Sunday, October 12, 2008

OSU has arrived

One of the tell tale signs that a program has moved into "top tier" status is when teams you beat to a pulp complain about the ass whipping they received.

Apparently Washington St. has problems with a 66-13 dismantling. Pussies.

I remember 1990 when Drew Bledsoe threw for a shit load of TD's.

And I remember 1991.

F**K Washington St.

Here is BTD's report.

Here is a quote from Romeo Pellum, who's uncle/cousin/brother might have played at OSU.

As far as I am concerned, WSU got what it deserved. Next game.

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Anonymous said...

Bottom line is the Beavers are and always have been under rated as a team. no matter how good they are people always overlook them. that will change this year! After the 66 point beat down last week the Beavers control their fate. Win out and it is OSU in the Rose Bowl as Pac-10 Champs and USC can watch the game from home after they return from the Holiday Bowl.