Monday, October 27, 2008

ASU, myth or reality

This week's game against ASU is not a gimmie like WSU and UW. Yes, this team is underachieving. Yes, OSU is rolling.

OSU is getting recruits, and love from everywhere. Riley is the best coach OSU has had in the last 50 years, and he deserves all the love he is getting these days. OSU is getting verbal commits left and right-which is good.

But the Beavers need to win. They need to beat ASU. That is all that matters.

If OSU loses to ASU this season will be just okay.

If OSU beats ASU this season has the potential to be historic.

Monday, October 20, 2008

OSU's DB's are targets

Every team is going try and throw the long ball at OSU's defense after our game with Washington. Mark Banker is one of the best D-Coordinators in the country and I am confident he can solve the problem.

After viewing game video, OSU defensive coordinator Mark Banker counted eight long passes by the Huskies, with the defender being cornerbacks Brandon Hughes (three times) and Tim Clark (once) and safeties Greg Laybourn (twice), Al Afalava (once) and Austin Hall (once).

Four of them went for completions – for 48, 46, 33 and 28 yards. Two resulted in pass interference penalties on Hughes and Hall. One was caught out of bounds. A 51-yard completion was nullified by a Washington holding penalty.

Read more about Banker's view on the average performance of OSU's secondary from Kerry Eggers at the Portland Tribune. Kerry got the coach to point out some technique issues his players had in the game.

BTW- Greg Laybourn won Defensive Player of the Week, so it's not like OSU's DB's did nothing. They just look very susceptible to the long ball.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

OSU is in the playoffs now

OSU has to treat each game now as a playoff game, there is no other way to look at it. Riley is doing a good job preaching a game by game approach, but that's not too hard against two crappy Washington schools.

The next five games are going to be brutal. There are no gimmies. ASU is hungry. But Riley is undefeated on bye weeks. ASU has underachieved all year, which means they are going to be ready to breakout and overachieve. OSU has the game at home, which should help. Rain would help too.

OSU looks pretty healthy, which is good too.

Regarding my prior remarks about putting in McCants more often, I did not mean that as a gripe against Quizz. He is the man. I hope his head doesn't get too big though. His demeanor on the field makes me a little worried. If he is trying to be Barry Sanders, great. But, if he's freaked by the attention, then that's another problem. Spelling him with McCants might be a long term smart coaching move at this point.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

OSU wins 34-13 and gets a road win

This was a weird game, OSU was clearly the better team, but there where major breakdowns in the defensive backfield.

Moevao played an incredible game. No picks. Very efficient. The Rodgers brothers where unreal, absolutely dominated. See the stats below.

The defense made an incredible stand on the goal line in the fourth quarter after UW threw a 50 yd bomb to the one. It was impressive to watch even though the game was over.

McCants looked very good tonight, he saved the Beavers from a 2pt safety in the 4th qtr. He stepped in earlier when Quizz tweaked his ankle or something.

I think it would help OSU to mix in McCants more often in the running attack. Quizz did nothing until the game was over, UW did a very good job clogging the middle running lanes, and Quizz doesn't look like a break away runner. Also, for some reason Quizz kept the ball in his inside when he was running, not allowing for any stiff arming. He should watching his brother. Stiff arms gain 4 yards all the time.

Our kicking game actually looked great today too. Kahut did a good job.

Here are some stats:

7:00 PM ET, October 18, 2008
Husky Stadium,
Seattle, WA
Scoring Summary
FG4:54Jared Ballman 45 yard field goal GOOD.
Drive info: 8 plays, 66 yds in 4:31
TD2:23James Rodgers rush for 52 yards for a TOUCHDOWN. Justin Kahut extra point GOOD.
Drive info: 5 plays, 66 yds in 0:00
FG14:09Justin Kahut 37 yard field goal GOOD.
Drive info: 5 plays, 25 yds in 1:41
TD8:43Lyle Moevao pass complete to James Rodgers for 33 yards for a TOUCHDOWN. Justin Kahut extra point GOOD.
Drive info: 5 plays, 52 yds in 2:30
FG0:25Jared Ballman 44 yard field goal GOOD.
Drive info: 6 plays, 47 yds in 1:00
TD8:29Jacquizz Rodgers rush for 1 yard for a TOUCHDOWN. Justin Kahut extra point GOOD.
Drive info: 10 plays, 65 yds in 6:31
TD12:52James Rodgers rush for 55 yards for a TOUCHDOWN. Justin Kahut extra point GOOD.
Drive info: 4 plays, 80 yds in 2:25
TD11:59Terrance Dailey rush for 59 yards for a TOUCHDOWN. Ryan Perkins extra point GOOD.
Drive info: 3 plays, 73 yds in 0:53
FG5:20Justin Kahut 23 yard field goal GOOD.
Drive info: 11 plays, 62 yds in 6:39
Team Stat Comparison

1st Downs1916
3rd down efficiency
4th down efficiency
Total Yards421377
Yards per pass
Rushing Attempts
Yards per rush
Fumbles lost
Interceptions thrown
Oregon State Passing

Lyle Moevao18/221918.710

Oregon State Rushing

James Rodgers311036.7255
Jacquizz Rodgers20944.7118
Ryan McCants6294.809
Jeremy Francis122.002
Lyle Moevao200.003

Oregon State Receiving

Shane Morales46115.3022
James Rodgers35317.7133
Sammie Stroughter6518.5017
Jacquizz Rodgers4256.3012
Brady Camp111.001

Oregon State Interceptions

Keenan Lewis110
Brandon Hughes100
Al Afalava100

Oregon State Kicking

Justin Kahut2/2100.0374/410

UCLA helps the Beaver cause

UCLA beat Stanford today in a pretty sloppy game 24-23. This puts the Beavers in a better position to make a run for the Pac-10 title.

But of course, they have to beat UW today.....

17-6 Beavers Halftime

Somehow UW kept getting away with 40 yard bombs to get into scoring position during the first half, otherwise the OSU D is playing well.

OSU's running game is non-existent. Besides James Rogers and Shane Morales, there is not a lot going on.

Tim Clark-CB, does not look physical enough for the Pac-10 at all. He looks really small on TV. His lack of strength is hurting him on the line of scrimmage with scrub WR's from UW. Not good.

17-3 Beavers 2nd Qtr

The Beavers are making big plays and big hits, taking it to the dawgs.

Al Afalava hit a Washington WR so hard everyone in the stadium and whoever else is watching this game on the Versus network, felt to the bone.

Shane Morales is an absolute baller making great catch after great catch.

James Rogers has scored twice, demonstrating his incredible speed on two long TD plays.

The Beavers need to put 4 quarters together, but they look really good.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Pressure is On

If the Beavers win out, they go to the Rose Bowl.

If they don't take advantage of this situation, I will be very disappointed.

UW is always a pain in the ass, and a tough place to play. The referees from last year's game were the worst ever, and I don't expect much better this year.

Here is a video clip of the worst call ever.......

Here is a clip of Moevao knocking the snot out of a D-lineman from UW:

Sunday, October 12, 2008

OSU has arrived

One of the tell tale signs that a program has moved into "top tier" status is when teams you beat to a pulp complain about the ass whipping they received.

Apparently Washington St. has problems with a 66-13 dismantling. Pussies.

I remember 1990 when Drew Bledsoe threw for a shit load of TD's.

And I remember 1991.

F**K Washington St.

Here is BTD's report.

Here is a quote from Romeo Pellum, who's uncle/cousin/brother might have played at OSU.

As far as I am concerned, WSU got what it deserved. Next game.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Beavers' administer animal abuse on Cougars

The biggest win in school history occurred tonight. Amazingly, OSU's winning QB threw 4 INT's in the victory.

The final 66-13.

The spread in Vegas was 30 points. Damn.

OSU's defense held WSU to 132 total yards in offense. 60 came on the ground.

Team Stat Comparison

1st Downs826
3rd down efficiency
4th down efficiency
Total Yards132548
Yards per pass
Rushing Attempts
Yards per rush
Fumbles lost
Interceptions thrown

The running game, and defense won this game for Oregon State. Period.

I've been on the other end of ass whuppin's like this, and trust me the plane ride back to shithouse Pullman is going to be long. In fact, I bet they have to fly into Boise then drive in. Ughhhhhhh.

OSU vs WSU Box Score

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Wazzu Mascot gets molested on tape

Actually it is a hilarious beat down of the Wazzu Mascot by UofO's Daffy Duck.

How embarrassing is that? A Cougar to get abused by a frickin' duck? That sucks.

*Actually the mascot was the Houston Cougars, not Wazzu, but who cares? GO BEAV'S!

Hitler was a Duck fan! LOL

Source: Steve Tannen

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Could be the next Sanders

If Quizz could get his forty yard speed down he could have a chance. Barry Sanders had unreal moves and breakaway speed. Quizz has not shown breakaway speed yet.




Lola Vagina

From the Portland Tribune:

Sophomore placekicker Justin Kahut, whose missed extra point and 43-yard field goal were crucial in last Thursday’s 31-28 loss at Utah, says he is dealing with the psychological ramifications of his performance.

“Everyone has bad games,” the Clackamas High grad says. “Everyone has failures in life. I’m trying to look at the positives, see what I did wrong and make changes.

“After (Monday’s) practice, I feel a lot more confident in my kicking. I made a couple of little changes. There are several things that went wrong (at Utah). I probably lifted my head up a little quick on the missed kicks. I didn’t like the angle I was coming at the ball. The corrections I’ve made should help.”

The hip flexor that contributed to three missed field goal attempts in the first half of the 45-7 win over Hawaii wasn’t a factor at Utah and won’t be Saturday, Kahut says.

“I’m feeling good, real close to 100 percent,” he says. “It’s still healing, but I don’t feel any pain anymore when I kick.”

Kahut says he was a little worried about reaction from teammates when he returned to the locker room after the Utah game.

“But we have a bunch of great guys on this team,” Kahut says. “Nobody was pointing fingers. It was actually a really nice atmosphere after the game.”

Kahut says his first phone call after the Utah game was to former OSU kicker Alexis Serna, who went through his own adversity at the onset of his career. Serna’s three missed conversions cost Oregon State dearly in a 22-21 overtime-loss at third-ranked Louisiana State in the first game of Serna’s freshman year. He went on to a storied career and won the Groza Award as the top kicker in the nation.

Serna and Kahut roomed together last season, and Serna – now with the Canadian Football League Winnipeg Blue Bombers – has been a mentor to Kahut.

“We talked about (the LSU game) a lot, even before” the Utah game, Kahut says. “When we talked (last Thursday), we went through the whole thing. He just told me to keep my head up. It happens. You can turn it around. He’s proof of it.”

Riley says he hasn’t lost confidence in Kahut.

“He just has to kick the ball and let it fly,” the OSU coach says. “He may have been overcompensating by being a little careful, and that’s a bad thing to do. But he’s a very conscientious kid with a lot of ability. I still believe he will be a very good kicker for the Beavers.”

Monday, October 06, 2008

The Johnson Redemption

(AP Photo/Douglas C. Pizac)

Moevao is a great quarterback, but sometimes the secondary made his passing look too easy. Glancing at the schedule, Moevao will probably be the best quarterback Utah faces until Max Hall and if they can't shore up their pass defense, he could have a huge game.

Moevao great? Are you kidding me? I guess in the Mountain West conference, Moevao is Carson Palmer or Terry Baker. Read this crap next to a toilet.

Utah fans think they beat USC.


Okay, OSU is top tier, we got it. But geez.

Saturday, October 04, 2008


(pic source: ESPN/AP Douglas C. Pizac)

The Utah game is a hard pill to swallow for a lot of reasons.

#1 OSU should have won.
#2 Ref's shouldn't suck as bad as they did
#3 OSU's kicking game is going to be a problem all year
#4 OSU is a better team than Utah

It's time to move forward and forget Utah. Amazingly, all of the dominoes are tee'd up for OSU to knock down and run the table.

OSU could win all it's games going forward and still win the Pac-10. USC thumped Oregon tonight, and may have lost their QB after a dirty tackle. But the Pac-10 is weak and USC should still win out.

If OSU does the same, OSU wins the Pac-10 and goes to the Rose Bowl.

OSU will have tough games against the Arizona schools this year, Cal is looking good too, and Oregon looms. It's going to be extremely tough to do, but the Beavers could make this year a historic year if they want it bad enough.

I wonder if the players realize the opportunity ahead of them......

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Brutal Loss for the Beav's

Wow, this one hurts.

The Beavers had so many chances. Special Teams and Defense wins championships. Neither played well for OSU in the final minutes.

The Beavers played hard, but there was an obvious missing piece to this team that Riley forgot about- the kicking game.

OSU's kicking game is horrible.

Beyond Garbage

The only credit needs to go to OSU's kicker's.


Utah is good. Our kicking game sucks.......

Game Over

31-28 Utah

52 seconds

Utah's all american kicker is getting tee'd up to win the game.

8-10 yds and he can kick it in.


A 32 yd punt.

Utah starts with a short field AGAIN.

OSU's kicking game is going to cost us the game.


Thanks to our effort to give Utah a short field they drive and get a TD plus a 2 pt conversion.

Utah gets a short field

Utah is driving thanks to our donkey kicker. AGAIN.

TD Beavers! 28-20 Beavers!

Brady Camp!!!!

A TD from a TE!!!!!!


2:23 left

OSU has the ball at the 3 yard line. 2nd and goal. Timeout Utah.

This game is not over by a long shot.

21-20 3 minutes left

The Beavers are 3 and 9 and they call a screen!!!!!

Quizz goes to the 2 yd line!!!

Huge Stop by OSU's D

13:32 to go in the 4th and OSU's defense stops Utah and gets the ball back at the 20 yd line.

21-20 Beavers.

Our Kicker sucks

We drive down and stall, then our kicker misses......again.......


Is there really no kickers in the NW or what??

I can't believe OSU can't recruit a kickass kicker or punter.

BTW- End of the 3rd Quarter.

21-20 OSU winning.

This one is going to come down to the wire.

TD OSU Beavers!!! 21-20

Quizz Rogers. 7 yd TD!

2 pt conversion again, FAILED.

OSU is giving the game away

Utah Drive Summaries
11:47106:24UTAH 161368Field Goal Good
03:10100:58UTAH 83-6Punt
00:36100:45UTAH 1222Interception
14:51203:21UTAH 1574Field Goal Good
09:52202:48UTAH 40660Passing Touchdown
04:27201:56UTAH 27527Rushing Touchdown
01:13200:59UTAH 2034Punt

The defense needs more stops....

Oregon State Drive Summaries
15:00103:13ORST 20860Field Goal Good
05:23102:13ORST 20616Punt
02:12101:36UTAH 4334Punt
14:51200:00UTAH 1600Interception Return Touch
11:30201:38UTAH 2235Punt
07:04202:37ORST 047Fumble
02:31201:18ORST 20480Passing Touchdown
00:14200:14ORST 36226End of Half

The offense needs to be more productive pronto......


The Beaver's showed some serious heart and rallied for a quick TD. I don't understand why they could play like that for the entire first half.

Quizz Rogers had a couple good plays, but has been stuffed for the most part.

HE HAS 11 CARRIES FOR 60 YARDS! Are you frickin' kidding me? This kid is patient and persistent. BALLER. Well okay, he did have one play for 33 yards, so basically he hasn't done shit.

OSU has to knock Johnson out of the game in order to pull this one out.

Our defense has already scored, which is huge. Special Teams has to do something.


Moevao hits Morales for a TD!!!!

2 pt try fails.

20-15 2nd quarter.

20-9 Utah

This game is over.

OSU's defense is getting used on misdirection plays.

On the road, it's really hard to come back.

Utah's defense is kicking OSU's offense ass.

It pisses me off that we are only helping USC's cause by losing like this.

Overall the Pac-10 would benefit if OSU was a strong #2.

Night, night.....

Uh oh

Moevao goes back and gets sacked and fumbles.

Utah on the 20 yd line going in.

OSU's offense is getting pummeled. Moevao looks like a kid among men. Men being the Utah d-line.

Utah scores 13-9

The Beaver's defense sorta beat themselves on the last Utah drive.

One 43 yd bomb, then a defensive breakdown.

Not good. OSU has to get their offense on the field for more than 3 plays.

The next drive is critical.

9-6 Beavers

Utah kicked a field goal.

OSU has no running game right now. Quizz is getting nowhere. 5 carries for 15 yds.

OSU has a whopping 10 yards rushing. This is not a good statistic for the Beavers. If the Beavers rush for 100 yds they have a 98% winning percentage....

TD Beavers!!!!!

First play of the quarter, and Al "the hitman" Afalava intercepts the ball and takes it for a TD!!!!

Kahut frickin misses the PAT!!!!!!



3-3 after 1 Qtr

This looks like a tough one, we are going to have to play 3 qtrs of better football

Moevao can't pass over the Utah defensive ends at all. He's had 3 balls knocked down in the first quarter.

Here are the stats from the first quarter.

1:00 left in the Qtr

Utah's defense is handling the OSU offense, after starting at the 43 of Utah they punted.

Utah ball with 50 seconds left. 12 yard line.

Utah is balling

Peat got called for a holding penalty after Quizz went for 13. It was a horrible call. Peat pancaked a donkey, and they called it holding.

2 Moevao passes were knocked down in the drive. Seems like a tip the Utah D-Coordinator picked to focus on.

This game is going to be tough if we keep making mistakes...


OSU Defense held, OSU's ball with a short field.

Game On

3-0 OSU leads.

OSU looks smaller than Utah, but they are hitting harder across the board.

Brandon Godfrey got the snot knocked out of him by "the Hitman".