Friday, October 22, 2010

Oregon...are you kidding me?

It's hard to knock the University of Oregon these days, as much as I loathe OSU's top rival, they are really good this year. #1 in points scored, #3 in rushing, #15 point against, and #29 in passing- yes passing- these guys run the ball better than they pass. Which is weird given the scheme.

UofO has done an amazing job recruiting Pac-10 talent into their spread offense. Even losing their starting QB from last year doesn't matter, Masoli is an after thought these days. I am not sure about the defense except to say they don't spend much time on the field. The defenses' stats will always be skewed because of the offense.

Oregon has an offensive system that is damn near unstoppable. The only way they fail is by player error, major error. The system makes up for most mistakes and makes the game simple. That's what impresses me the most, they keep it simple and execute. Players can be plugged in, and there is no drop off. Yes, James is really good, but I think a lot of talented backs could produce in Oregon's system.

OSU is going to have it's work cut out for it in this year's civil war.

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