Wednesday, October 20, 2010

UW game is on ESPN

I am not sure if anyone caught this, but ESPN replayed the UW game tonight.

Damn hard to watch.

I am thinking about doing a break down of the last play of the game if I can gather the time. Spoiler- the TE ran the wrong route on the play. A soft curl route would have won the game. Katz thought that was the route. Hulahani drifted into the Safety.

BTW- Hardin needs to be replaced by Poyer asap. I feel really bad for Hardin- he is a good kid giving 110% effort. He is more of a Safety than a corner. He got used...repeatedly. He is a good athlete in the wrong position.

PS- I hated Mike Bellotti's commentary on the game- did you too? Leave comments....

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