Sunday, October 10, 2010

James Rodgers qualifies for Medical Redshirt

Here's some good news- James Rodgers qualifies for a medical hardship from the NCAA since he has played in 30% or less of the Beavers games this year. We could have the Rodgers Bros back again next year, which wouldn't suck.

There is a chance that he might have only torn his cartilage, which means he could get scoped and be back in two weeks.

Rodgers was quoted by Oregon Live that he didn't hear a pop and that it just tightened up on him. I've messed up my knees before, 2 scopes, sprained ligaments,etc. Usually when you tear ligaments you hear a pop, and it's usually loud enough to hear in a stadium packed with fans. If he partially tore ligaments he wouldn't hear a pop. If it's a partial tear he will probably redshirt since fixing partial tears are the same as full tears. If it was late in the season, he could play on a partial tear, but would need surgery after the season. In that scenario James would have a hard time getting drafted by the NFL since he would be rehab'ing well into the spring.

Here's a video of the play Rodgers got hurt on:


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It is such a nice news that James Rodgers qualifies for Medical Redshirt. James Rodgers is a great American footballer. Rodgers was injured on a tackle midway through the second quarter of the Beavers' 29-27 win at No. 9.

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