Tuesday, October 05, 2010

3 minutes of boneheaded plays

I was watching the replay of the OSU vs ASU game, and it was kinda painful to watch. There were sprinklings of great plays, and heavy doses of stupidity.

With about 4 minutes left OSU had the ball on offense and a 11 point lead. They had 3rd down and long, the play gets in late from the sideline, Katz rushes the team to the LOS. The offensive line breaks down against a 4 man rush, Phillip in particular misses a simple chip block, then watches a DL run by and blast Katz as he scrambles downfield. Then as Katz gets up Burfict from ASU head butts Katz, within a split second Phillip pushes Burfict and the ref's pull their flags. The Beavers could have gotten a first down by Burfict's dumb move, but Phillip stepped in, instead it's 4th down.

The next play is a punt and it's blocked by ASU. Next play ASU runs it up OSU's ass for a TD, then a 2 point conversion.

This kinda BS is bad. 8 pts in 1:30 of game play. OSU needs to learn to finish strong. They didn't against Louisville and they didn't against ASU.

UofA is better than ASU. Shit, ASU nearly came back from 11 pts in 3 minutes.....

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