a contender every year. All BS about the "small town" and "location" and etc, etc. It makes me want to puke. OSU's facilities are top notch, and OSU is a good school, and it's in the Pac-10. There is no excuse for this program not to be able to build on last year's success.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Phil's UCLA vs OSU Game Analysis

I am not sure where to start. I am just finished watching the game and these are my first gut thoughts.

Where was the Offense?

Where was Sammie?

Where was the Run Defense?

Now I know why Lawson only plays special teams.

Sat with two overly cordial Bruins. It was apparant that they are not good. I just did not know that we were that much worse.

I am not sure we will recover. Mike might need to tighten up the resume.


40- 14.

This loss is not going to sit well with the Beaver Nation.

The Beaver's will be lucky to win 2 more games this year with arguably the best defense in the Pac-10.

That is pathetic.

14-6 Halftime

UCLA has made some adjustments on offense. It's called the screen play. They also are using misdirection. Bottomline is that the OSU defense is really badass.

If Canfield can make some plays, and the WR's catch the ball, OSU could win.

1st Qtr Report - UCLA vs OSU

14-0 OSU leads.

Sammie Stroughter is out of the game with a bruised kidney. I think he is cursed this year.

The WR's look weak without Sammie.

OSU's defense is outstanding. The front four, whoever they are at any given point in time, is ferocious. 3 sacks in the 1st Qtr alone.

Sean Canfield is retarded. If anyone who attends classes with Sean can attest to his intelligence, please feel free to comment. He has 2 INT's already.

Bernard is running UCLA ragged. He has 62 yards already.

If Canfield can't get it together the Beavers could lose.......then again OSU's defense could win it for them too. Al Avalava scored on a fumble return already.

Listen to the game here

Friday, September 28, 2007

OSU vs. UCLA game info

Date: Saturday, September 29
Kickoff: 3:41 p.m.
Site: Corvallis, Oregon
Stadium: Reser Stadium (45,674)
Series: UCLA 38-13-4
Television: FSN and Fox College Sports
Television Replay: FCS (Midnight Sunday)/FSN 1:30 a.m. Sunday
Television Crew: Barry Tompkins, Petros Papadakis, Jim Watson
Radio: Beaver Sports Network (
Radio Crew: Mike Parker, Jim Wilson, Todd Mansfield,
Ron Callan, Steve Preece
Radio Broadcast: 4 hours prior on KEJO (1240 AM)
3.5 hours prior on AM 860 KPAM
2 hours prior on the entire Network
XM Radio: Pac-10 Channels 193-195
Spanish Radio: Churchill Media’s LaX Network
Spanish Crew: Juan De Dios Andrade, Javier Cervantes

Special Programming

Riley Press Conference: FSN NW/FCS -- Sept. 26 (2:30 p.m.) -- every Tuesday

Beaver Sports Talk: Every Tuesday 7-8 p.m.

( Radio Net.)

Beavers All-Access: FSN NW- Sept. 27 (2 & 5 p.m.). Replays on FCS

Joe Beaver Show: Daily (Noon-2 p.m.) -- KEJO (1240 AM)

Riley in the A.M. Every Mon. (8:08 a.m) -- KPAM 860

Read More

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Phil's UCLA vs. OSU Prediction

From Phil:

I was never able to see the ASU game.

Sounds like there was improvement on the Offense, but continued setbacks. Both Matt Moore and Derek Anderson threw tons of picks and they worked out eventually. The picks are a drag, but are growing pains. Getting Bernard back on track was a good sign. Not sure if the Line played well or is Bernard made the difference. Stroughter looks like he is heating up for another huge year.

My biggest concern is the DB's getting beat deep (64/43/48 yard tds). If we don't hold them we have to take more chances (Pass) and put us in a position to fail. Not sure about QB pressure, but 4 sacks are good.

This week should be interesting. Ben Olson needs to be pressured and hit. Sounds terrible, but he is coming off a headache/concussion week off. Their back up is the biggest scrub in the world that has never thrown a pass (Yes, worse than Moevao!). He handed off every play that he was in last week after their other "starter" was knocked out. Their Defense is good but not great. UW over threw pass after pass and still was in the game. If we can have 2 or less turnovers and maybe cause one on our end this game should not be as tough as everyone thinks it will be.


OSU 28 - UCLA 24 (Net one Turnover)

UCLA 48 - OSU 10 (Dipshit throws 5 more picks)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Lessons learned at ASU

#1- Sean Canfield should not have split time this past spring with Lyle Moevao. His lack of reps is his biggest problem. I think he has the physical tools, but his decision making is pitiful. A lot of those skills are developed by position coaches in the film room watching tons of reps. The only way to train quick thinking is reps...I blame Riley on this. The sad fact is that it's hard for a QB to get out of INT rut once they are in it. John Canzano at the Oregonian agrees with me. He also thinks Riley was severely "out-coached" by Erickson. I agree.

#2- The offense is actually pretty good. There were obvious break downs in the ASU game, but 98% were from the QB. The WR, RB's, TE's, and OL did a "winnable" job.

#3- OSU's defense has a really strong rotating front four. The LB's are ok. Where is Derrick Doggett BTW? The DB's are average and can be burned deep. Which is considered a cardinal sin for DB's. They should never get beat deep. Rudy Carpenter threw 4 TD's that were 25 yds or more.

#4- It's going to be a long season.

Interesting Factoid:
OSU has had more passes intercepted (13) than any Div. 1-A team in the country.

Click Here for Visual Stats on the next blood bath- OSU vs. UCLA

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Make that 4 picks

The Beavers offense is sick and tired of Canfield. They didn't even try and tackle the DB, and Devan just got a personal foul.

Oh yeah, Stroughter was wide open on the play. Canfield sucks.

27-26 Sun Devils

Canfield continues to show why he is not a Pac-10 caliber QB. He just threw his 3rd pick, and ASU turned around on the next play for a TD pass.

Between Bernard's inability to break away, and Canfield's inability to NOT turn the ball over, the Beaver's will be very lucky to win.

Right now, it does not look good for the Beavers. You simply can't win games with that many turnovers. IT'S THAT SIMPLE. DON'T TURN THE BALL OVER DONKEYS!

The Beavers need two offense scores and at least one defensive score to win. Otherwise it's over.

26-20 Beavers, but ASU is in control

Unless the Beavers start making plays, ASU is going to win.

OSU vs ASU Halftime Report

I can't see the game, but I am listening to it thanks to KPAM.

ASU is coming back after a 19 spot in the 1st qtr. It's now 19-13 at the end of the half.

Rudy Carpenter might be out thanks to a hard hit by Al Afalava on the last drive for ASU.

OSU has given up some big plays on defense, only in the 2nd qtr. The tail of two quarters. 19 for OSU in the first, and 13 for ASU in the second.

Yvenson Bernard is still having problems breaking tackles. Polk or Fuller need to get some carries.

Canfield threw a pick, but according to the radio announcers he was hit as he was throwing. Riley said that they had a wide open receiver on the play. Could've been a TD.

The defense is going to have to score in order for the Beavers to win this game.

If Carpenter is hurt, the Beavers have a chance.

OSU is hitting hard tonight. The defense has given up some big plays that were flukes.


If you want to know who the #1 pick in next year's draft will be look here.

Hint: He hasn't thrown a pick in 296 throws,he's a senior, he wears blue, he beat the crap out of Arkansas tonight.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My prediction for the OSU vs. ASU game

Too bad the Beaver's are playing in Tempe, where it's too dry for dam builders.

Riley meets the press and says the same goddamn thing he says before every game- Read More

I hope that I am wrong and the Beavers build on their win against Idaho St. But I think the Beavers are going to have a tough time against the Sun Devils. I hope the Beavers keep it close.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday Morning QB

Phil gives us his candid feedback about the Beaver's ass wupping of Idaho St...

QB's - Canfield - Looked good and needed to have a confidence building game like this. The O-Line gave his lots of time which did not hurt. Made good decisions all along the way. Bad throw to Sammie early that could have been a TD if he puts air under the ball. Still a bit slow.

Meovao - Looked fine. Game was in hand and no real risk. Wow…no picks…

Sammie - Also looked good and needed a game like this to boost morale. Still finding his legs…dropped ball in the third because he was tired.

Brown - Where's the "Wheat"? He had been so quiet in the first few weeks, I thought he graduated.

Bernard - Not too concerned about the 54 yards. Obviously Mike was working on the pass and the run game never really found momentum until the last run (10 yards).

Young RB's - Looked good in back up role. Like Polk's speed Sieverson can't pass block though. Almost got Moevao killed. Hmmmm…

O-Line - Tons of time for the Qb's which is good. Still having a hard time running the ball. If this continues, which I think it will unfortunately, Canfield's numbers will drop off next week against a better defense.

Defense - I can't believe I am saying this, but I am a bit disappointed. I do have very high expectations. Aside from an arrant snap or two and the fact they passed the pass the majority of the time, your run defense was normal. Want to see a pick up next week. The Pass Defense was pathetic. If Idaho State can throw for the yards they did, other real teams will throw all over us and score a lot of points.

Al "I'll have another plate" Afalava - had three times where skinny receivers shook him like a bad habit. Mix in a salad.

Gerard Lawson - Love to watch him fly around the field. Pick for a TD was a great payback for all of the great effort that you always give.

Serna - You are still a horrible Punter. One ball the accidentally stops on the one does not make you Ray Guy.

Mike - Good game plan. Tighten up the DB's

Happy with the momentum that this win builds. AZ State will be very tough. Beaver should be ready for a fight.

Monday, September 17, 2007

O.J. Simpson played RB at USC

USC owns more than National Championships, Heisman Trophies, and Pac-10 Championships. USC owns the biggest donkey in modern day sports history- OJ Simpson. This has got to be the clearest example of the existence of karma. If you don't believe in Karma you are an idiot.

OJ is going to jail for a long long time. The audio tape is a prosectors wet dream.

Click Here to read the dailies from on OJ's implosion. Oh yeah, check out the audio in NSFW or SFW versions.

OSU Beaver Alumns have Game

The blog Building the Dam has a cool report on all the ex-Beavers who are playing the NFL nowadays. I think that this is the most we've ever had playing in the NFL at one time. Besides the hot girls(FSN highlighted a bunch in the stands during the Idaho St game), there is nothing more telling about the success of a program than the number of ballers in the league.

Apparently Derek Anderson reads OSU Beaver Football Blog, and took things into his own hands Sunday and showed dumbass Chad Johnson and TJ "Who's your Mama" that he's got mad game. 5 TD's and a win is an awesome first start for Derek.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

OSU pounds the Bengals 61-10

This was a good win, only because we got to see the talent on the second string offense and defense.

I am not happy that Idaho St scored 10 points. But they only had 34 yards rushing. 300 yards passing is not ok. The 3 picks help, but they happened when the game was already over.

Yvenson Bernard had a whopping 54 yards rushing. That's right 54 yards. That is pathetic.

Clinton Polk and Patrick Fuller look more impressive. I am sorry to say it, but it's true. Yvenson is physically challenged. He can't make really big plays and always get caught from behind.

Sammie Stroughter was productive with 9 catches for 159 yds and 2 TD's. He needed this game real bad.

Canfield delivered the goods today. 21-30 for 353 yds and 3 TD's is good. He had at least 5 drop balls, which means he could've been 26-30.

Moevao needs to be benched. He was 7-11 and 80 yds in junk time. Gunderson looked better. This guy is a political play in my opinion. Riley only puts him in because he wants to appease the Hawaiian players. Gunderson or a frosh needs reps.

Jeff Van Orso looks like half the player he was last year. He has some sort of leg injury, damn shame.

OSU pulverizing the Bengals

3rd Quarter Notes:

Lyle Moevao is weak, and Gunderson should get playing time over him now. Why? Because if Canfield gets hurt Lyle is not going to give us a chance.

Bernard can not break away from even D-1AA defenses. He is not as swift as Ken Simonton, or as explosive as Stephen Jackson. He is productive, and has heart, but he can't make big plays.

Clinton Polk scored on his first carry of the day and looked strong. He broke away and used a stiff arm for a 20+ yard TD run. I love running backs who use a stiff arm. Every play he is in, he has done something impressive. It's good to have him back.

Sieverson(sp?) is horrible and shouldn't touch the ball. He is a good athlete, but not Pac-10 caliber. Giving him carries is not helping the team. Riley needs to put in Polk or Fuller or anyone else who is a real running back.

Derrick Doggett looks over-rated. He did not put on any additional muscle in the off season and it's showing. He's fast, but weak. He not agile enough to be a SS, and he's not big enough to play LB with force. He will not get drafted.

OSU's LB core is over-rated, but still good.

The score is 54-10 in the 4th quarter. Idaho just hit a 50+ yd TD pass. OSU's 2nd string defense is not holding the line. Gerrard Lawson is a frickin' playmaker, he returned an INT for a TD. That guy needs to be on the field more. He makes plays. Here me Riley?

Next game will be a real test.....ASU is not Idaho St.

Wow....UCLA is getting spanked by Utah

44-6 in the 4th Quarter. I can't believe this score. Why? Let's see...Utah is using it's second string QB and RB. UCLA was a top 20 team.

OSU is killing the Bengals of Idaho St, it's not even half time and the score is 28-0. Sammie Stroughter is having a huge first half. 7 catches for 140 yards, 1 TD. FSN is doing a great job showcasing the amazing OSU talent in the stands. Smokin' hotties galore....

I have lots of comments about the OSU vs Idaho St game, just wait. I am going to rip some players new assholes since Riley won't.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Beaver Spam Idaho St. Analysis


It is very fortunate that we have Idaho State this week. Our morale has to be down a bit after last week, but the press conference seemed to be a bit upbeat. Our Defense should be able to absolutely shut down these guys and give the Offense the ball often. There will be mistakes, but they will likely be more easily overcome than last week. I am optimistic and feel this could be a good step into a tough Pac-10 schedule.


I agree with Phil, this is the best opportunity for OSU to work on execution of the offense. Canfield had better have a good game, otherwise he's finished. He admitted that he's already been through 3 spring balls, and 3 fall camps in his career at OSU.

That means he is essentially a Senior in terms of experience. That is scary. Frankenstein scary.

Do you think Riley is frustrated with his QB's? I bet he is. I bet he rips them new assholes in position meetings and film review. Maybe Riley has somebody else do his dirty work, whoever it is, it's not working. I think Riley should take over and scare the beejeezus out of these knucklehead QB's. He is wise to not show his frustration to the media.

I'd be happy to give the QB's a pep talk anytime......

Beaver Football Game Info

Beaver Football Game Info:

Idaho State (1-0) at Oregon State (1-1)
Date: Saturday, September 15
Kickoff: 3:37 p.m.
Site: Corvallis
Stadium: Reser Stadium (45,674)
Series: First Meeting
Television: LIVE -- FSN NW/FSN Rocky Mtn (Idaho only)
Television Replay: FSN NW, Sept. 17 (Noon); FCS (TBA)
Television Crew: Todd Mansfield, Steve Preece, Cathy Marshall
Radio: Beaver Sports Network (
Radio Crew: Mike Parker, Jim Wilson, Todd Mansfield,
Ron Callan, Steve Preece
Radio Broadcast: 4 hours prior on KEJO (1240 AM)
3 hours prior on 860 AM KPAM
2 hours prior on the entire Network
XM Radio: Pac-10 Channels 193-195
Spanish Radio: Churchill Media’s LaX Network
Spanish Crew: Juan De Dios Andrade, Javier Cervantes

Special Programming
Riley Press Conference: FSN NW/FCS -- Sept. 12 (2:30 p.m.) (1240 AM)
Beaver Sports Talk: Every Tuesday 7-8 p.m.
( Radio Net.)
Beavers All-Access: FSN NW - Sept. 12 (6 p.m.). Replays on FCS
Joe Beaver Show: Daily (Noon-2 p.m.) -- KEJO (1240 AM)
Riley in the A.M. Every Mon. (8:08 a.m) -- 860 AM KPAM

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Not another Michigan

Building the Dam started this, so I don't want credit for spreading the "bad juju". Here is an article telling OSU to not to let their guard down against Idaho St. I can't agree more. OSU had better not self destruct against them or there will be no hope for the rest of the season.

I predict that the Beavers will roll the Bengals. But who knows with this years team.

Does the fact that Idaho St. is rep'd by a Bengal disturb you like it does me? Our alums who are Bengals played us like donkeys last week. Will it be more of the same?

I think the answer resides in Canfield......

F*** Chad Johnson and TJ "Who's your Mama?".

Here is some info on Idaho St.:

Enrollment: 14,005
Colors: Black and Orange
Nickname: Bengals
Affiliation: NCAA Division I-AA
Stadium: Holt Arena (12,000 - artificial turf)
Athletic Director: Paul Bubb
Sports Information Director: Frank Mercogliano

Head Coach: Larry Lewis (Boise State, 1981)
Record at ISU: 38-40 (seven years)
Career record: same
2005 record: 5-6
2005 Big Sky record: 3-4
Lettermen returning/lost: 37 / 15
Starters returning/lost: 16 / 8

Monday, September 10, 2007

One game does not make or break the Beav's

(AP Photo/David Kohl)

But based on the performance of other Pac-10 schools this weekend, the Beavers are going to have a tough road ahead of them.

Oregon dismantled Michigan. Even though Michigan looks like a bunch of pussies right now, Oregon looks like they have a good team this year.

Washington beat up on Boise St- yea! Washington looked extremely physical in this game, their new QB looks like a gamer.

UCLA spanked the polygamists. UCLA has a very good team this year. But I smell a flame out.

Cal beat a decent Colorado St team. Cal is stacked this year, but the defense is average.

ASU beat Colorado handily. I am afraid the Beavers might get slaughtered we play them. We don't play well at's too arid in Phoenix for aquatic creatures. Erickson will have them fired up to get revenge for last year's ass whipping OSU put on the Sun Devils. In fact, one ASU cheerleader was so dejected after the game- she turned to porn (Source-M Zone). I heard that a lot of ASU football players were pissed that they would have to share their best supporter.......

Pray the Beaver's get it together next Saturday and roll up the Idaho St. football team. If OSU pulls a Michigan vs. Appalachian St......I will get very drunk....and I will cry like a baby.......

Friday, September 07, 2007


According to ESPN, TJ "Who's Your Mama?" and Chad "Vader" Johnson where spotted on the Cincinnati sidelines instead of the Beavers sidelines during the second half of the game last night.


If find this appalling on a lot of levels. I am thinking about boycotting anything to do with those two clowns.

Do you think a USC WR would go stand with USC's opponent EVER???? Hell No.

Howabout UW or U 0f O? Hell No.

TJ and Chad are donkeys as far as I am concerned. Just WTF were they thinking?

Did I also mention that TJ and Chad blew off meeting the OSU team on Wed? They were supposed to talk to the team after practice. I guess there must of have been a "buy a beer, get a lap dance" special at the local Cincinnati strip club that afternoon or something.......

Those guys are punks.

Phil's OSU vs. Cincinnati Game Recap

Here are my thoughts on the disaster tonight:

QBs - Canfield - for the most part good choices. The main problem is that he is too SLOW. He had all the time in the world and was molasis in the backfield. His first pick was a crap read. His second was a good read (wide open corner route) just hit on the throw. The second half he was afraid to make mistakes instead of trying to make plays. He will still start and get the staps b/c Moevao was garbage.

Moevao - numbers looked ok, but should have had 4 picks. He stares the recievers down and throws bad balls usually into coverage. More mobile which just gives him more time to throw pick.

Bernard - the good - you have heart. You run hard every play. The holes were not there tonight. The bad - two hands!!! The cute one hand catches are rare and not the norm. You have to catch the ball to help the struggling offense/qb.

O-line - you looked tired and slow. Pass blocking was superb. Canfield and Moe had tons of time. BUT, you were embarrasing blocking for Bernard. 30 some odd yards are not going to cut it. It is your fault that he was shut down. Perry's absents was evident, but he is only one player. Maybe you should go with the "meat, leaves & berries" diet. Seemed to work for them.

Sammie - glad to see you back. Would have liked it better if you caught the first pass. I understand rust, that is your one and only drop. You're better than that. The dropped punt is on you, but you were bumped and the no call was crap.

Croom - the only bright light. Keep it up.

Young WRs - solid effort. Need improvement still. Keep up the good effort.

Defense - tough field position killed you. Run defense was solid. Pass rush was devastating. Other than the 4th quarter you owned their offense. Sacks are awesome, let's try for a few turnovers.

Serna - make the kick. Keep the momentum rolling. After a strong start punting you fell off the map. You need to get the ball off quicker and kick it higher, farther and straighter.

Powers - nice heart to come back from a nasty tackle. You will have a good year.

Mike - SHAVE. Beards are for winning streaks. You need the time to think about next week and the rest of the season.

Overall - dissappointing. The offense was pathetic and sad. I won't stand for this effort. This is embarassing on national TV. Being clowned by Flutie can NEVER happen again. The Defense was solid but can't play the whole game.


Thursday, September 06, 2007

7 Turnovers

The Beavers lost 34-7, and they are lucky it wasn't worse. It wasn't that Cincy was that great, their offense got throttled by OSU's defense. OSU's Offense and Special Teams were pathetic.

Both QB's stunk.

Moevoa cemented his status as the 2nd least effective quarterback tonight, throwing interception after interception, after the #1 least effective quarterback(Canfield) threw interception after interception.

OSU's defense played tough, but did not make one big play all night. I believe Cincy finished without a turnover. I feel bad for Oregon State's defense because they hung in there and made tons of great plays....mostly in the first half.

OSU's offensive line looked tired all night. They were slow and couldn't get off the ball. They looked weak and soft against an average defensive line.

OSU's offensive playbook looked slimmed down and easy to figure out. This is possibly due to the lack of brainpower inbetween Canfield and Moevoa- PineAppola.

Sammie Stroughter looked like a high school football player and Rogers/Catchings looked liked seniors.

Alexis Serna looked like a freshman out there too. There is no excuse for missing that field goal in the first quarter.

Oregon State's offense looked downright horrible tonight. They may have gotten more yards than Cincy, but the made more catastrophic mistakes.

I am wondering what the deal is with the rate of turnovers OSU quarterbacks continue to produce in Riley's offense. Anderson threw a bunch, Moore threw a bunch his first year, and a few less the his senior year, Canfield and Meebo are setting a new standard in ineptness.

I am also wondering why the Beavers even show up for an ESPN broadcast, seems like everytime they are on ESPN they tank.....wait it wasn't the Beavers that showed up tonight, it was the Banana Slugs from Cal St Fullerton.

Some games are unwinnable

The Cincy game is looking like one. The referees suck, and continue to make a difference in continuing Cincy drives. It's the only way the can advance the ball on OSU.

OSU's offense looks horrible. The offensive line is sucking major wind. There is no running game. And Sean Canfield looks SOFT.

Cincy keeps fumbling, but hasn't lost the ball yet. 3 times it has happened.....

Cincy's freshman kicker just hit a 55 yarder.

Score is 20-3.

Sammie Stroughter fumbles, Cincy scores

The Beavers keep making mistakes on offense and special teams. Sammie was interfered with on a fair catch, and subsequently fumbled. This is a Big East referee team and it is showing.

The defense is playing great.

17-3 Cincinnati.

I really hate losing to this school.......

10-3 Halftime Score

Late in the second quarter Canfield threw his second interception tonight, giving Cincinnati great field position again at the OSU 30. It was not entirely his fault, he was hit while he was throwing causing the ball to flutter. 2 turnover on the road is a recipe for disaster. The offensive line for OSU is really dragging their asses. The humidity must be taking a toll.

OSU's defense is stiffling. Cincy has -21 rushing yards in the first half.

Bernard has 16 yds on 10 carries.

The score is 3-3. Check that it's about to be 10-3 Cincy. Yep, it's now 10-3.

BTW- Doug Flutie is a major league donkey and should give up broadcasting. Kirk Herbstreit is a minor league donkey.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

OSU vs Cincinnati Broadcast Info

(photo source: Greg McKie/OSU Athletic Dept)

OSU Beaver Football Notes:

Oregon State (1-0) at Cincinnati (1-0)
Date: Thursday, September 6
Kickoff: 4:30 p.m. PDT (approx.)
Site: Cincinnati, Ohio
Stadium: Nippert Stadium (35,000)
Series: First Meeting
Television: LIVE -- ESPN
Television Crew: Chris Fowler, Craig James, Doug Flutie, Erin Andrews
Radio: Beaver Sports Network (
Radio Crew: Mike Parker, Jim Wilson, Todd Mansfield, Ron Callan, Steve Preece
Radio Broadcast: 4 hours prior on KEJO (1240 AM)
3 hours prior on 860 AM KPAM
2 hours prior on the entire Network
XM Radio: Pac-10 Channels 193-195
Spanish Radio: Churchill Media’s LaX Network
Spanish Crew: Juan De Dios Andrade, Javier Cervantes

Special Programming: (1240 AM)
Beaver Sports Talk: Every Tuesday 7-8 p.m.
( Radio Net.)
Beavers All-Access: FSN NW - Sept. 5 (7:30 p.m.)/
Sept. 7 (12:30 p.m.). Replays on FCS
Joe Beaver Show: Daily (Noon-2 p.m.) -- KEJO (1240 AM)
Riley in the A.M. Every Mon. (8:08 a.m) -- 860 AM KPAM

Monday, September 03, 2007

Cincinnati Game Preview and Beaver Notes

HEAR ME NOW BELIEVE ME LATER: "Defense and a Running Game Wins Championships"

My Take on Cincinnati Bearcats:

They are good, but they played a garbage opponent in their first game. While Cincinnati might have good team speed, it's not Pac-10 team speed. OSU's defense is going to give Cincinnati all they can handle. SEMO ran for 170 yds against Cincinnati, so I don't think they will be able to stop our running game. By halftime of the game with SEMO, the Bearcats had 373 yards and led 19-3, they had a missed field goal, two missed extra points, a fumble and an interception which kept the score down. They won't be able to make those mistakes against Oregon St. and not pay for it. SEMO also had 6 turnovers in the game.

That said, Cincinnati is at home so I have a feeling that they will be charged up for the game. The Pac-10 is the best conference, so it's teams are always marked. I don't even know what conference Cincy is in. Ok, they are in the Big East. Thanks ESPN. They will play hard at first, but after our defense hits a couple of Cincy players into oblivion, they will start flinching just like Utah did.

Oregon St is currently favored by 3.5. The over/under is 110, which means Vegas thinks this is going to be a high scoring game. (check realtime odds here)

My prediction, 35-31 Beavers win.

Here are links to Cincinnati Bearcats Info:

Cincinnati vs SEMO game recap and video clip
Stats from the Cinci vs. SEMO

Riley's Take on Cincinnati:

“I think Cincinnati looks like a very good football team. They are fast. I think the speed of the game will go up a couple notches this week. They look active on defense. It’s going to be more of the same offensively as far as the spread and what they do out of it. They try to stretch your defense and you have to do a great job one-on-one. We’ve got to be able to use all of our speed in defending that team. You couple that with the trip and the different type of weather that we are going see, there’s a lot of stuff for our team here. We’re going to go a day early, leave after practice tomorrow and be there and practice in their stadium on Wednesday.”

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Beaver Notes:
Joe Newton was cut by the Seahawks
Matt Moore gets cut then picked up
Derek Anderson loses to Frye

Check out a killer highlight video from the Utah game: