Saturday, October 16, 2010

Beavers lose 35-34

The pass was dropped in the endzone.

This was a tough loss.

The Beavers should have beat the Huskies. 3 INT's won't do it. Especially on the road.


Anonymous said...

Why should they have beaten the Huskies? They let themselves get down 21-0, failed to score in the final 25 minutes or so of regulation and couldn't stop UW in OT. They were statistically outdone. UW was dominating, slipped hard, and almost gave it away because of their OWN mistakes. This was never the Beaver's game.

Webmaster said...

I think UW made less mistakes than the Beavers. 3 INT's are a pretty big deal. Katz had his worst game yet they still had a chance to win in Seattle. A one point win is not a dominating performance.