Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring Ball/Baseball Update sorta

OSU's spring practice was a pretty dull affair. I haven't felt inspired to post anything because it has been so boring. I am on the fence whether this year's team will be okay or not. Based on the voting from visitors I am not the only one. My take away from spring was that there were some players who could definitely contribute, on offense and defense. I just don't see a healthy/cohesive group.

On another front, OSU's baseball team is having a spectacular season. They are ranked #2. Some kid named Dunn went for the cycle today! These kids are balling. I can't wait for the college world series! 

I am thinking about making this blog a vlog site. I am getting tired of typing my stupid seems so much easier. Maybe I should just switch from blogging all together. Just open a YouTube channel or something.....