Monday, June 25, 2007

Back to Back NCAA CWS Champs

Oregon State beat North Carolina 9-3 on Sunday to win the College World Series. Back-to-back. Beaver-to-Beaver. The last team into the NCAA tournament. Unranked, unheralded, unexpected -- whatever you want to call it, however you want to term it, it happened.
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Saturday, June 23, 2007

OSU wins 11-4 in first game of the CWS 2007

The OSU Beavers are still firing on all cylinders, they stomped UNC this afternoon. OSU will have their work cut out for them tomorrow, UNC is a good team and will fight hard to make this a 3 game series.

(Bruce Thorson/US Presswire)

Jorge Reyes pitched a great game today, whether or not he's a freshman, he played like a veteran. The most notable difference between the two teams was defense and fundamentals. Both teams committed mistakes, but OSU's were less glaring. OSU's 2nd base and SS combination is insanely good. Wong and Barney are money. These guys difference makers.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Beavers beat UC Irvine to advance to the CWS

Bruce Thorson/US Presswire

Wow. What a baseball team OSU has. They finished 6th in the Pac-10 standings at the end of the year, and now they are playing for the ring. They beat up UC Irvine 7-1 today. It was impressive the way they took care of business.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Fishing in Montana

Looks like the Beavers are on a roll at the NCAA Division I World Series of College Baseball again! They are playing ASU tonight. This one could be tough, but the Beavers have been playing out of their minds lately. GO BEAVERS!

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Not much to report on the football team these days. I am sure all of the guys on the team are training their asses off to get ready for the 2007 campaign.

I just went fishing with my Dad and a couple of his fishing buddies up in Twin Bridges Montana. We fished the Madison River and....the Beaverhead River!!!!!

I actually saw some cool beaver dams, but no actual beavers.

Here are some pics from the trip:

This is a SW view of Twin Bridges, population 500. Our guide for the weekend is the town's council president- Matt Greenmore. He was an incredible fly fishing coach and a fantastic guide to some of the best spots we could imagine

We stayed at the King's Motel, run by Don,Marsha, and Matt.

In the King's Motel clubhouse..chillin'. From the left, Matt Greenmore, Hunter, Matt Blum (my Dad), and Marsha Greenmore. We had a wonderful chicken dinner Friday night. We crashed early to get ready for tomorrow's fishing expedition.

Sorry this is blurry, but it's a picture of Don's net that he donated to the King's Motel after getting skunked a few years ago. He felt that the net was cursed, and he claims that his fishing has been unreal ever since he ditched it. He brought a new net, that looked similar to the "cursed" one on the wall. We were all taking action on whether or not he would claim the new one was "cursed" as well. 2:1 the new one was cursed, 4:1 the new one is blessed with holy assistance.

The Madison River launch site.

North view of the Madison as we were crossing a bridge to get to the launch dock.

Crossing the bridge...notice the amazing Montana skyline....unreal

Dad getting his fluids before we launch.....

Don and My Dad after fishing the Beaverhead River. What's up with the pink shirt???

A beautiful brown trout my Dad caught on Father's Day. We were using nymphs to catch over 35 fish this weekend! I am not a pro fly fisherman by any stretch, but we used a rig that was considered the toughest to use. It was a dual hook configuration on a long leeder. We used different color combinations all weekend.

Dad poses with one of 12 fish he caught in one amazing fishing hole on the Beaverhead River. My Dad was so on fire that I stop fishing just to watch him do his business. He pulled a dozen brown trout in this one particular hole. It was amazing. It was the best Father's Day present to just to watch him have so much fun. He was in the "zone" and it was great just to watch.

Dad catching another brown trout!

Steve Ballmer's home. It's for sale for 11M, two years ago it was available for 21.5M. I guess it's hard times for Mr. Ballmer....not.

Another gorgeous picture of the Beaverhead River.

This was a great 18" brown trout I caught on the Beaverhead. It gave a great fight, jumped multiple times.

This is me casting into a hole our guide Matt showed us. My Dad was parked about 15 yards to the right. I caught the fish above, he caught 3 and had another 3 on who shook off. BTW- we used really small flys, I mean really small. Each fly was a nymph that was tiny. Our guide routinely checked our catches stomach's to see what they were eating. I think this was one of the keys to our success all weekend.

Going down the rapids on the Beaverhead!

Mark was ready to kill some fish on Father's Day. He landed almost a dozen fish and had a bunch of fights with some big trout.

Don is turning his back on his fish just to show who's boss. His technique was incredible. He actually talked to the trout, telling them that "fighting is futile, I am your master, follow me". I hear he uses this technique in business as well as fishing....and apparently it's working for him. He caught 15 or so trout in one day.

Me before launch on the Beaverhead River.

The two Matt's getting ready for launch on the Beaverhead River. In front of us was Don and Mark's guide- Matt's Dad-Don.

My Dad was on fire all weekend long. The man was on a mission to show his son how it's done.

Having lunch on the Madison River.....notice the OSU Beaver ballcap? That's right...I was representing!

The beautiful skyline on the Madison River.

Another trophy brown trout for Dad! He caught this one on the Madison River.

Here is a snapshot of Matt's unreal fly collection. When this guy goes to war he makes sure he has a plethora of weapons at this disposal.

More of Matt's collection of nymph flys....

Here is a picture of my Dad getting his fluids after a great day on the Madison River. We ate juicy steaks and drank fine wine afterwards.....

All in all it was a magical weekend with my Dad!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

OSU is in the College World Series

Wow. I don't know what to say..... the Oregon State University Men's Baseball program is an elite program.

It's so amazing to read about this team, it is trule inspiring. As an alumnus, I am so proud. As I am getting older, and raising two little boys, I am gaining appreciation for coaching that I've never had before. I've coached before at the Junior College and High School level, but I never really understood the value and impact a great coach can have on their players and the community. Pat Casey is the man.

Here I am in Northern California, and I am feeling emotional about my alma mater's baseball team. I never thought I would see the day. Honestly, OSU's baseball program when I was there was a joke. Now it's elite.

If you are a high school baseball player and you are thinking about where you want to play, I suggest OSU. Wouldn't you like to have a chance to experience what the 2007 team is experiencing right now? They are the reigning NCAA Division I champs, and they are the underdog. Can it get better than that? Can you feel me?

The best OSU baseball coverage is here and it's called Building the Dam

Thursday, June 07, 2007

OSU's Baseball Team Continues in the NCAA's

Oregon State's 2007 men's baseball team is kicking ass again this year, beating #1 Seed Virginia. Next up for the Beavers is Michigan.

All I can say is that Pat Casey is an incredible coach. I realize they have good players, but he is really amazing. I like how the team get's focused and emotional to win big games. Having the series at home is HUGE!!!

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The best OSU baseball coverage is over at Building the Dam

JJ Young Loves Himself

I know J.J. personally and he is a great guy, but this video clip officially moves him into king donkey kong territory. There are so many hilarious one-liners in the interviews I nearly pissed myself. My fav "after my uh 4 to 5 years of school". This clip is hilarious. Love the production value....

Michael Hale number 34 1991-1994

I love Youtube, you can always find some cool stuff in there. This clip is of a guy who was a freshman when I was a Senior. Which means I didn't talk to him much...but he was a good guy and a hard worker...and based on this clip he still wishes he was playing ball......