Thursday, January 31, 2008

Feb 6th National Signing Day

The Beavers are racking up some interesting verbals, but we will see...

The OSU athletic dept is prepping for some big PR- read more

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oregon State Basketball


Don't believe me? Click Here and Here

I am sorry, but the buck stops with the coach of the OSU team. Jay John is horrible. He can't recruit and he can't make due with what he's got. Check out Building the Dam's analysis of the recent Cal game. Jay John is history.

I don't really care about basketball anyway, OSU football and baseball are the shizzit.

Men's basketball hasn't been decent since I attended OSU, back in the Payton era.

Here's a video of Payton highlights....oh those where the days.....

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

OSU finishes #25 in the AP for 2008

The USA today poll didn't have OSU ranked.

Worse Oregon was ranked above the Beavers in both coaches and AP rankings.....

I guess if you beat your ranked rival in their own house, with our own backup QB and RB, it doesn't matter......

What a joke....OSU gets no respect.....

Monday, January 07, 2008

Donkey's Read Pure Orange.....

All these folks at Pure Orange BB caught my brain fart on spelling Riley's name Reilly....LMFAO

Pure Orange doesn't even take new registrations without webmaster approval, so I couldn't defend myself on their BB. Hmmmm, weird. Oh well.

That's the last time I watch Bill O'Reilly and post something on the OSUFBB....and no bears...I mean beers while posting......damn....

Click here to read how pissed everyone is.

My response:

Whatever little bitches...

If you have read this blog before there are no misspellings of Riley in the prior posts. Maybe there should've been, I just don't know Mike's politics enough to comment on that....he seems pretty conservative. Anyway who cares......

I am 1000 times more credible than any visitor on Pure Orange, please spare me.

This is not a paid blogger here.....any donkey can put Google ads on their blog these days. But if you feel like clicking on some of the Google links I won't complain.....heeehaww

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Spring ball starts March 31st

The Gazette Times has a nice list of the Beavers depth chart. (thx Beaver Sports News)

Interestingly, our DB's are all returning starters basically-Hughes, Payton, Afalava, Lewis. Only bummer is that this group was horrible compared to our run defense....well, actually our pass defense was bottom tier of the Pac-10, and bottom quartile nationally. I think that the big plays hurt our pass defense, but they need to improve alot.

The d-line has proven players returning, Booth, Norris and Butler were productive when they played. I think some younger players will add value in 2008.

The linebacking core is a big mystery. All new group. Yes they have played but now they will have to lead. Again I am hoping a freshman or soph steps up and makes a mark. I'd like to see a 4 year starter(s) emerge from the 2008 season.

The QB situation is what will make this spring interesting. I wouldn't be surprised to see a freshman or sophomore step up and put pressure on Moevoa and Canfield. I don't think Riley was pleased with what either brought to the table physically or mentally. Neither Moevoa or Canfield are physical specimens....neither could run a sub 5.0 40 yd dash.....if they can bench their body weight 10 times I'd be surprised.....

On a brighter note, our WR corp will be stronger next year. The TE's need to be productive in the red zone next year. I am not sure Croom and Camp will deliver. We need a starter in this position asap. It seemed like Riley had to rotate guys all year long. Dare I say I miss a certain 3 down TE from last year??

The o-line looks pretty good, but they will miss Scheuning's leadership for sure. 7 out of the 10 on the depth chart have either started or lettered in 2007. Thompson's return will be huge. Perry is great if he can stay healthy.

A comment on recruiting- OSU is getting a lot more 3 and 4 star recruits this year. More than last year. It's a very interesting positive trend if we can land a bunch of them.

One recruit from a JC was just announced, and he could have the worst stats every for a Div-1 Pac-10 scholarship award winner.
Jeremy Francis of El Camino, the 6-1, 220-pound running back accounted for 269 yards and two touchdowns rushing, and 180 yards receiving and a touchdown last season, helping El Camino to the state title game. Uh okay....269? In one game right?

Yes 269 yards and two touchdowns for the season.......WTF?

I played at Santa Rosa JC, and I did that in my first 6 qtrs my freshman year.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Looking forward to 2008

(photo source: AP)

Geez, the Beavers will have their work cut out for themselves next year. Check out the schedule on the right hand menu section of the Oregon State Beaver Football Blog.

We have 3 starters on defense and 6 on offense returning. One of the returners I assume is a QB, maybe both since both started. If that's the case we are going to have our hands full next year. Canfield has a screwed up shoulder now, and Moevoa is simply not going to cut it....

We have 23 redshirts, but who cares, they will still be Freshman next fall with no game experience. These freshman will be playing in front of 100k strong in Happy Valley before they even get their feet wet against an up and coming program in Stanford. Yikes.

(photo source:

Message to Bob DeCarolis: you are doing a great job, but ease up on the non-conference opponents, and keep the Beav's west of the Mississippi. The Pac-1o is competitive enough that if the Beav's play cupcakes in the pre-season and win out in the Pac-10 they will be a Top 5 team guaranteed.