Sunday, October 19, 2008

OSU is in the playoffs now

OSU has to treat each game now as a playoff game, there is no other way to look at it. Riley is doing a good job preaching a game by game approach, but that's not too hard against two crappy Washington schools.

The next five games are going to be brutal. There are no gimmies. ASU is hungry. But Riley is undefeated on bye weeks. ASU has underachieved all year, which means they are going to be ready to breakout and overachieve. OSU has the game at home, which should help. Rain would help too.

OSU looks pretty healthy, which is good too.

Regarding my prior remarks about putting in McCants more often, I did not mean that as a gripe against Quizz. He is the man. I hope his head doesn't get too big though. His demeanor on the field makes me a little worried. If he is trying to be Barry Sanders, great. But, if he's freaked by the attention, then that's another problem. Spelling him with McCants might be a long term smart coaching move at this point.

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